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Lovely first file – welcome to Themeforest. Good luck.
P.s what is the font used in the logo? Thanks

Thanks a lot @charlie, Font used for logo – James Fajardo

Would love to see his in a banana yellow flavour. The background really makes it. Good work!

@Sushipasta Thanks for your valuable feedback, will work on this.

Very cool touches, a wonderful start :)

Thanks a lot Bedros :)


Great, I love your work. Bur for some reason a can’t trasnlate the words “days”, “hours”, “minutes” and “seconds” to another language, like “dias”, “horas”, “minutos” e “segundos”.

In the project and even at Dreamwevar the preview shows the name translated, but when I open it in a browser doesn’t change the texts.

Hi Davirev, A huge thanks for purchasing the template!

I would prefer to change in the countdown.js file as well, if still you are facing the same issue please check here to download specific language and call the js script file in the header section of the index file under Javascript section.

Mail me if still you are facing the same issue.

Thanks in advance Themecurve

Hi Davirev, try this once

Download the plugin and open the JS script (jquery.jCounter-0-1-0.js) and modify the code lines number 17 and 18 :

var singularLabels = new Array('Day','Hour','Minute','Second');    //singular labels - use for localization
var pluralLabels = new Array('Days','Hours','Minutes','Seconds'); //plural labels - use for localization

Change both plural and singular words and the plugin will use them throughout the process :)

let me know if you having any issues. thanks in advance, Thanks for purchasing the template. Themecurve


Just bought the theme, great one!

But there’s an aspect that you could solve and from the user perspective, can be a “wtf” moment. Once a email is submitted on the subscribe, the message confirming that was sent appears on a basic HTML page…

It would be very nice to implement the appearance of this message replacing the email text field, after the Submit button appears.

Or do you have any idea how to implement that feature now?

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Best Joao

Hi Bunker Studios,

Thank you very much for purchasing my theme. Yes you are right! Sure will update the theme very soon with the replacing message there itself.

Thanks, themecurve

Great theme. Good work! I just installed it and have one issue. When the page loads, it pops up a javascript dialog and says ‘done!’. How do I get rid of this? Thanks in advance!

I love the look of the theme… two questions:

1. Can I use a large fullscreen image for the background rather than the pattern you currently have?

2. Does the email signup form integrate with MailChimp? If not, where do the emails actually end up.. i.e. in a large CSV File?

Thanks. Looking forward to hearing form you.

Hi right now it is not integrated with MailChimp, and the emails will be receive by what you will specified in the script for example your gmail account or any your personal mail account. of course you can use full screen images as background, but for that you need to add some script to enable it.

thanks, themecurve

Hi! I cant’t make the countdown works, i changed the date but the countdown is on 0, i searched on the countdown.js and on the index.html but i can’t make it work. what can i do?


Please send us the link to hello[@]themecurve[dot]com, will check and let you know.

Hi! the problem is solved, thanks for your response.

Hi Themecurve, I’ve purchased your theme and I don’t regret the purchase but I’m getting an error and I don’t know why ._.

the Error I’m talking about is

“Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/graph388/public_html/submit.php on line 23 Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you very soon.”

I hope you can help me with the problem, thanks in advance I keep getting the error, Hope you can help me out ;)

Hi, I think you have given wrong placement of submit.pnp file or some script changes you made in the Submit.php file, so please send me the file structure what you are using. and check once in the submit.php file there is some thing more you wrote before <Thank you for…..>. please let me know if anything you are facing problems again.

contact me through mail

the index.html seems to be infected according to nod32, that made google block my page, waiting for someone to confirm this as well

can you point me the link, so i can check what is the exact problem.

seems to be fixed, but still I don’t know why google blocked my website when I had only a WP blog and this coming soon page

The countdown demo says done and is not working. Can you fix that. I want to see it running.

it’s updated. now you can check it. Thanks for your feedback

Great stuff!;

just bought this and turns off when with in 3 hours of end date why is that

i think the problem is javascript is getting users pc time rather then the servers time