Discussion on LateHome - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Discussion on LateHome - Real Estate WordPress Theme

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Hi I am looking for personalized listing ( to real estate agency ) in the dynamic page ( customer profile / single announcement page or other ..) sync with the subscription system

1- possibility to Customize field / added modified deleted Option: example: add 3 phone numbers – integrated zoom (like WhatsApp) – add a button or other fields – text zone …

2- multilingual

3- possibility of displaying / hiding ADS advertising

4- visit statistics for subscribers

5- integrating short code

6- Hide competitors in premium offers

Note :

-Possibility to create iOS/ Android mobile application (or with another plugin)?

- Do you offer special customization services?

-Can I send customer requests to technical support ?


Hi there,

Thank you for your notes, they have been very helpful to us. Could you please create a new ticket at https://themelexus.ticksy.com/ for us? Our developer will directly communicate with you there.



agbolad Purchased

Presale question… does this theme support a multi-vendor marketplace?

Hi there, Thanks for loving our theme. It’s not available features for multivendor marketplace. If you want, you can install multivendor plugin and use it. For further conversation, please send the detail to our gmail themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and support you asap. Thanks


agbolad Purchased

Thank you

You’re welcome!

Hi this is a presale question, in your demos sometimes, the page loader wont dissapear and looking in the console i get this error: “Uncaught SyntaxError: invalid range in character class”, i’m feeling little nervous about this, because i want buy this theme, but i dont want buy problems…is there something like a guarantee, o problem solving after the purchase? i mean, if a buy this you wil help me in case of troubles?

Hi, thanks for your interst in our theme. You can get a free support within 6 months to ensure our theme work as our demo. If your website can not work as our demo and description, you can get a refund. For further conversation, please send the detail to our gmail themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and support you asap. Thanks

Can site visitors see bookmarked items on a map in their bookmark page?

Hi there, Thanks for your interest in our theme. Can you please send us the bookmark page what you are mentioning? Please send the detail to our gmail themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and reply to you soon. Thanks

I bought your theme, but I can’t say I am enthusiastic about the first installation – in fact as I expect never an easy one-click install

2nd attempt was a bit better, making progress…

Hi, With this issue, you should submit with your admin account and screenshot to our ticket system https://themelexus.ticksy.com/ Our dev is working there, he will support you rapidly. Regards,

Hello question: I have created a website using your theme and now I wish to move the hosting. Unfortunately my support has expired which is why I am asking here. I have a problem, where I cannot find the listing data on the database. Can I please know where the listing data is stored. Really appreciate your help. My email is: sonal.jayawickrama@gmail.com

Hi there, Thanks for contacting us. To get our support, please renew your support package first then send us your detail admin account to our ticket system https://themelexus.ticksy.com/, our dev will check and help you asap. For further conversation, you can contact us via gmail themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and support you asap. Thanks

Presales Questions: Kind of like the concept of your theme, but would like to know the following: 1. When you click on a particular property, in the apartment segment, what is the plot representing, is it the suite number, floor space available or room number. And when the view is click what is the intended view the client should be seeing based on your design. 2. Can room booking feature be feasible with the theme. 3. What the technical and financial implication to have a local payment gateway to work with your theme. 4. Can you install the demo for m if i purchase the theme 5.Generally, please let me know if you are open to customize the theme on request. My email: dawari.cottrell@gmail.com

Hi there, We’ve replied you via email already. Please kindly check it and let us know if you have any question. Thanks

Can we edit the property submission details

Hi there, Admin, agent and agency can edit property submission details. Thanks

Hi i am trying to buy this theme. I wanted to know how the search works. Is it only searched through google maps search city option. Can we make the search by the city that they have put in the city field using the dropdown feature in their user area

Hi there,

Currently, your requirement is not available in our theme. With our theme, you can use search by filter all options and value dropdown here: https://prnt.sc/196ac0a

You can see more about Search filter here: Guide: https://wpdocs.gitbook.io/opal-estate/opal-estate/create-page-by-elementor/create-search-page-by-elementor Demo: http://demo2.themelexus.com/latehome/

For furthermore questions, please send the details to our gmail themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and reply you asap.


Is it possible to disable the mortgage payment calculator display for rental properties in the single page view, as it makes no sense?

Hi there, You can disable the mortgage calculator display for rental properties in the single page view. If you have any further question, please send detail to our gmail themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and reply you asap. Thanks

Great theme, but I am getting 2 light boxes don’t understand why can you help me disable one? https://meucantinho.pt/property/quinta-sao-pedro-do-estoril/

HI, Pls submit the detail to our ticket https://themelexus.ticksy.com/ with your account admin, our dev will check and help you asap. Thanks

Hey there, you theme is great. I told my client to use it. But after buying and importing the demo we are facing a critical issue with search form. If you visit this link https://tawhid.nahidmahmud.com/hypron/ then in the search form there is showing a strange error. Although I used a google map api key but still I’m getting this error. And in your demo site after any search query the site is actually showing some result but in out staging site( https://tawhid.nahidmahmud.com/hypron/ ) after a query it’s showing 404 error. Can you please help us with this issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi, Your issues should be checked by our developer. Pls submit to https://themelexus.ticksy.com/ with your account admin, our developer will check and support you asap. THanks

Click on Buy Now bottom to go directly to the check out page

Buy Now bottom : https://drive.google.com/file/d/15rj6YxQb7W7pH_WUiYOgaZz6NglTrxmD/

It would be great if you could add a Buy Now bottom and give me a link or a picture with a little effort

We cannot see this screenshot

Can I set up my pricing section on my homepage? If possible give me a picture on the whole homepage.


Hi, thanks for your interest in our theme. With latehome, it doesn’t allow to add membership to homepage. For further question about technical, pls submit to http://themelexus.ticksy.com/ or email themelexus@gmail.com, we will check the detail and support you asap. Thanks

Hi! Can i change currency to TZS and can i intergrate local payment such as USSD (mobile money)

Hi, You can change currency to TZS. If you want to integrated local payments to this theme, you have to do customize a lot. Thanks

i am having a small problem and i don’t understand why. in my site when i open a property image it opens 2 images can you please help me? For example: https://meucantinho.pt/property/three-room-apartment/

Hi there, Pls contact us via https://themelexus.ticksy.com/ with your site info, our dev will check and help you asap. Thanks

Is your theme for marketplace? In other words, is it possible for me to have Real Estate Client and User Plans?

Hi there, Thanks for your interest in our theme. It’s only Real estate theme. Not for marketplace. This theme has real estate agent and agency. They can submit their property to website by their plans. Agents and Agency have to purchase plan then upload their property to website. Thanks

hello i would like know if it is possible to have the following types of user roles?

The first, the homeowner, adds ads and changes his personal, paypal and visa / mastercard payment methods, he will only see his house ads and related data.

The second type of user, may or may not register to complete the home reservation

Hi, thanks for your interest in our theme. But the features you requested are not available in our theme. Hence, we can help you with our custom work. Please send detail your requirement to our email themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and reply you soon. Regards

ok, is possible use another calendar in this template?

Hi, in our theme, calendar is available on our theme, you don’t need to use other calendar plugin for this template. For further question, pls send to our email: themelexus@gmail.com, we will check and reply you soon.Thanks

hi! how can i change the properties names like bathroom to bath or parking to park ? i couldnt find at properties settings

and i want to change $ to ₺ i couldnt find btw i figuered out my first problem

Hi there, thanks for choosing our theme. Please contact us at https://themelexus.ticksy.com/ and attach your site info also, our technical support team will check and help you. Thanks,


We, at Dr. RTL, offer best RTL-support services for WordPress themes. If you’re interested in adding RTL support feature to your themes, feel free to contact us at dr-rtl.com.

Warm regards :)

Thanks so much! We will contact with you when we have the plan about this. Thanks

No professionality! No support! Import is not working!!!! Very late reply!!! No need to waste time with them…..

Thanks so much! Our dev will login now!

cpanel user name: bigbrand password: $BVK_wd@6aFV8EP

Hello Mate, I have just imported demo for you, and update plugin to fixed issue import on server use https. Thanks


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