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Awesome! Really clean and simple. :)

Thanks :)

Why there is no psd of logo file? :<

Please Go to PSDs Folder and you can find Logo.psd file.

Good to see you finally got this approved :-)

Just small questions:

A. Newsletter-About-Contact 1. Can I moving those to the top of page (instead of the CALL NUMBER )? 2. How to customize the wording (contents). 3. Is that possible for me to create another menu/link, such as Term of Use (and enable the scroll down?)

B. Main – Image Slider 1. Can I replace the JPEG with FLASH or GIFF 2. How to set the arrow to darker color

C. 9 Fancy Box 1. Can I moving those to the higher page and put some words (e.g title)

D. Page View 1. How to set the page view, I mean .. become 70 or 80% (without stretch the layout)?

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Please contact me with your questions via contact form on http://themeforest.net/user/pixify

Thanks for your help! Purchased

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Great theme. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is the contact form. I am not receiving any emails from it. I changed my email address in the php file but it still doesn’t seem to work. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

This Landing Page have been purchased 35 people and none of them have found errors in contact form.Please follow the documentation correctly.Please make sure that you have entered a valid email address(try a valid GMail ID).


Hi pixify!

Due to my previous emails, can you give me the code! I mean .. how to change the background color with the picture (selected position)

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Open style.css using a text editor like notepad++ or Coda and you can customize the style simply.If you’re a newbie in HTML /CSS the below link will help you


Hi! Thanks for the documentations!

and One more thing!

I have 2 files in same root/folder (in my hosting):

1. index.HTML (as an intro page! and it’s using your Landever)

2. wordpress

How to configure the “4. Call to Action Buttons”?

I mean, how to connecting the index.HTML to wordpress?

I mean, this way:

...a id=”green” href=#index.php>

I already to configure it, but … doesn’t work!

Kindly need your advice.

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Hello, the page is really bad under IE browsers. Did you ever test this with IE? Ingo

It will work on all IE7 IE8 IE9

Hy! where can i change the picture duration time of the nivo slider? :)

its a litte bit to fast for me.


open js.js file and find

animSpeed:800, pauseTime:3000,

and change the values

Okay, the slider works perfect now.

another question: how can i add a bcc recipient to the contact form?

Where is the demo?

Live View of this theme is not available (broken link)

Can you put a live preview up for this item?