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Is it possible to embed video in the top slider?

Hey Cunningfox,

Each slides transition is based of the size of the image in the slide, so unless the video was the same size as an existing slide, CSS would have to be updated. There is also the duration of each slide to consider, the native state of the slider is not to pause on hovering of a slide, so your video slide may transition prematurely.

If you were to only have a single slide, say the video and some call to action text, this would be much easier as you don’t have to worry about slide transitions and slide durations.


Awesome. Thanks for the super fast response. I haven’t tested it yet; so say I use a single slide and I set the iframe container to stretch the width of a slide most suited for video how will this degrade down responsively? Slide three looks best suited, where the video wold sit below the copy.

Also, any advice on a nice pre-styled CSS call to action button for this? I’m using it for ticket and hotel room sales for a NYE event.

Hey CunningFox,

For nice buttons try:

For Video, not sure what video source your using, but you would most likely have to implement something like to make the video content responsive.

Then as you say Slide 3 is probably best suited, there would still need to be some size/position adjustments if you planed on using the existing CSS from the slider. Otherwise get rid of the slider markup and just insert your own html for a static masthead with video and CTA .

Hope that helps

Helllo , ? love how your landing page looks but i have great trouble with it. Anyway i am sure its because of me. ? tried to delete slider number 2 and 3 by deleting all text in between sliders. as is noted in your documentation. However if i do this sliders do not function anymore. Please some help

Hey Parazza,

Just need to clarify that to delete a slide, you need to delete the slide markup. So not just the text/content in the slide, you need to delete the whole code block. For example to delete slide 2, you would need to delete the following from your HTML:

<!-- START SLIDE 2 -->
<img class="slide twoOne" src="img/slide2_1.png"  />
<img class="slide twoThree" src="img/slide2_3.png" />
<img class="slide twoTwo" src="img/slide2_2.png" />

Lastly you would also need to delete a nav marker for each slide you delete, just so there are as many nav markers as there are slides.

Delete the following from <ul id=”nav”>

that will work for you, if you need, flick me your URL so I can look at your website.

?ts ok i fixed it. However you should change your documentation. To delete undesired slides, simply look in your index HTML file for the start of a slide <- START SLIDE 1 -> And delete the whole code block under the start slide comment, or until you see the next slide.

Do not delete

if you delete all text in between slider does not work anymore. anyway really nice landing page dude. love your work

Hey, how can I put at the top white background area a custom background image?


Hey Ricardo,

You can set a background image in the CSS for .header-container, something like the below will work.

.header-container {
    background: url(path_to_your/image.jpg) #FFFFFF;

Thanks! ;) Do you have the black version of iPhone5 and iPad mini slider images?

Keep up the awesome work!

Hey Ricardo, Sorry I don’t have the black versions to distribute. You can find black version here though:


I purchased this template and need some help. I’m having 2 issues that I can’t seem to resolve ASAP.

1. I need to add another slide to the player and embed a vimeo video on that slide but nothing shows up when I use the html code provided on the flexslider2 site, and the navigation to the rest of the slides stops working…

3. I have added a few pages to the main menu but using the href=”pagename.html” or href=”” does not work in every case – in most cases, the menu link is non-responsive…can you advise.

Btw, I am using a 27” iMac core i7 with Mountain Lion and Safari 6.0.2.

Thank you in advance for a very Speedy reply…

Hey OrderZoom,

The Flex slider is the wrong slider for slides, the flexslider2 is for the fading quotations. If you wish to add another image slide you need to be further up in the HTML file towards the header.

For example, to add a duplicate of slide 2, you would need to add the following to your HTML:
<!-- START SLIDE 2 -->
<img class="slide twoOne" src="img/slide2_1.png"  />
<img class="slide twoThree" src="img/slide2_3.png" />
<img class="slide twoTwo" src="img/slide2_2.png" />
You would also need to add a nav marker for each slide you add, just so there are as many nav markers as there are slides. Add the following from

If your adding video, not sure what video source your using, but you would most likely have to implement something like to make the video content responsive.

In regards to the menu links, both of your href’s should work and do so in my testing. Can you send me a link to your site so I may look?


Thanks – I figured out the links issue – it was the “feat” class – I had included it by mistake…Thanks though.

I really want to embed a VIMEO video link into another slide, but I’m not experienced in JS or JQuery code so this has been excruciating…I figured out how to add the nag marker, but can’t add another slide to include my video link from VIMEO.

I don’t have the site up on a server as yet, but can the current slider on the template play video and also, can it embed images that you can click to link to other urls or pages?

Lastly, if the slider cannot support video links, then how would I use the you referenced? I don’t know how to add that to a 6th slide and keep the template together working the way it does….

Your help is greatly appreciated!


P.S. In the future, I think it would be helpful and great if you would include video playback functionality, as well as a few additional page layouts that can be used for things like Blog pages, FAQ, Pricing Tables, etc…Great look and feel though – minimal and clean – that’s what I want, but I need to add video and additional pages similar to mentioned above…

Thanks in advance for your help – I’m under pressure to get this going this weekend…

Hey OrderZoom,

Whilst it is possible to embed video into a slide, a number of other factors would need to be made to accommodate video into this template properly, if you were to keep all six slides in the current slider:

  1. The slide would need to pause for the video play,
  2. The video should stop if the user advances the slide,
  3. The video would need to be made responsive with fitvid or similar,
  4. Custom css would need to be created for this new custom slide (assuming your not using an existing template slide) as well as transition styles.

So video will play/function in the slider if needed, however there is more to consider and it is not as simple to just throw a video into the slider.

Another user embedded video in the slider area but did this by removing all other slides as she only wanted a single video, so essentially the header was then static and not a slider anymore.

As the slider in this template was never designed around video content, I would almost suggest the easiest way to get video content into the theme is to do so via a modal window. So from clicking on a particular slide, video is generated in a modal window from a users click, again this addition would have to be responsive in nature.

Thanks for your suggestions for future pages, this is most helpful and will most definitely be considered in future template releases. It’s good to know what people want.

Hi, did you check it in IE? I’m not saying about IE7, even IE9 works “sometimes”, also check it in google chrome,-> then inspect element (any element) -> then scroll up and down and notice errors amount… Now I have to fix all this

Hi Andrey,

I have tested in IE 9 and all works fine for me, can you please email me a more in depth description about what your IE problem is. Perhaps even provide a link so I can see your site.

In regards to Chrome’s developer tools, Sorry but I prefer to do my testing in Firebug for Firefox, where none of the errors you mention occur. I will take a further look into Chrome for you, for the meanwhile the template should function/view correct in Chrome and won’t affect the user experience of the site.

Nice template.

Note typo in footer share links: Pintrest should be Pinterest

Can I use these Phone images for my App, or do I need to buy my own? What’s the licence?

Hey 3xken, Yes you can use the phone images to preview your app in the theme.

The license depends on how you purchased the theme, I assume you bought the standard license, you should clarify based on your needs:

I bought this last month. Is it possible to change the phone to android?

Hi Ankitsehgal, Yeah, it is possible to replace the iPhones with android phones. You just need to replace the iPhone graphics with your chosen android phone graphics.

I need some help with the smooth scroller. Let’s say “About” should scroll to the quotes. What needs to be changed?

Hey Placebo333,

The smooth scroll is powered by Page Scroller. Firstly you will need to add to the main.js file under // Page Scroll the following:
navigation: '#headnav .feat, #headnav .about'
Then in the main menu of the index.html page, change the about link to the following:
<li class="about"><a href="index.html#" target="_self">About</a></li>
Lastly add the class “section” to the quote code block, specifically to the following:
<div class="main wrapper clearfix   section">

A bit involved but that is how Page Scroller works.

Thanks, worked like a charm. Understand the system now and can customize it.

is this ideal for a getresponse optin ?

GLWS :) I have been looking for a testimonial/quote scroller, like the one on this theme, can you point me in the direction of getting it? Thanks

Check out Flex Slider by Woo

Hi! I’ve a short question about the performance of the slides. With WIFI connection in my iPhone 5 the loading is fast, but when i’m connected by 3G, the loading process of the slides never ends. I thought it was any custom modificacion or javascript, but the original LandaHoy Demo page have the same behaviour. I’ve tried to resized the slide images at 50%, but it doesn’t works. Any idea? Thanks!

Hey Arrozconnori,

The lag will be contributed to the file size of the slide images. They are made for retina displays, so twice the size as normal screens.

Instead of resizing the images by 50%, I would suggest that you convert the images to JPG’s from PNG and compress them heavily during saving for web. This will improve load times dramatically. You can also go one step further and use the Image compression software I mention in the help file.

Hello Kenny. I’m not sure it’s a lag. The real poblem is the fact it never loads the images, the animation of loading images is never ending, but, the activitity icon in the iphone doesn’t say something is downloading.

By the way! Do you know something about the Apple Marketing Guidelines and iPhone terminal color? It is said, the terminal MUST BE Black. WTF? Did you know something?



Great theme, just trying to install, and received this message within WP-Admin /Appearance/Themes

Any idea why?


Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description

Landahoy4.0 Stylesheet is missing. __MACOSX Stylesheet is missing.

Hey Tristan,

This is not a Wordpress theme.


that’ll do it!

my bad.

thanks anyway, looks awesome.


I am using this for a client. How do I change the color of the dots when it loads in the beginning? Can’t seem to find it. Other then that, its perfect. Great work.

Cheers, Matt

Hey Matt,

This one was a little tricky. Open the sequence.jquery-min.js file and do a search for #26a3ea, replace this with your own colour value.

Perfect! Thanks Kenny!


Great work by the way! Quick question re your responsive code. Edits have all gone well but we needed to run a logo that’s 350×70. All fine there.

Issue is when we view on a mobile device in portrait mode the logo is not re-sizing automatically. Edited the css fine. Do we need to run an additional call somewhere to re-size this? Landscape devices are fine, working well but the portrait width seems to be causing the logo issue – everything else works perfectly.

Would appreciate your reply on this. We thought about running a line of code re min width…but wanted to get your feedback.


Hey Marts08,

The logo in the Landahoy template does not resize. The scale remains the same across all breakpoints.

If your using a logo that is larger than the minimum breakpoint of 320 wide (portrait) you will need to change some CSS. In the main.css file use the following:
position: relative;
    position: relative;
    max-width: 350px; /* Adjust Width for Logo if needed */
    max-height: 70px; /* Adjust Height for Logo if needed */
    margin: 0 auto;
    top: 30px;
    left: 0%;
    z-index: 60;
    display: block;
 @media only screen and (max-width: 320px){
    .logo{ width: 90%; }

That should do it, but personally I would suggest making your logo smaller than the minimum break point of 320 wide.

Thanks. We’ll drop it in.

Hey There! Second theme I have purchase and i want to congratulate you on another terrific job with this one.

Question – Is there a way to replace one of the sliders with an opt-in?

If your replacement image is the exact same size, you won’t need to be any mods apart from updating the image.

I think I didn’t explain it properly I was trying to substitue how the image pop ups and have the same effect with the optin form

Hi Rodrigi,

Yes this is possible however it would take some customising of the css transitions as they are made specific each slides size.

Can you email a link to your project, sO can clearly understand your need?