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Love it! Still learning how to install. Can’t wait for it to be up! Thank you :)

Hello localweb,

Thank you for your nice words! If need my help with the installation please don’t hesitate! You can contact me from my profile page.

Regards, Hazmy

Hi Hazmy,

Did you update the instruction manual? Is it possible to have the instructions before I buy it so I can take look at it and make sure it will go smoothly ?


Hello nycentralparktours2011,

The documentation is up to date, if you want to take a look at it, please use the contact form from my profile page, and i will email it to you!


Regards, Hazmy

I am curious when the ‘Responsive’ update will be released..

Hello Christiaanvr,

I answered your email about two weeks ago, regarding the updated, if you have any more questions please use the contact form from my profile page.


Regards, Hazmy

Fantastic template excellent support from Hazmy.

Hazmy, thank you so much in helping me with my landing page. http://boiler-minder.com/

Hello Simon,

Thank you for your nice words, i really appreciate it!

Regards, Hazmy

Will this template work to replace the ugly timeline facebook default?

Hello lenoras,

No, you can’t change the “ugly timeline facebook default”, you can install it a iframe tab, on your Facebook Fan page.Hope this will help.

If you have any more questions please use the contact form from my profile page!


Regards, Hazmy

I am curious when the Responsive template is reaching your customers of this Landisimo?

Hello Christiaanvr,

Unfortunately, i don’t know if a Responsive version it will, still be available as an update for Landisimo any soon. Apologies for this inconvenience. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate and use the contact form from my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Hazmy

Regards, Hazmy


The normal template even in the demo site is not compatible with Internet Explorer. If you move to the second step, the Facebook icon does not show up. Same problem in some versions of Firefox.

Hello Writetoshare,

An update will be available in the next couple of days!

Thank you!

Regards, HIPOproject

Any update soon? One of our online campaigns with this theme was not successful and now we figured out that many visitors with IE were not able to see Facebook like button and proceed to a coupon we published.

Hello writetoshare, The bug is fixed, please contact me from my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/HIPOproject Regards, Hazmy

HI Hipoproject, is the problem with IE? solved?

Hello Dome, the bug is fixed, please contact me from my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/HIPOproject

Regards, Hazmy

Super thanks!

I can’t get the 3rd step “download” to show up after they “like” our page. It just makes them like our facebook page and then nothing. Go to: http://www.facebook.com/AlphaCord/app_533573990016811 to see what I mean

Hello lenoras,

I just tested your live preview and everything is working fine, after you like the page, the download button is available, and on click the pop up window opens.

Regards Hipoproject

I can’t seem to get a test on it. The like window doesn’t appear for me because I’ve already liked it. It doesn’t look like you liked it, unless you unliked it after. Did you see the 50 off coupon? When I had a friend test it she said it never would bring up the download button. How can I test that the string is working properly because even after I unlike the page it’s not showing anything for me.

Hello lenoras,

Please use the contact form from my profile page, so i can provide you more details.


Regards, Hipoproject

Before I buy. I noticed that on Step 2, when clicking “Like”, it goes to Step 3 immediately and won’t let you Post a comment to Facebook. Is there anyway to allow to post to facebook before going to Step 3? Thanks.

Hello Shanrich

Yes, you can, also post a comment on Facebook, you will need to comment some css lines, from style.css file.

Regards, HipoProject

so nice when you download any template and you find everything so easy to use and so beautiful .. i really thank you so much for this nice work ..btw I applied for job and they send me test to do it ( facebook app ) and i used your templates and guess what I got the job .. thank you soo much please keep going the good work ..

Hello Victor,

Thank your nice words, also is so nice when i see a happy client. Good luck with your new job!

Thank you, Razvan M.

yeh man im so happy with your template . But i been trying to make the like button working i tried everything but still not showing like when i click on step 1 it go to step tow but i couldnt make the like button shown please if you can help me with that i followed your steps and facebook steps but still not working any idea why ??? thank you again

Hello Victor,

Please use the contact form from my profile page, and include a live preview link in the message, so i can take a closer look.

Regards, Razvan M.

Hi Hipo, I also want to thank you for a beautiful and easy to install and use template. It is now in use, but I noticed one thing, that is a problem. When I click the “Buy now” button, then the page opens within Facebook, and that is no good, because the webpage is far to big! I have just now put a target=”_top” the A-tag, but FB takes a while updating, so I just hope it Works. But maybe you should put that option from the start?

Hello Dome,

Thank you for your suggestion, i really appreciate it, in the next update i will add also this.

Thank you, Razvan M.

Hi there, Do I need an SSL to instal this facebook theme through facebook App ?


Hello Ionel,

Yes, the SSL is required to install the Facebook Template to your Fan Page tab.

Regards, Razvan M.

hi, I use landisimo/html/normal template/light/layout2. my language – German. instead of German letters and € symbol I see signs. I changed charset = “utf-8” for charset = “ISO-8859-1”, it doesn’t help. what do I have to make? I want to insert video from youtube. I write the following code \\. Video doesn’t work. thanks

no, I couldn’t. make, please, it. thanks a lot.

What must I make with video? I want to insert video from youtube. I write the following code img src=”video link” width=”327” height=”245” alt=””. Video doesn’t work.

Hi Razvan, how are you? can you answer my last Question?

Does this still work on facebook? I noticed your preview link is broken. The DNS isn’t pointing to it.

I love this so much!! will purchase it soon <3

Thank you Entine!

In how many fanpages can I install the template?

Hello Ivan, You can install per one domain, but you can redirect as many fan pages you wish, only if you use the same url ( the same template ) for the regular licence.

If you have any other questions please let me know, I will be more than happy to answer them!

Regards, Razvan M.

this is active for facebbok actual?

one question pre-sale this template install to spanish facebook languaje?

Hello bancodatas, if you have a facebook fan page, and a hosting domain, you can install it also on Facebook spanish language