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Nice! I’m a little curious as to the motive behind the “wrap-around tabs” that are reversed and the ones that don’t quite make it over the edge of the content area though?

Overall the basic theme of the design makes me think of http://yoast.com

I saw yoast.com before, but I’m inspired by a different site, which was quite different :).

I really like the background… Is that a vector? job well done mate

Thank you :), This is not a vector, I create everything in photoshop CS2 .

I ve seen this design already on some ones website…. pastern me if im wrong

Yes, the design is available here separatelly (only the PSD ): http://themeforest.net/item/landscape-design-drawn-style-template/51528

This site created for Themeforest only!

You did not cross browser check your code. FF3 – Slider code is off.

And with FF3 .5?

Have not installed FF3 .5. #1 Rule of web development is not to expect every internet user to use the exact same browser versions as you ; )

Look into Adobe Browser Lab – AWESOME : )

Safari 3.2.1 has some displaying problems as well, slider code not working correctly and the back & next tabs are not displaying correctly either.

I use fresh browsers :), unfortunatelly I didn’t know any method to use different version of browsers on one machine.

Excellent work! Two thumbs up!

Thank you :).

slide dont work in firefox 3

I think this is a small bug wth that version of FF.

hello i have problem with slide in FF, please help me

slide dont work in FF, after publish site on server

Hi! The design work for me with the latest FF browser, can you send me more details (FF version, platform, etc) and a screenshot of the problem? Use the contact form, or send a mail. Thx!


i fix this

move slide script to before end of body

ff 3.6.10


Would really like to see a live demo of this. Sites down.

I’m sorry about that, I’m working on it to transfer them to a good location, but it’s a bit more time :).

The live demo should work now :).

Live demo is done again..

The demo is down.. Anyway we can get it back up?