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Hello i need to know if i can include more than one occurence of your code in one page (5 countdown with pie chart in siame page)

And i want to know if th epie is animated without refreshing page .

Thank you :)

Hi, thanks for your interest.

This should be possible with some slight code modifications but I will have an experiment and let you know when I get home.

As regards to the pie chart you set the size in the code and it is a static image depending on the code you have entered.

Hope this helps :)


Duplicating the countdown is possible.

What you would need to do is copy and paste all the code inbetween and including div id="timer" then wrap it in a new div with an id that is unique such as new_timer.

You then must copy and paste the countdown script in the head and replace the id which initiates the countdown to the id you just created.

If you have any difficulty just drop me an email and I’ll walk you through it :)

hi, can i ask if this page i can use with wp-maintenance mode? thanks

Hi, I can’t say I’ve tried it (I’ve never had to use wp-maintenance mode yet) but I can’t see it being a problem.

I can’t guarantee it though, sorry.

Regards, Martin

Isn’t Working properly! I tried to replace your twitter name with mine , doesn’t show up. neither any text is showing up on the site.

Hi and thanks for purchasing :)

I’ve took a quick look at your source code and it seems you have removed the closing div tags for the #header and #logo, you may have accidentally removed more so I suggest you check through your code or re-upload a fresh copy and then if there are any more issues please contact me from the form on my profile page.

Regards, Martin

bought this item but i think there is something wrong when you view it in Chrome…

see: the whole page is moving up and down due to the countdown clock…

wow.. in IE it isn’t working proper at all. The whole text from the time is gone

Hi there and thanks for purchasing.

I don’t see the issue when viewing it on my end, could you possibly email me a screenshot so I can take a look.

Regards, Martin

I have just noticed the moving up and down, you can rectify this by simply opening the CSS file and adding height: 30px; to the id selector #countdown_dashboard.

Regards, Martin

I purchased your template as well, and added 30 px to the #countdown_dashboard however it still appears to have the same issue. Any thoughts… or anyone successfully fix the issue?

Hey and thanks for purchasing.

Could you send me a link to your site so I can take a look please.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi Andrew I’ve replied to your email

I’m new to Wordpress. How can I install this?


This is not a WordPress theme it’s a HTML template, you simply upload it to your server :)


okay Problem solved, nice theme!!!

Are the psd files included? We’d need to modify. Thanks.

They are indeed.


Hi Martin. Is it possible to configure the colour scheme to red?

Sure, you could easily modify the colours in the CSS and edit any images you’d like to use.

Regards, Martin

Hi Martin, I’ve purchased the theme. Everything works fine apart from the contact form. I’ve tested in on a number of occasions but the following message just appears:

’; } // Check email if(!$email) { $error .= ‘Please enter an e-mail address. ’; } if($email && !ValidateEmail($email)) { $error .= ‘Please enter a valid e-mail address. ’; } // Check message (length) if(!$message || strlen($message) < 15) { $error .= “Please enter your message. It should have at least 15 characters. ”; } if(!$error) { $mail = mail(WEBMASTER_EMAIL, $subject, $message, “From: ”.$name.” <”.$email.”>\r\n” .”Reply-To: ”.$email.”\r\n” .”X-Mailer: PHP /” . phpversion()); if($mail) { echo ‘OK’; } } else { echo ‘ ’.$error.’ ’; } } ?>

Hi and thanks for purchasing.

Do you have the site uploaded somewhere I can take a look?

Regards, Martin

Hi, I just purchased the theme, but I can’t configure the date properly. I tried to set the values I found in the “Setting the date” section of the documentation, and changing the following values in the index.html file:

Our new design will go live in

0 0 weeks 0 0 days 0 0 hours 0 0 minutes 0 0 seconds <!- countdown_dashboard end ->

I’m still in trouble? Any help? Thanks a lot

Hi there,

I think you may have changed the wrong values there, those ones should be left at 0 (they’re automatically updated by the code when the sites running).

The bit you need is just a little higher up the file, and look similar to the following:

'day':     30,
'month':     08,
'year':     2011,
'hour':     11,
'min':     0,
'sec':     0

Regards, Martin

Thank you Martin for your kind support. Now it works :)

No problem :) enjoy!

Would you mind rating the theme 5 stars if you’re happy with the support etc.

Regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

I got your reply in relation to the issue I was having. That’s fixed now. Thanks for your help. 5* rating applied.

The Twitter feed isn’t updating and I’ve followed the directions as instructed. It seems to be the same on your preview site as well… Any hints as to how to fix this?

update: the solution is here:

Hi there and thanks for purchasing :)

It seems Twitter have updated their API requiring a slight update, thanks for posting the solution!

Kind regards, Martin

Is there any documentation on how to load this to Joomla?

Ok scratch that….I got it uploaded but cannot get the twitter feed to work. Any help with this? Also where can I get documentation in general for this product?

Hey there,

This website isn’t a Joomla theme it’s a static HTML/CSS site template so I can’t help you with getting it into Joomla I’m afraid, however documentation wise, you’ll find it in the download bundle in a folder named ‘Documentation’ which will also help you get the Twitter feed set up.

Kind regards, Martin