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this is most likely a dumb question. I have upload everything, configured and made changes and now just need to work out how to make the ‘index page’ the default for my web address

It should be by default, check if there are any other index pages in the folder and delete them, if that doesn’t work you’ll need to contact your host.

Thanks for your assistance as we now have it loaded to our site and looks awesome. We we’re thinking of putting a video in the background. Is this possible with these files?

Thanks Agian!

It is not possible with these files.

For some reason the top right (-) button doesn’t work to minimize the center content and make a full screen of the background image? Do know what I might have done to cause this? When you hit it, the middle goes away but you can’t bring it back?

Here is my test site for it:

Thanks in advance for your help!

It looks like it’s working for me, what browser are you using?

The newsletter function is not working or submitting contact us details not sending.


I get the error: The requested URL /contact-form/process.php was not found on this server.

Can you check that you uploaded the contact-form folder.


Thanks for getting back to me. I found the fix, I had an extra ending tag within my content.

BUT , can you help diagnose the problem I have with Internet Explorer 8? My page works perfect in Safari, Firefox, Chrome but in IE its broken…you have to scroll down to see the content. Not sure why its doing that.

Thanks for your help! My test page is here:


Could you try disabling Twitter by setting tweetCount = 0 in the scripts.js file.


So I disabled the Twitter by setting tweetCount = 0 and still getting that same disabled connection on Internet Explorer. Any other ideas?

Also I just noticed that my bottom footer information, “Designed by” is not showing up? Not sure what I did. Thanks in advance for your help!


You have 3 closing div tags that are not needed – see here.

Love the place holder theme! I have two issues working right now. First, I have changed the coding in scripts.js to use my background images, with a coma after each line, but none after the last line. Essentially, exactly how you have it in your example. I am only able to use 4 images… If I try to add a 5th or 6th image the background just hangs on one image. Is it limited to only 4 images? Do I need to change something in the index file?

Second, I went in and made the necessary changes to config.php and config-register.php for the proper mail to address and when I fill out the form completely for a test and click send it pops open a dialogue box asking me if I want to open “process.php”. It shows the file path being in templates/contact-form.

Please advise on a fix.


You can use an unlimited number of background images, I suspect when adding numbers 5 and 6 you are causing an error somewhere, or perhaps the path to the image is incorrect? If you could post your code or a link to the page I can take a look.

It will behave this way if you submit the form when viewing the template on your local PC, you need to run the template on a PHP enabled web server for the form to work.

Regards, TC

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t stop to think that I was not operating on a server environment like MAMP for testing or the actual remote hosting server! I uploaded everything and tested the email and it works just fine.

My coding and file paths are accurate for the pictures. Not exactly sure what is going wrong. The site is live now so you can see the coding at


Hey, that works fine, can you add in the 5th and 6th images to that site, so if it doesn’t work I can see if there are any error messages.

Sorry TC, I put down the wrong url for you. The correct url is


I still have not tried to upload a 5th or 6th background picture, but I just came up with another glitch. I am using an embedded youtube video. I tested on my local computer and it works perfect. When I uploaded the changed index file to the server the video tab will load correctly, but when you hit play the video is extremely glitchy. If you go directly to youtube the problem goes away, it’s only when you are watching the video embedded in the web site. (I am on a 50 MB/s connection so my bandwidth isn’t a factor). Please take a look and let me know what you think the issue could be. Site url is:


Not sure about that, it works perfectly for me.


Thanks for this product.

I have a problem. In ie7 so slow loading page. How can resolve this?


There is always going to be some difference in the speed of IE7 vs modern browsers, since it’s such an old/bad browser…

The only thing I can suggest is changing the background script options and setting:

speedIn: 0,
speedOut: 0

See the documentation on how to do that.

This will make the background not fade on the other browsers though.

Hello is this an iphone compatible template?

Yes, it is compatible with smart phone browsing, including iPhone. However I have been told that the iPhone has trouble rendering the fixed footer in the proper place. You can change the footer to be positioned absolutely instead of fixed, this will fix the problem.


Thanks for the reply…. one last question.. Internet Explorer 8 does not seem to like the video in your demo? it comes up blank. is it supposed to be compatible?

Thank you for your time!


The template is compatible with IE8 and we couldn’t replicate the problem you are having with the blank video – it’s working for us. Could it be your browser security settings blocking the video?


This template is very nice but I want to know is there a way to stop a slide show by triggering the pause button using JavaScript? Basically I am trying to stop the slide show when I play the video I am using vPlayer/FlowPlayer.



You can simulate clicking pause by using the code:

And to resume:

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help, you are a life saver.


This is a great template, however I do have one suggestion or change i would really like to see.

The footer is really tiny and with the huge images I have noticed a lot of people miss the links. Is it possible to have the twitter, opening times etc links visible at the bottom of the main window, so its more obvious to the view they are there, and also when you click twitter make it open below the window or even have the feed in a new tab, I couldnt see these options in the demo.

Cheers Paul


I like the idea. I’ll will look into implementing something like that.

It may take a while for us to get around to it though, we are very busy just now.

Many thanks, TC

Hi ThemeCatcher, great template, but I have a problem with the background slideshow…I added 11 images, taking care of leaving the last one without a coma.

The slideshow does not start and it stays only on the first image. I added the autostart option as suggested by your tutorial, yet nothing starts.

Furthermore I do not get the icons of play/pause, which you have on the template here.

I just started editing the template so I did not changed anything from the original scripts…what that could be?

thanks for you time


It sounds like a JavaScript error on the page, can you check and post the error? Alternatively please send a link to the page.

I got it…beginner’s mistake! I had forgotten a couple of comas at the beginning of the slideshow…what a newbieI am…

Thank you anyway for the quick reply!

5 stars, of course! :-)

Hi ThemeCatcher, one more question for you.

Is the background slideshow on loop? On my case it stops at the last photo and it does not start again.

thank you again


Hi, it appears that the image below is missing, so it’s stalling the slideshow:

404 Not Found -

I’m having difficulty with the forms. Messages will not come thru the contact form if they have a gmail or yahoo address. emails with a url email address such as my come thru fine. Nothing comes thru the registration on the first tab (info Tab)

can you assist?
In the config.php file, can you try this code on line 30:
But replace with an email address that is associated with a domain on your hosting account.

Still not working. Tried that fix as well. any ideas?