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I purchased the theme the other day and love it. Awesome work!!!! I have a customization question. How do you make the footer bar wider (meaning height wise). It’s a really thin bar at the bottom and I want it to be more thicker so it’s noticed.

It is thin because it is a fixed element and may interfere with the main content area if it’s too large on smaller displays. There is another footer under the content area which can be activated by adding “show-footer” into the body class. like this:

<body class="dark show-footer">

You can then change the height of this footer in the CSS by changing the height on this class : .content-footer

If that is not good for you let me know and I’ll tell you how to add another section under the thin fixed footer. And give you the option to change it to absolutely positioned instead of fixed.

TC :)

thank you!

I would like to start by mentioning I love Launch Pad; it’s pure awesome; although I’m having an issue with the contact form never sending. My issue can be viewed @


When I submit the form I get a 404 error for the file contact-form/process.php, did you upload the contact-form/ folder?

Regards, TC

Hello Guys!

Well I am having a question that I bet is quite easy to solve but I just can´t get the result.

In my home section I have a test that says “You can visit our contact section for more information” so I want the word “contact” to send my users to the contact section (#contact) and fill the form.

I am traying to do this but notheing happens:


Also I have an I frame inside the section países invitados. It is a google maps but I can´t see it…

Thanks a lot!!

The web is


1. You’d need to use JavaScript to trigger the tab to open, e.g.

<a href="#" onclick="$('#tabs').tabs('option', 'selected', 5); return false;">contact</a>

2. I can see the iframe, did you fix it?

Regards, TC

TC Do the features of this template work properly on a windows server? - Obviously the contact form, it will not work. But what about the rest?

Yeah it should all work fine. The contact form should work if the server has PHP enabled.

Awesome theme for an “updating” site.

I have to say the documentation provided is very clear and complete.


Awesome template. Configured in 2 hours and the page looks great.

I now want to remove the countdown slider all together and move up the menu items so there is no whitespace. Can you tell me how to do this?

Thank you


Find the div with the class homepage-slider-wrap remove it or comment it out all and its contents. The underline for the header can be removed (if you like) in the styles.css file find; body.dark .content-header or body.light .content-header and remove the background image. Any problems let me know.

It makes a nice little micro site now :)


Hi TC,

I tried removing what you suggested – line 88 (start homepage slider) to line 165 (end homepage slider).

This does remove the countdown and it’s contents but also destroys the formatting of the page. The tab menus are gone and the contact form is showing and not hidden. Any other suggestions?



The line numbers maybe different. Those are not correct for me.

The start of where to remove is from this comment: <!-- Start homepage slider --> and the code directly above looks like this:

<div class="homepage-slider-wrap">...

The end of where to remove is from this comment: <!-- End homepage slider --> and the code under looks like this:

<div class="homepage-slider-loading"></div> </div>


tr-galleri bölümüne 6 resim yerine 15 resim ekleyerek scroll nas?l ilave edebiliriz.

en-how to add a picture and scroll Gallery section can add 15 images instead of 6.

To add more images to the gallery, you only have to repeat the li wrapping each image in the HTML . Copy one and add it at the bottom inside the closing ul

This is what one image HTML looks like:

<li class="one-portfolio-item"> <a class="portfolio-thumb-link" href="images/gallery/popup/placeholder2.png" rel="portfolio"> <img src="images/gallery/placeholder2.png" alt="" /> </a> </li>

You will of course need to change the image path. TC

Hi TC,

I cannot get the slideshow to function correctly with the minimise and maximise button in the top right corner, please assist. Rather urgent, thank you.

I can’t see anything wrong, did you fix the problem?

Regards, TC

The Success Message is not showing up when someone registers by clicking the “Notify Me” button. The config-register.php has the successMessage for a div:

$successMessage = ‘ Thank you for joining our mailing list. ’; $form->setSuccessMessage($successMessage);

But there in no div class for the successMessage in the index register form. It sends the notification to my email but users aren’t seeing the success message.

What would this line of code look like? Where would this line of code go? Or how can I get it to send the success message directly to the email that is registered?

You may have removed an empty div from the form HTML , this will show the success message.

Regards, TC

When I receive an email from someone who submits from the register form it says it is:


Where is the code and how do I change it so that it is:

from: submitter’

Open classes/iPhorm/SuccessHandler/Email.php and find this line:
// Set the subject
Now, above this line, enter this code:
if (isset($_GET['form']) && $_GET['form'] == 'register') {
Regards, TC

hi how i can change the style ?

also why the style changer not found like live preview (demo), if i want a copy with options panel you will support me and send it or not ?

thank you in advanced

There is a section in the help document called “Global customisation” that explains how to change the style. If you can send me a message through the contact form on my profile page I can email you the options panel.

Regards, TC

I purchased your theme, but when I try to upload it into WordPress it acts as though it is uploading then I receive an error saying style.css is missing, I spoke to my hosting (Blue Host) and they said some files are missing so… I need your help

Launch Pad is a CSS /HTML template not a WordPress theme.

Regards, TC

Oh … well thank you

Hello, is there a way I can customize the registration part where it has the user answer a “Yes/No” type question with clickable answers?

And can you make that a requirement before hitting the notify button?

I’m not sure I understand completely, but you can add any HTML form elements to your form and make them required if needed. See the form help in the file documentation/form-documentation/index.html

Regards, TC

Template looks great; wondering about the mobile functionality though. Hard to determine how well it works when I open it with my iPhone because of the designer options in your live preview. Do you happen to have an example site of this template that isn’t the live preview?

There is a site still up from another customer:

Regards, TC

Hi – I just purchased your template. This looks great. Few questions before I set it up. Is there any option to easily remove the countdown section? Also can we remove the section we don’t really need, e.g: video. Last how does the subscription works? Can we easily get access to the list of people who subscribe? thanks!

1. Delete everything between

<!--Start homepage slider-->
<!--End homepage slider-->

2. Yes, the documentation explains how to remove tabs.

3. By default you configure it to send you an email when someone registers, you can also set it up to save to a MySQL database (see the form documentation).

Regards, TC

Thanks for the quick answer. I deleted everything between the “Start homepage slider” and “End homepage slider”. The countdown slider is gone but the sections (info, tasklist, video, etc…) are not put in a tab anymore but as a list and all their content is also displayed on the same page. Any idea?

Hi, can you post a link to your website or send it privately through our profile page? So I can take a look.


Beautiful theme! See installation here:

I am having an issue with the footer links popping up over each other?

Also, the Copyright 2012 is not on the right side of the page – it’s cramping into the footer menu. Please help me.


You have mis-matched div tags, when I inspect with Firebug, the “opening” and “other” pop out boxes are inside the Facebook one instead of next to it. Also you have the Facebook feed code in there twice, try just changing the href attribute in the original Facebook footer pop out box content.

Regards, TC

Also, I really need the correct FEED to be pulling to the site -