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If we didn’t want to use the hand image how can we make use of the iphone_nohand.png file?

Hey Xzolian, In your main CSS file, update the .fader:before style to show the “iphone_nohand.png” image. You will then have to adjust the size and position for the new image to something like the following.

    height: 605px;
    left: -12px;
    width: 286px;

Great landing page. Have you any version with Android mockup? Any demo available for the Coming Soon page?

Hi, Sorry I don’t have an Android mockup, however there are Android mockups on Graphic River that could easily be used instead.

As for the Coming Soon mockup, here is the link:


How do I make the footer thinner? And also the header thinner so that the phone and title icon are higher up on the screen?

BTW great landing page :)

Hi, update the padding in following in the main.css file:

.header-container {
    padding-top: 120px;
.footer-container {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #363D42;
    font-size: 0.8em;
    padding-bottom: 100px;
    padding-top: 40px;

Just wanted to share the site we made here. Awesome work, thanks for the template!

Thanks, always good to hear

I know this isn’t a wordpress theme, but can I still upload the files on there? I’m a novice when it comes to html and have just got the hang of wordpress. lol.

Hi David, no you can’t upload the files to Wordpress. Landy is a pretty simple single page template, I have commented in the html well and there is documentation provided also.

Oh okay. So i shouldn’t have a problem uploading/editing if i’ve had no experience other than wordpress? Thanks for your help!


Great theme, but have a couple of questions that will help me to decide if I should purchase the theme.

1. Is it possible to change the background of the top part? Is it a CSS generated background, or a background connected to the hand and iPhone image?

2. Are you using the Bootstrap front-end framework?

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Yes, it’s easy to change the background. And no, Bootstrap would be overkill for a single html page. My markup is leaner and easy to use.

Okay, thank you! Was just going to use the top and add my own designs at the body and I am familiar with the bootstrap framework :)

I’m really looking for an Android hero image. Can you please help me ?

Take a look on graphic river, the are heaps of smart phone mockups that would suit.

Yes, but do you have any one specific in mind? I’m also trying to do it, but CSS edit is a real pain. Can you help me, even if I have to pay money?

I’m modifying the CSS on my own, and I changed the width & height of the Slides to have it working for Android, the problem is that the first slide is showing fine, but the second and the third are not showing in the same spot, they are off by a little bit (the horizontal placement is ok, just the vertical is off). Did I miss something ? Is there some other .fader class I need to modify or to delve into other CSS files ?

Can you share a URL with me?

How can I have a different logo for 320×568 screens ? See this example page, it shows perfectly in PC, but in Android, the logo is bigger. Can I define a different logo for lower resolutions ?

Yes you can, similar to how you are showing a different phone image for the slider on smaller screens, you can do the same for your logo. Use the media queries to target which styles to use on which screen size.

Hi great layout. I’m trying to switch to the no_hand. I read one of your comments but I might be misinterpreting it as everything is skewed now. Could you give me more detailed instructions on how to use the nohand image?


Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

To make the no-hand version of the iphone the default on desktops, do the following. In the main css file replace all instances of “iphone.png” with “iphone_nohand.png”, do the same for the retina image declaration as well. Next you will need to update the size properties on the class ”.fader:before” to reflect the width of the no-hand image, so go ahead and change the width 286px on all instances of “fader:before”. Next you will need to reposition the fader/slider so adjust the “left” property until the fader/slider lines up with the iphone background image.

hope that helps

Hi Kenny, sorry I suck at this. I just tried that but then the iphone with no hand comes up REALLY big and the screenshots are really small. The iphone_nohand’s bottom is also hidden behind the gray section too.

No worries, email me through your URL so I can take a look.

In the main CSS change the following:

  • line 349: .fader:before { change to: iphone_nohand.png
  • line 349: fader:before { change to: no-repeat
  • line 349: fader:before { change to: width: 286px
  • line 349: fader:before { change to: left: 188px
  • line 389: .fader:before { change to: width: 286px
  • line 389: .fader:before { change to: left: -12px
  • line 376: .fader:before { change to: left: 204px

that should do it ;)

Hi Kenny,

Everything is working great now. I just checked my page on the iphone though and the sliding mobile pages don’t move at all. The image just sticks to the first image.

It actually happens when you swipe the image while it’s mid-automatic transition. If you do, it locks up afterwards, but otherwise it works perrrrrfffect!

Hi mawhtin, sorry for the late reply.

I am having trouble recreating this problem. Try changing line 3 of the main.js file to animation: ‘fade’, and see if it still happens?

Great template, got landing page for my new game up and running in less than an hour, Kudos!

HI Kenny

I need to feature the app in landscape mode, so I need to change the no hand or hand images to display in landscape.

I rotated the images to android but I was wondering if you coukd help me with the css updates I should make?

Thanks Mat

Hi Mat, Sorry for the late reply. Can you use the contact author form on my profile page and email your URL, so I can take a look and help. cheers

Hi Kenny,

Is it possible to change position of the dots or the animating screenshots and how? Then I have another question: How can I add a video from youtube to the template?

Thanks in advance! Fredrik

I have not very much experience with javascript. Also, I don’t have any fitvids.js files :) Could I send the file to you? (index.html + main.css)

Sorry this is theme customization not support you are asking for and outside the scope of the support offered.

- Google and try implementing it you want to include responsive videos.

If you need customization, I suggest engaging a freelance from

But the iPhone.png is also scaled wrong. That was included in the template. :)

Please use the iPhone 6 in all your HTML templates so we can buy it. confirm asap.


how can i add a favicon?

You just need to add your .ico file to the root directory. See here for more:

Can you tell me why my logo is not showing up on pc?

I plan to only release on Android, is there a version that changes the iOS phone-in-hand to an Android phone-in-hand?

Yes, I plan on doing a full update in the next few weeks to bring the template up to current spec. Cheers.


I bought your Wordpress theme a few weeks ago and I’ve had to change / fix so many things. The only thing I’m struggling with is making the left / right images keep there height when resizing the page. Can you help me?

This isn’t a WordPress theme, nor is there a WordPress version of this landing page sorry.