Lando landing page with facebook template

Lando landing page with facebook template

Lando is a clean landing page with facebook layout variation, you have 3 different layouts t choose from: Service(with video and subscribe form) Iphone App(with video and image + download button), and for a Product/Sercive, with trial call to action button.The code is very clean and heavily commented, which will give you all the freedom you need and easily you can modify/combine the elements to create a new layout for your needs.

Update 29.02.2012

  • Updated Facebook Fan Documentation with the new install instruction
  • Updated setAutoResize function, which is no longer available with setAutoGrow function (facebook fan page only)
  • MailChimp doesn’t provide anymore Advanced Tab for the free accounts, the tutorial is still available in the documentation, and the process to set the forms can be applied to other email services

Main Features

  • 6 primary html file( 3 normal template, 3 facebook template)
  • 5 colors variation already made( blue, red, teal, green and orange)
  • All the psd files + 1 with all the buttons, ribbons etc, so you can easily modify the color
  • Callback for Google +1, Twitter and Facebook Like ( make your visitors to share your page, resulting more traffic and automatically more earnings for you!)
  • Working Contact form on both templates(facebook and normal)
  • Facebook Comments(interact with your visitors)
  • You can very easy hide an element if you don’t need it (share columns, tabs, facebook comments, or the bottom action button)
  • Well documented( you have a tutorial step by step, easy to follow to install your facebook template, also a tutorial of how you can integrate MailChimp to your subscribe forms


  • Jquery Cufon replace
  • Custom jquery hover effects
  • Jquery Tispy Plugin
  • Jquery Form Validation
  • jQuery.easing
  • Jquery tabs

If you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate i will be more than happy to answer them!