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Awesome design dilipkumarh, glws! ;)

Hi nice design, one question is included the psd? for the slider i really like the background to use it. Thanks

I created the slider background specially for this theme. If you want to use it in your website. Buy the theme and reply back. I will send the background image.


We recently purchased this theme, but it doesn’t appear to resize for mobile devices? Is there something we’re doing wrong? We uploaded straight files to our server, and test it, and it doesn’t resize for mobile devices. Also, we tested your demo version and it also appears to not resize for mobiles, any ideas?

Hm, we are testing from an Iphone 4S, Iphone 5 and Ipad.

What is your email and we can send you screenshots. We’ve tested both your test site, as well as the fresh files uploaded from your zip provided through themeforest and same thing is occuring.

Template updated with new framework. Download fresh copy of it.

Great thanks. Works now.

I’ve tested the latest edition and everything seems to be loading properly now across all devices (Iphone, Ipad and Web (main browsers)). Very nice looking theme, and super easy to customize.

Would be great if a newer version comes with a simple working email form, and if the images surrounding the testimonials (the transparent ones) could be transparent in some way :)

Other than that, friggin’ awesome theme !

the “join our list” form is not working? is just html and no working php script? :|

As of now, its just HTML . Will update as working form in next update :)

Any plan in adding a login page and a signup form page?

Buy the template and contact me through my profile page.

I will just wait then until you release the login page and signup form page. Thank you!

I just noticed that you have released a new landing page template called “Crealand” and it comes already with a login page and signup page. Can you port it to this template and/or modify it to fit it on this template?

Is this the latest Foundation Framework ? If not can i update it easily ?

Its the latest Foundation Framework. :)

How is the newsletter form being handled? Mailchimp?

Looking for a way to add selection boxes or radio buttons with the sign up as I have different groups of users to resister.


One more thing: Is there a way to integrate the sign up form similarly to your Crealand theme? When users sign up and login, what happens?

Is the sign up form built with a backend database to store the information?

Lastly, will this one be available on wordpress?


1. Signup and login can be integrated like the same in crealand. Contact us, we will help on this.
2. We have added only the form elements for the login and signup field. You can set up your own mailchimp / aweber / ... forms in the layout.
3. We are working on the wordpress version of this template. Will be released soon.