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Awesome page kenny, good luck with sales mate! ;)

Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks Mike

Seriously Sweet!

thanks Rumford

This is amazing, awesome work Kenny!

Thanks Mike

Sweet page mate – but very twitchety on my Galaxy Note, it’s got a huge screen and not reacting very well. It’s like it’s stuttering like an old film camera. Just thought you would like the feedback mate. Excellenty file and wish you many sales.

Hey Dr, Thanks for the heads up. It can be hard to test on all devices out there, but I will do some specific testing on the Galaxy Note and see whats going on. cheers.

Superb landing page!

hi, congrats goog source, i want to put it but before from where come the image woth the iphone? do you have the copyright free on it?

if yes i want to to a cross media operation do you have them on 300 dpi (if i bought the theme sure) to do some print communication?

Hi Nlaustriat,

The iPhone images are by Mike Kondrat, they can found here:

Nice. What fonts are being used in the preview?

the @fontface is Raleway

Hi Kenny, with IE9 is too slow. Have you any idea to fix it?


Hey Luke,

If your finding anything slow, I would suggest trying to optimise your images as much as possible. ImageOptim is a great app for reducing file size of images, only available for mac though. If you haven’t changed the background colour, perhaps saving as JPG ’s and at a lower quality, no need for transparent PNG ’s.

many thanks!

hi kenny, thx for this great landing page. we would like to use a fullscreen slider. The sample;!home

Is that possible with CSS editing? best

Hey Ahmetars,

You do have other styling/transition options available, the slider used in Landahoy is SequenceJS,

As Landahoy is responsive it would be interesting to see how you handle the image / heading positions on phone and tablet breakpoints when using full screen images.

hope that helps

Will this theme include the demo content so I can set up the slides like you have them? (with the iphone/ipad etc)


Hi Drbilal, yes, the theme comes with the slides.

I have purchased this theme – I cant find any instructions on how to install it – any help? I mostly work with WP so this is a bit different for me.


Hey Drbilal, This is HTML , this is not a Wordpress theme.

Never mind – I figured it out! :)

New question (sorry), where do I change the name that shows up in my web browser tab? Right now it still says landahoy and I cant find the place to edit to make that change.


Hey Drbilal,

In the header of the HTML page, look for the Title tags, update your page title here. If you can’t find it look through the documentation, as this is covered.


One more thing, I am trying to add another slide. I have copied the same format in the html and change it to <!- START SLIDE 6 -> etc but its not showing up.

Thanks for the help!

Hey Drbilal,

You have copied the slide block, now you just need to copy and past an additional “nav marker”, should be in <ul id=”nav”>, just add another: <li><span></span></li> and you will have your 6th slide.

Thanks – all issues solved.

Thanks! Last thing, how do I change the name of the site in my internet browser tab? Right now its still showing Landahoy with the small blue circle favicon – I need to change the name that shows up next to the favicon.

Sorry for so many questions – first time working with a html 5 theme.

Hey Drbilal,

I think this is the same question you asked before, however:

In the header of the HTML page, look for the Title tags, update your page title here. If you can’t find it look through the documentation, as this is covered.

In regards to the favicon, The blue circle images provided are just templates for you to save your own icon/favicon over.

Good luck

Thanks, got it.


I’m sorry to bug you but I need help. I have to raise up the image slide3.png a little bit, because I had to alter it to an ipad and not a phone as my app won’t do horizontal on the phone, it’s fixed vertical. If you look at slide3 at you’ll see it is too close to the nav dots and looks awkward. You can see the arms are longer in my image: than the original, which was 1025 height.

My problem is, I cannot figure out, in all the complex CSS where to change this so it will show the full image and raise it up a bit closer to the text, nor can I find anywhere the width and height of those images is listed to change it from 1025 to 1080. Can you help?

Thanks, Kristi

Hey Kristi,

In your sequence_slide.css file, just update the first “slide 3” styles with what is below and don’t worry about changing any media queries.

/*SLIDE 3 ANIMATIONS */ .slide.three{ left: 50%; margin-left: -501px; width: 1003px; max-width: 1003px; max-height: 540px !important; top: 180%;} .slide.three.animate-in{ top: 95%; }

If you need to tweak it up or down just play around with slide.three.animate-in {}. I have altered the height for you, remember the height needs to be halved because this is for HiDPI/retina, so 1080 is actually 540 high.

Hope that helps

PS, nice artwork for the app.

Thank you SO MUCH !! That works perfect!

I LOVE this theme. I have to get the logo changed so it looks better but what I loved so much about it is that with all the overwhelming stuff to do just to get these apps out, I didn’t want to have to design the site too. I think your work is stunning. Can’t wait to get the site done as I will be so proud of it. Thank you!