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can i use it with wp? I just bought these theme.

Hello Alinvlad,

Is not a WordPress theme, just html/css(landing page), sorry for the misunderstanding. In WordPress you can use it only as a static page.

Regards, Hazmy

Also you will someone to integrate it as a static page.

Regards, Hazmy

Hi, Hazmy.

Nice landing page, but there are problems showing text not in english. Cufon font seems to be only in english, so acents or even characters like € (euro) are not shown right.

Any help?



Hello Alberto,

You need to regenerate the Cufon and insert those characters, contact me from my profile page, so i can guide you.


Regards, Hazmy

Nice and easy to costumize template. And perfect support!

Thank you Kopareo!



Great support. Thanks. Problem solved.

How does the callback when entering the contest work? Are the emails/names sent or stored anywhere?

Hello Thatryan,

The emails/names aren’t store anywhere, but you have a tutorial how you can integrate MailChimp for your subscribe forms.

Regards, Hazmy

Hello Hazmy, CAN i integrate aweber instead of mailchimp? Thanks.

Hello SebastienDC,

Yes, you can integrate, any kind of service, for the subscribe forms. Is the same process like mailchimp..

Regards, Hazmy

Hazmy, I just wanted you to know that this template with a few adjustments was used on a sight that may save my missing daughters life. It was a great start to help me get going fast. http://www.helpfindalina.com/

Hello Markfitz,

I am so sorry to hear this terrible news, i hope everything will turn out ok, if you need any assistance with the template please let me know!

I wish you all the best to you and your family!


Does your Facebook templates support secure browsing?

When I am viewing it in Facebook, it comes back with this message: “This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS).”

Any Comments on this.



The facebook templates supports Secure browsing, you got that message because i didn’t set an https address in facebook app settings, you can simply add there one, if you have any difficulty i will assist you.

Regards, Hazmy

I jsut checked the FB page and it says that your page does not support secure browsing – is this something new from facebook and will you be updating it?

Just curious before I buy.

Hello Brettallen,

The facebook templates supports secure browsing, just that i didn’t set one for my templates, you just insert the secure address in the required field when you create the Facebook app.

I hope this will help, if you have any more question please use the contact form from my profile page, for a quicker response..

Regards, Hazmy

Hi Hazmy, I love your new Landing Page with Facebook option. I am as happy with this design as I was with the first one you published: “Landisimo.” I am just having trouble with changing the color via changing the sytlesheet. This is what I have —please note the “css/red.css” after the last ”<!—[if IE 7 ]>”, which was already present in the index.html: “link href=”css/style.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” > <!—[if IE]> <![endif]—> <!—[if IE 7 ]> <![endif]—> ...”

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hello Webseo,

Thank you for the nice words, please use the contact form from my profile page for a quicker response, and please provide me a live preview of your template, so i can take a closer look!

Regards, Hazmy

hi there, do you have a tutorial on how i can set up my landing page? thanks.

Hello Iwantnewfans,

Please check the documentation file, you have there, the structure of the landing page, a step by the step tutorial of how you can install the facebook template, the facebook plugins, etc…

I hope this will help, if not please use the contact form from my profile page!


Regards, Hazmy

Very Nice theme,

Should I be having issues with the actual size of the template display?

Hello illtalk,

I really didn’t understand your question, can you please use the contact form from my profile page, and provide me more details so i can help you?


Regards, Hazmy

Hello Hazmy,

Thanks for the great template and nice documentation, i am having some trouble installing the app in facebook (maybe some changes over there).

I did everything in the documentarion (except adding the secure url tab since we dont have this yet). The thing is in the developer interface there is no “View app profile page” instead there is a “View app biography page” but when clicked it just redirects me to my personal profile…

In the advanced settings there is an option to create a page for the app, so i did that but i still dont see the add to my page option it is just like a simple page… There is no “add to my page” link, only an “add to my favorites” And that doesnt work either.

I am sorry maybe a slight change in facebook or maybe i am missing something along the way if you could please give me some orientation, thanks again and congratulations.

Hello limbo01,

Thank you for your nice words, please use the contact form from my profile page, and provide me live preview so i can take a closer look to assist you..

Regards, Hazmy

Hi Hazmy,

On your Facebook page I can see you have a template called Stylus. Love it! But I can’t find where to buy it. Can you give me a link?

Hello bartje006,

It will be available later today, but unfortunately it will not be available on Themeforest, please contact me from my profile page, so i can let you know when it will be available and where.


Regards, Hazmy


I think there is an update in Facebook because they don’t match with the screens in the documentation, i get stuck on

Step 9

Now that we have everything set up we can add our App to the Fan page, click on the View App Profile Page

there is no link view app profile page

only: Use Debug Tool Use Graph API Explorer See App Timeline View Promote with an Ad Translate your App Verwijder applicatie


Hello SIEP86 ,

I’m aware about the changes, please contact me from my profile page, so i can send you the new tutorial/instructions.


Regards, Hazmy

Esta plantilla me gusto mucho y espero que sea un éxito para mi negocio; Hazmy tambien me evito dolores de cabeza personalizando la landing y lo hizo de forma rápida, para los que no tenemos ni conocimiento ni tiempo para montarla, les recomiendo que paguen unos pocos dolares y el hace el trabajo rápido…es muy recomendable!!

Thank you Ramon!

Hazmy and his products are top notch. I have never been happier with a purchase made from this marketplace. Thank you for exceptional support! Cheers :)

Thank you Chris!

Hey dude, Great template. By the way, you need to update a few things on your instructions. As you know, facebook are constantly changing the way you do things, so your instructions are slightly out-of-date and to be updated. 1) your template JavaScript uses an old function to automatically resize the iframe and facebook changed it – so that needs to be updated. 2) the mailchimp instructions need tweaking slightly as they have also changed their interface a little and I could not find the ‘Advanced’ link at the bottom of the page like in your screenshot. Apart from that, I think it is great work and I rated it 5-stars. Thank you!

Hello dljxxx,

Thank you for purchasing the template, and for the rating! I’m aware about the Facebook changes, an update for the documentation it will be available as soon as possible.

Again thank you!

Regards, Hazmy


do you have a landing page that works with WP or know who does?

many thanks

Hello djatom001,

Sorry, but none of them is WordPress is available, if you need, i can do it for you, but as freelance work..

Regards, Hazmy

Hi Hazmy,

Yes I would be interested in you creating one for my please can you email me at darrengraham0@gmail.com to discuss this.

Many thanks Darren

Hello Darren,

Check your email.

Regards, Hazmy