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Very nice one !

this is one sexy template!

Thank you!

Bloody nice work… would love to see this in WP… Bookmarked.

If there will be interest for a WP version, will be available soon.

Super Cool dude!


When someone sends a message, how do I get it?

Is it also possible to keep the box “other-stuff” open?

Thank you!

Hi, the contact form is a not a working contact form. If you want to make it work you will need to code it. It’s possible to keep open the “other-stuff” box just add display:block to the .other-stuff element in the style.css.

Stunning Job! Very eye catching work!! -I’m having problems with devices viewing the whole page, its cut off at the edge of the tablet or smartphone (I’m doing something wrong)please help!

Your work is immaculate and functions flawlessly!!

Thanks for the purchase, we know about this issue we will solve it in the next update (in 3-5 days).

how do I code the Subscribe form to work? I would like it to work with mailchimp.

Thanks for the purchase. you need to edit the form in the index.php.

Yes, I’m aware of that. I have tried adding code that will link the button, but nothing works. Could you provide sample code?

Please write an email to david@chillipear.com with your problem. It’s easier to solve your problem via email. And please send us the code snippet what mail chimp give to you.

mate. Is it all fixed now? All the above issues?

Hi, yes all issues are fixed and new features has been added.

Hey, Where did you get the wooden table? Have you built yourself or did you buy it?

Good Tamplate!

The table is our work. Thanks for your compliment Dyren.

Excellent man !! I llike it

Thank you Hz-designer :-)