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Great Landing Page! Can you provide an extended license?

Thanks for buying this Theme – my first customer on this landing page :), extended license is on.

does the signup come with php and is it easy to change?

love the theme!


Sorry “sohostudio”, It’s just a form structure with CSS style, no php files are included in this landing page. But you can implement your own php script.

Props dude, this looks awesome!

Thanks :)

Nice theme. I know it drives away from a landing page, but how easy have you made it to add top navigation?

Info list “Phone, Email, Skype” and the logo are in one div, so you can add another unordered list with links in that div, and give it a proper position via CSS .

Hi, can you customize the colors? Perhaps changing the blue background or the black background?

Thanks. Patrice

You can change the blue background to any color you like with Hue/Saturation in Photoshop. About the Black background – there is one gradient bg-image (Black to Dark Gray) that repeats horizontal, if you remove that bg-image the background will be pure Black and you can specific any color you like from CSS properties.

I have been going back and forth trying to find the prefect Landing Page for our Green Film Festival. It had to have a large call to action, newsletter sign up, video, place for testimonials. This is it. Love it! Beautiful design. Easy to update you our preferred colors; looks fantastic!

Thanks. Patrice

PS I ’ll post the link to t=our new Landing Page once it’s completed.

Thanks mibtp, i will place the link in the live preview, just post it here.

I recently purchased this design and found it extremely easy to customize. The design is great. I have one problem though. I can get a YouTube video to play in firefox but when I open it in explorer 8 it won’t play. Only a white square shows up. Can you tell me what to do to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

pretoria, i made a test in IE8 for Windows XP and it’s all working well.

Hi, Does the video gallery support video files that I host with my own swf player? Or does it have a player built in? I have a bunch of video files that I want to display that I am currently hosting with my own player. Thanks.

I am using consuming the landing page in an iframe. It works great except for one frustrating element:

It appears that since I have extended the vertical length (3000 pixels) of the page when I click one of the light box images, the popup box is not visible to the user since it appears ‘lower’ down the page….....

Is there a way to make the lightbox show directly above the thumbs no matter what length the consumed page is in the iframe?

Thanks J

I think that the problem comes from the “iframe”, try to google and find solution for something like: “How to open prettyPhoto in parent document from an Iframe”.

Does this template come with a form page to get firstName, surName, email, contactNumber, faceBook username?

Sorry no, no php files are included in this template. The Subscribe part is only html/css code. You need to implement your own script for that.

Hey, I like this theme but i like to ask, is it possible to add many different languages? Can i use it for WordPress? Thank you

This theme is HTML version – not WordPress. About different languages – i really don’t know.

I would use newsletter form with MailChimp and ask to the subscriber also the “name” in addition of the email. It’s possible? Thanks.

Hello, Newsletter/Subscribe part on this Landing page is just a form structure with HTML and CSS style, you will need to connect this form with MailChimp somehow. Also you can add “Name” input field in front of the “Email”.

is the theme iphone/ipad compatible ?

Hello KapkaVino, i wanted to ask how to put videos from my domain and not taken from youtube or vimeo. Thanks.

The Gallery is based on “prettyPhoto” jQuery lightbox clone. This script supports only ”.swf” video files. If your videos are .swf files – just replace the link to your video ( There is example on the demo).

I am having troublle to getting the big images to display. The loading image just keeps clocking is there a trick?

It seems to happen only in IE8 not firefox

can you take out the swirl design in the psd file (is it on its own layer) next to the signup field ?

Yes, you can also remove the swirl in the HTML.

this is awesome, can i add two buttons, under the buy now button, i want to add a “Step 2” button that redirects to where i want to?

Is there a how-to on changing to font used for h1, h2 and h3?

Go to “js” folder, open file “custom.js”, delete this: “Cufon.replace(‘h1,h2,h3,h4,.price span’);”, this way you will disable Cufon font replacement for h1,h2… After this go to “css” folder, and in the “style.css” file change the font-family, size…

How do I get the youtube video to autoplay? I added &autoplay=1 at the end of the video id and video still shows up fine but doesn’t autoplay.. am I missing something?

For example I tried value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/rfce1oQRG2w&autoplay=1?hl=en;fs=1;showinfo=0;rel=0”

Here is working example: value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/mZGZLf4DgLM?hl=en;fs=1;showinfo=0;rel=0;autoplay=1” />