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Great! :kiss:

Hi, I really like the landing page – looks great and easy to customise. I’m wondering how to extend this look beyond the first page – eg. if I want a FAQ page or some secondary content? Is it something I would need to make/adapt, or can you suggest something that we could buy – I guess a Landiin Page 2 template is what I need! Thanks, Iain

Hi epocket,

For best results you should make the second page from scratch. That said my markup and css is always fairly familiar between my templates. Probably look at if your thinking of piecing pages together.

hello… flex slider makes some problems for iphone.Screen suddenly stop when i touch..i could not fix it..can you help me please.. thanks…

and can i make dots bigger?

Edit the main.css file, find ”.flex-control-paging li a” on line 385 and update the width and height properties ;)

it is perfect now.. thank you very much :)


Im having the same trouble as majuhama with the flex slider on the IOS 7. Can you please tell me where to put the “touch: false.” I have put in in as below, but doesn’t seem to work. .fader .flexslider1{ width: 291px; height: 516px; position: relative; top: 104px; margin-bottom: 0; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; padding-bottom: 50px; left: 1px; touch: false;

The other issue Im having is main central PNG files (iPhone), and the text area font NOT working on safari at all. Firefox, and chrome are ok, IE shows the main png file but the fonts don’t come across and display as they should. Can you PM your details and I can send you the URL. Thanks heaps

Weird, because myself and several others in the office cannot see the main png file in safari. In IE the fonts don’t come across )I have screen shots). It shows locally and after upload disappears. I did also try deleting the flex slider 1 block, but it removes all content (including text) and all i can see it white. Keeping the flex slider block seems to be the only way to keep it in place.

Thanks for the note on the 480px res.

If the issue occurs only on the server then double check the file path/name. Make sure its case sensitive, severs are specific where as your local will not care.

Thanks for the great support Kenny! Great job mate!!

great theme. Quick question: Do you also provide an android phone image as I am looking for Android only app page.

Hi paam0101 , Only iphone images are provided. They can easily be substituted for android if you have your own android shots.

Hello, I purchased Landiin for my iOS app webpage and I’m very happy with it. However I have a problem, when adding the apple meta tag to display the smart app banner (e.g. <meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=123456789">), and using safari mobile on an Apple iOS device, this banner is hidden and can be seen just if the user scrolls up by chance. This is not the expected behavior: the banner should be seen on top of the page, in fact when loading the Landiin-based page, it appears before the header very shortly, but when the page is completely loaded, it scrolls up. The problem is similar to this one, but not the same (it probably is related on jQuery or other javascripts). Being Landiin a theme for iOS apps, I believe it is important to fix this issue.

Ok, I got it. background-size: 100%; was not enough. As a recap, after having disabled backstretch in the index page and in main.js, I added a CSS id specification to main.css #masthead { background: url(../img/bg.png); background-position: 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; height: 100%; } This produces the same effect as backstretch. See also this implementation of backstretch using CSS.

Hi, try changing the background size parameter from 100% to cover. Maybe this will help:

Sorry missed your earlier reply, good luck ;)

Does this design come with more background images other than the demoed “crowd” image?

No, it is intended that people insert their own choice of image.

well done like it very much;

Hi, I really like your work. I would purchase Landiin but when I test your demo on my iPhone (iPhone 5 iOS 7.1), the screen shots at times stop automatically changing and don’t accept a touch. I can scroll if I touch the page at the edges, but that’s clearly not workable.

The behavior is that I can’t scroll while touching the screenshots until I reload the page.

I was able to prompt this behavior every time I loaded the page. I can’t tell precisely how. I flip through the screen shots, then scroll down. When I return the scrolling behavior is stuck and the automatically changing images have stopped.

If this isn’t an issue I’d confront with my own custom version, I’d happily purchase. great work.

I purchased, and the code is lovely and simple to modify. But indeed, the javascript breaks for the screen shot slide behavior on iOS and on Safari on Mac 10.9 at least. I’ll look to disable it or I’ll look to use a different template.

Update: I changed main.js altering the “pauseOnAction” argument to be equal to “true” ... and that seems to have worked around the javascript error with the flex slider…. hope this helps some one.

Hi Jack, Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for sharing your work around.


I would like to change the iphone to an iPad, do you have examples for that?


I have no examples of this, however it can be done.

Hi, I successfully replaced the iphone with the ipad.

But now when I look at the site on my ipad the text dissapears behind the iPad picture…

How can I fix that?

Hi Dennis, You will either need to make the ipad slider flexible in size so it can scale or the easier option would be to reposition the text below the ipad when you hit your ipad breakpoint.

Hi there,

I’m very happy with the template however I have a couple of questions:

- My app is designed to be used horizontal and not vertically. I’ve updated the images and dimensions in the CSS and HTML, and added verticle versions of the slider images, however, I’m having difficulty displaying the phone this way. Is it possible to help out with this?

- I would like to include a thumbnail image next to each quotation on the quotes slider. Is there an easy way to make this happen?

Thanks in advance for the help! Great template.

I am having an issue in chrome on iOS where when scrolling and getting to the slider portion, the slider works fine w/ swipes but then eventually breaks and stops sliding and you can even swipe up or down to scroll. Any help is much appreciated.

Please use the iPhone 6 in all your HTML templates so we can buy it. confirm asap.


+1 for updating the image to iPhone 6 and please fix the “pauseOnAction” problem. I almost didn’t buy the template because of seeing this bug on the demo pages. Also you’re underselling yourself – it says high resolution isn’t supported in the listing, but it is.

Actually I found that setting pauseOnAction to true didn’t fix the bug. However updating the flexslider.js to the current 2.6.0 release DID fix it. It would be good if this template was updated with the current release.

Hi, a message error appear when I try to upload the theme on Wordpress.

‘Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.’

Sorry but Landiin is not a WordPress theme so it can’t be uploaded to WordPress, rather it is just a basic html template.

Hi. Great layout on your Landiin page! I am about to purchase your theme but I need to know if it’s possible for me to get the photo used on the front page (the photo with people’s hands in the air). Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks!