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Got it. Thank you very very very much!


I can’t find the place in the js/scripts.js file to change the launch date. It’s simply not in the file!

Where else can it be??

Thanks for your quick feedback!


Please just ignore my question… For some reason, in Dreamweaver, if I open the file it doesn’t show up. Instead if I open the file in the HTML editor, and click on the scripts.js, then all the contents including launch date show up.

Sorry again…

I bought this template and am using it currently—however ever couple of days a trojan appears in the code..

This is not good.

I think you may have been hacked or a malicious user has access to your hosting account, I suggest you change your password. You should also make sure you also have no viruses on any computer you are using.

Just to be sure I scanned the downloadable package and it has no viruses or trojans.

millerracing, what are you talking about? Can you tell us more about this???


Your theme is really excellent! I’m glad I bought it.

I have a few questions though:

1.) How can I delete everything that is “Facebook”, in the footer for example. We don’t use Facebook at all, only Twitter…

2.) How can I change the regular text (not the headers) font? I managed to change the number’s font and some headers, but not all…

3.) How can I remove completely the “Connect with me” tab in the footer?

4.) I would also like to remove the “task list” tab completely.

5.) How can I remove also the “Video” and “Gallery” tabs? (don’t need them YET , will add them back later…

Thank you very much for your precise answers! You seem to be great at support!!! :-)

Best wishes from Switzerland.

PS: I can PM you the URL if you want to have a look??

1: You can find information on removing the footer popups and links in this section of the help doc: > Global customization > Changing the footer menu > Removing a footer popup box. If you are using the second footer with the social network icons you may also want to remove this code to remove the icon:

<div class="one-icon-wrap"><a href="">...icon img here...</a></div>

2: The main page text uses a global font-family from the html, body style in the CSS . You can change the font-family there.

3: Same as (1).

4: There is detailed information in the help doc to do this under: Global customisation > Changing the navigation / Tabs > Remove a Tab. You can also remove the “tasks” content div in the HTML . Find and remove this div:

<div id="tasks" ... 

5: for the Video and Gallery tabs you can add a temporary style attribute (style=”display: none;”) to the tab links to hide them for now, like this:

<li><a href="#video" style="display: none;">Video</a></li> 
<li><a href="#gallery" style="display: none;">Gallery</a></li>
Let me know how you get on, and if you have any more questions.


I keep having a to re-add a backup of the index page – the video .js file is corrupt or something as every couple of days the video and code disappears from the index page and a trojan is put in its place. causing the site to be blocked.

Hello. Does the template include the Photoshop files for logo and interfaces, etc.? Thanks.

There are two main Photoshop files one for each theme (light & dark). Every graphic that was used to build the template in in there. So whatever you need you should be able to find. Then there is another two files for easily creating a new color variation if you wish to do so.

Thanks, TC

Also, does your documentation include how to turn off some of the tabs/panels? For example, I will not need the Video and Gallery panels. Thanks

Yes, step-by-step instructions are provided.

Hi I’m pretty new with HTML , CSS, and all that stuff. Documentation is pretty detailed, but not detailed enough for a newb like myself. I’m having problems with the padding around my logo. You said to increase padding the the styles.css file. A little more detail please.

If you have replaced the logo image with your own. There is a chance it may not be displayed in the middle vertically. If you find the following class in the CSS you can increase or decrease the top-padding (12px default) to center the new logo image vertically. It should be positioned horizontally in the center already automatically.
.logo-img {
    margin: 0 auto;
    padding-top: 12px;
    text-align: center;

Does that help?


No it doesnt. Here is a publiched view of the site so far. You see how my logo drops into the launch date. I want to fix that.

In styles.css change the following styles:

In .content-header change it to

height: 188px;

In .logo-img change it to

padding-top: 10px;

I am experiencing a message that stylesheet is missing when I attempt to upload to my hosting provider. Any reason as to why I am getting this message. Thanks.


It’s not a WordPress theme, it’s an HTML / CSS template.

Regards, TC

How many videos can you out into the “Video” tab?

I would like to place a Drop Down Field Selector into the form; what would the code look like for that?

1. As many as you want.

2. In the HTML :
<select name="drop_down"><option value="one">One</option></select>
In the config.php:
$dropDown = new iPhorm_Element('drop_down');

Ok here are a few things I need explanations on.

1. In your documentation you said to make the background 1680×1050 but when I do this the ackground is too big and gets cut off.

2. I want to center the text bubble where it says “Our awesome site is under construction”. I want to move the bubble down so it isnt so high up.

3. I want to center the text and make it fit appropriately where is says “Expe4cted Lauch Date” & “Countdown to launch”

4. At the bottom of the info panel where the customers enter there name and email to subscribe to me, I want to make it so that when they hit subscribe they are opted in to my GetResponse weekly newsletter.

5. My facebook link in the connect with us pop up menu isnt working, its still showing ThemeCatcher. What did I do wrong.


My Site:

1. The image will be resized to fit inside the user’s browser window, however this size will vary between different computers due to different screen resolutions. If the resolution is too narrow, the image will be clipped at the top and bottom. There is no way to get it resized and scaled perfectly in all resolutions, but you can change the size of your images if you think another size works better.

4. I’m not familiar with that, but to run custom code on the submitted form data, you will need to create a “Success handler” where you can get the data and add it to your mailing list. You’d need to write the code to do this. In the form documentation there is a section called “Creating your own success handler”

5. Did you follow the instructions in the documentation section “Adding your Facebook feed”? You’ll need to get your own code from Facebook and replace the code that’s in the template.

Someone will get back to you on #2 and #3.


2: Add a margin-top: 40px; to the class .header-message

3: The best way to do this would be to simply reduce the font size for both titles. Change the font-size to 13px on these two classes: .countdown_dashboard .title and .launch-date-wrap .title


The ‘Required’ validation does not work for both Name and Message fields in the Contact form.

Try it:

Validation is not working on both client and server side.

There is no client-side error message when either Name or Message field is empty.

Also, your PHP script does not prevent the email being sent when Name or Message is empty.

I could dig into your PHP and JS scripts to find the error, but that would defeat the purpose of buying a template (which is to get things up fast)

Could you please help?

Thank you very much!

Further to my previous post: The reason why the validation is not working is because your script somehow append the label of the input as its value.

E.g. If l leave the “Name” field empty, then your script simply puts Name * as the value of the input, hence your “Required” validation doesn’t work.

Again, I’m very tempted to dig into your script to try and make this work because I need it working asap for my client, but I hope you can help so I don’t have to spend the time trouble-shooting.


The plugin to show the labels inside the fields does it that way. To solve this you will need to stop this plugin, which you can do by removing the class toggle-val from the form inputs and also remove the class hide-js from the labels surrounding the inputs. The labels will appear above the input fields and the validation will work…

Ok here are a couple things I need explained:

1. I want to center where it says like on facebook, follow on twitter, and subscribe on youtube (under the long paragraph on the homepage). I want them one on top of the other centered. I tried to add the center tag but that didnt work, even when I deleted the paragraph tag.

2. I created a favicon, how and where do I add this?

Hello. Is it possible to turn off the Launch Date and How Long To Go sections? Is it possible to replace those items with static text? Thx


Yes you can do that, no problem. You will need to remove the Anything slider (class="anythingSlider ... ") and it’s contents from the HTML . So you are left with only the opening and closing of this div

<div class="homepage-slider-wrap"> .... </div>

Now you can enter some text, like this:

<div class="homepage-slider-wrap"><h1>Welcome to my website!</h1></div>

You will now want to add some left / right padding to the heading so edit the following CSS to this:

.homepage-slider-wrap {
    height: 52px;
    padding: 10px 20px;
    position: relative;
    width: 500px;

Thanks. Is it possible to set the Launch Date, but leave the How Long To Go set as 00-00-00? By the way, just purchased this theme and it’s awesome. Documentation is great!

Sorry, according to ThemeForest you have not purchased. Can you send the question to the contact form on our profile page so we can verify your purchase.

Hi -> How can I change your slider with date and countdown to actually have countdown to be loaded first. Basically, opposite to what you have setup within the template?

Hi, in scripts.js find this code:

buildStartStop: false
and add a comma at the end of it and the other line shown below:
buildStartStop: false,
startPanel: 2