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Clean, simple, expandable.


Exactly what we were aiming for… Thank you! :)

can i place a banner in the area where the content-footer is?

Yes, you could put it inside content-footer, replacing the list of social icons and then add the class “show-footer” to the body to show the footer.

hi. how to convet to persian date and time ?

Could you post an example of what it looks like and I’ll see if it’s possible.

ok . no problem . how i can set background music ?

Hi, if you search Google for how to do that, there are 100’s of examples.

I am getting there is a syntax error on line 7. In Java script. Code hinting may not work until this is fixed inside of dreamweaver.

I am trying to add back ground images. Can you please help.



Please check that the line with the last background image does not end in a comma.

If that does not work, could you post the code that is causing the error? Thanks.

Hello, first of all let you know that we bought this template today and in a few hours we have customised it a lot. Thanks for the usefull documentations. I will give you my stars right a way…

You can take a look at the web page here:

I still have some doubts:

1- I copied the newsletter code for the tab info and paste it in other tab. The problem is that I can´t see the fields like “name” or “email” I have tried with firebug and don´t seem to find the solution.

2- Also on that same form. How can I translate the botton “Notify me”?

3- Is it possible to send my customers to a specific tab? Lets say the ranking tab?

Thanks so much and good luck with the sales

Sorry I misunderstood #3. You will need to use JavaScript to do this, in your HTML make the link to the tab and give it a class. For example:
<a href="#" class="contact">contact us</a>
Now in js/scripts.js, just below the line that creates the tabs (see the last comment), use the code below.
$('.contact').click(function () {
  $('#tabs').tabs('select', 2); // This will select the 3rd tab
  return false;
The form still works for me when I change the notify me text, can you tell me what text you are trying to change it to?

Yes, i am traying to change Notify me for Apuntarme. This is the code:

input name="Register" type="submit" value="Apuntarme" ( I have deleted the >< in order to write the code here..)


It’s not the text inside the the submit button that is causing the form not to submit, it is your config.php file. The form is trying to validate a required field called “fax” which is not in your HTML , so when the form is submitted there is no value for fax and since it’s a required field the form is not sent, however because it’s not in the HTML the error has nowhere to show. Please make sure the elements in config.php file match the elements in your HTML .

I can not receiving subscriptions to the newsletter.

the message said ok but I do not get anything, I checked the spam and nothing.

PHP Version 5.2.17

thank you for your help

Can you please try the instructions in the Troubleshooting section of the form-documentation/index.html file.


1- I am still experiencing trouble with the web forms. I have read the documentation about multiple forms in a web page. I copied the html code of my web form I and paste it somewere on my web. Then I duplicated the config file and named it suscribe. Then I replaced on form II the line (as it says in the documentation) for this one:


I don´t know what is going wrong. I have tried everything but still getting the same mistakes like the forms not working properly, the name fields don´t display….

2- Also the web look weird in chrome…

Here is the web page:

Thanks a lot!


1. You should name the config file config-suscribe.php. To get the labels to show you should have a label before your element and the input should have the class “toggle-val” just look carefully at the fields that have a working label and perhaps copy the code from them if you are still having trouble.

2. It looks like you have closed a div tag too soon or you have mismatched number of opening and closing div tags, so the tab content is no longer showing inside div.content-inner.

You also have a JavaScript error on the page due to the Twitter HTML has been removed, but it’s still trying to fetch the Tweets and show them. In js/scripts.js you should set tweetCount = 0 to fix this.

Thanks a lot guys! I will take a look at this. Great support!

I think I made a mistake purchasing this; I need it to be editable via wordpress?

It’s not a WordPress theme :(

lovel it :) very nice


PM sent !

Thank you


How to remove maximise/minimise icon at right top please ? Thank you

In the CSS you can just do:
.fs-max {
  display: none !important;


Have you receive my PM ? Thank you

Yes, we will get back to you asap.

Hi there, nice work: I like it. I bought yesterday and I have immediately a question. Just opened in Dreamweaver CS5 to make some change I have an error: There is a syntax error on line 44 of jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js. Code hinting may not work until you fix this error. I don’t know anything about this :( I’m using Dreamweaver to build my website with XHTML and CSS , but nothing about Flash, or scripts and so on. Please, can you tell me what I have to do to fix it? Thanks

It looks like Dreamweaver is having problems understanding the minified code, it is valid JavaScript though. You can safely ignore it, unless it causing problems in which case you can replace the code in that file with the original source which you can get from here.

very nice work !! Is that well documented ?? Im doing 1000 things now so beter I ask b4 buy !


Yes, we have put a lot of time to ensure our help is understandable and that adapting the template is made as simple as possible.

We are always here or at the end of an email if you need further support.


Hi, Will you be making a Wordpress version? I wanted to purchase but I don’t know how to handle HTML . Thanks

Two little question: 1) how can I change the video? How to insert a new link for a video on youtube?

2) The “minimise” button is desappeared on my rebuild version. I have in both html ( in index.html) and CSS the related code, but I don’t have the button in my page.

for HTML <div title="Show the background" class="minimise-button" id="minimise-button"></div> for CSS : .fs-max { background-image: url(../images/minimise1.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: left top; height: 26px; width: 26px; float: right !important; cursor: pointer; position: fixed; right: 12px; top: 12px; }

What have I to do ? Thanks again


1. Replace the code for the video with your youtube embed code.

2. Can you send a link to the page?


The slideshow controls required the div with class foot-right-col to be inserted, but you removed that. To fix this, open js/plugins.js and go to line 468. Change the code to this:

We love this Launch pad and based on your documents we are nearly done with learning the how to’s and what not. However, we are having issues with editing the video in index.html and there is no tutorial option on how to do so in documentation.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


In index.html search for id="video", inside this div there is an iframe containing the video, replace iframe line with the embed code for your video.

Thanks that worked perfectly. Now what the best way to load to cpanel and what do we load. Just the .html file or do we load the entire folder? Having this issue with the file now. its hows perfectly in local however when we load the default.html to cpanel it show to style just black and white.

Thanks in advance

I think i fig it out the paths need updating working on that now!