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Good luck with sales.

Some pretty cool features here. Good job and good luck!

Thanks guys!!! Your coments are great :-)

Nice. :) One question: you don’t have a blog? :)

No, theme don’t have a blog. Because its meaning as landing page. Subpages are as an option.

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

I love it! Good luck with the sales! :D


Can I change the graphic of phone to like a book or something else? And I notice you mention above that it doesn’t have a blog. But can we add one?

Let me know. (nice design)

You can change it but you will need a basic CSS /HTML knowledge for that. You can add a blog function but you will need an advanced WordPress knowledge for that.

Doh… can I trade in my unused html version? nice work.

Hi, I’m afraid you can’t. You need to buy this version too.

Awesome template, have a many sales!

Thank you for your sympathy! :-)

Purchased it and customized it taste. Very nice. Just one quick question- does the subscribe area for the newsletter do anything or do I need to set it up somehow? Thanks so much.

Thanks for the purchase, yes you need to set it up. You need to edit it in the index.php.

Great theme – thank you for your hard work.

I notice on your demo there is a styled contact form page (not the popup contact form). How do I get this to work?

Thanks for the purchase. Just use the [contact-form] shortcode.

Hi, is it possible that you can customize it for me and add blog? For extra $

Currently we are not available for this kind of work. However we will update our theme in the future.

wicked fun site! excited to use it!

Thanks for the love!

I’ll like to follow up on a previous comment about a Blog. How do I set up a Blog if I wish to?

If its a long answer, can you direct me to a site that answers it?

I really like the design, it’s just that I need a blog to be there


You would need to code the blog section by yourself, try this http://bit.ly/bNQ1c8

Hello! Great theme! Unfortunately I cannot find the android hand psd file. where is it located? Could you please make it available? Thank you!

Thanks for the purchase. You can download it from here: https://www.box.com/s/s6e7w0w518k75bvt8cwn

what is the name of the font used?

We are using the Helvetica Neue font and Arial as a fallback font.

i’m looking for “brown_header” on the ai file, but i can’t find him.

Thanks for the purchase. I’m afraid that we can’t give you.

look at among the list of features, shown at the checkout page it says that the theme psd files are included in the purchase package. if you can not comply with these terms, I will have to request a refund.

Please send your email address to chillipear@chillipear.com and we will send you the ai file.

:crying: I want the blog too. I ‘ve read the HOW TO… but It’s not really well explained. I’m in love with your template but it really sucks there is no blog. It’s the first usage of wordpress. Please tell me I’m lucky and you’re gonna upload a new update those days ! ;)

Dear people,

I have bought this theme without having a look into the comments section. Unfortunately I didn’t see there’s no blog functionality, but this should be done fairly easy by using the bit.ly link above.

I’ve had a look for half an hour now and already have plenty of questions:

  • Shortcodes
    • [contact-form] not documented?
    • [subscribe] how to define target?


  • Contact Form
    • Success message not appearing. Form disabled on click.
    • How to set the “From:” different than mysite@mysite.com?


  • CSS missing
    • .edit-link
      • no font markup
      • displaying in strange location if using [contact-form]
    • #comments not showing up?


  • index.php?
    • What means “ILC Tabbed Front End” in the beginning?
    • What do the outcommented functions mean?
    • Why is it not documented that one needs to change the markup for using the Subscribe button?
    • When is the blog function going to appear, as it’s a highly demanded issue? (as mentionned in the answer to Born4TheSky above)
      • However we will update our theme in the future.


  • settings.php
    • @font-face
      • <?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>
  • provided files
    • DancingScript and Helvetica Neue not included.

Unfortunate that this commenting system doesn’t support Markdown : as you saw I’ve taken my time to write my comment proper, I’d like to see the same in the code.

To be sincere, I’m considering to ask for a refund. Not because of the “missing” functionality, but because of the code quality and incomplete documentation. Please keep it in mind it took me only 30 mins to stumble upon these things.

Good luck, though, for the future,


Dear chillipear,

thanks for your response. Do you have a timeframe for this update? As I have to finish this project very soon, for now I will not use the theme and stick to something else (esp. because of blog functionality.).

If the update is nice, I will not ask for refund.

Let’s stay in touch a.k.a. please keep us informed.

Greetings from Berlin,


Any news on the update?

Hello, we currently building own new theme framework (and release first version in our newest theme – see new items – “Cubus”) We are currently working on the remake or similar theme to Landingspace. please send us e-mail to support@chillipear.com.

Great theme, thanks.

Just one question, chilipear,

Only slider no.1 has double interval to the next slider (10sec.), while slider no.2~6 have only 5 sec.

Can I figure it to all the same interval?

I found ‘var timerPhone = setInterval( phoneSlider, 5000);’ like things in index.php.

If it is a simple fixing, I can edit php file myself based on your comment.


Thanks for you reply, and I tried edit timer exactly what you told me.

But If I edit timer as 5000, the response is
Slider 1 : 10sec.
Slider 2-6 : 5sec.

If I edit timer as 7000, the response is
Slider 1 : 14sec.
Slider 2-6 : 7sec.

Still only slider1 has double interval than others.

Can you give me a good comment?

Thank you very much.

I also tried to experiment with the slider and setInterval double in the first slide. I thought it was a minor problem. It seems that all the functions we need to remake. Please wait, we are preparing update all files of the theme including theme core.

I see.

Thanks for your explanation.

Have a nice day :)

Our app is designed in landscape mode. Any chance you have the slider screen shot template for that? How about the iPad? Also, is this a responsive theme?

unfortunately, theme is not responsive. But we’re testing it on iPad and looks well.