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Fully awesome work people :-)

Bought it in the morning and had it online within a few hours. Fantastic documentation to help with the set-up; really easy to get to grips with.

Shame I can only give you 5 stars ‘cause it def deserves ten :-)

Here’s a live preview from a customer:

I’m currently looking at this WP theme as my new site and wondered if you guys had anything similar because I’d want to buy from you again:

Awesome and thanks Steve

Ah, shame :( I’m going to be sorted by then but I’m definitely keeping you in my watch-list :) Keep flying the flag for the mother-country :-D


Jeeks, what happened there? I’m going to be sorted by then but I’m definitely keeping you in my watch list :-D


Please do follow us for future :)

Twitter, Facebook, Themeforest.


Nice work.

I am having great difficulty getting the auto responder to work for the registration form. I get the registration email saying that someone has registered. However I can’t get the auto responder to work after setting up the via the instructions . The page is at I added this code to line 30 in both the config-register.php and config.php files. $emailSuccessHandler->setAutoReply(‘Thanks for your interest name ’, ‘autoreply-register-html.php’, ‘autoreply-register-plain.php’);

Any idea how to get this working? Can it be an SMTP issue even though I get the registration information. Maybe it won’t allow a php auto response?

Sounds like the SMTP server may be blocking the email. Can you try editing the file contact-form/classes/iPhorm/SuccessHandler/Email.php, find this code:
and change it to an email address that is associated with your hosting account / SMTP server.

Regards, TC

Changed and still not sending auto responder. This is the code in email.php

// Send the autoreply if (!empty($this->_autoReply) && array_key_exists(‘subject’, $this->_autoReply)) { $userMessage = Swift_Message::newInstance(); $userMessage->setFrom(‘‘); $userMessage->setTo($this->_form->getValue(‘email’)); $userMessage->setSubject($this->_replacePlaceholderValues($this->_autoReply[‘subject’]));

Does this line have to change? $userMessage->setTo($this->_form->getValue(‘email’));

Thanks so much for the help. I really would like to send a response to people.

Could you please send the following information to the contact form on my profile page and I will take a look.

  • Website URL
  • FTP server address
  • FTP username
  • FTP password

Regards, TC

Thanks TC…I just sent you the info


Even though it’s repeating the other great feedback you’ve received, I just had to add one of my own. Not only is this a well-designed template, this is the best-documented template I have ever seen. It’s crystal-clear! I had this up and running in a few hours, complete with some changes to colors and content.

Really phenomenal job! I can’t believe the quality for this price. Thanks for a job well done.

Awesome template – love it so much I am using it for my sites and and will use on my other sites that I haven’t had time to do.

Thanks for a great product – easy to modify, well documented.

Great theme and thanks for the superb documentation. I have one little problem which is driving me absolutely crazy! After building out my page it works beautifully on my local server. However, after posting to webserver via FTP The tab menu causes the last tab option to drop to a second row. This is only true when I select 3 of the 6 tab options. The other 3 options show the page with the 6 tab options all lined up on a single row as they should be.

What odd about this is the fact that the menu lines up perfectly on the local server but not on the actual live page. I’ve gone over the HTML and CSS and can’t figure out what is causing this.

Any ideas!

Thanks a million, LC


If you could either post the site URL here or send me a link to it via our profile page from (you need to be logged in to see the form) . I will have a look at it for you.


Thank you so much! I sent you a link from your profile page.


Hi, thank you for such an amazing theme. I think this deserves much more than 5 stars, you have done a great job with the code and how fluid it works.

I think you may have done too good of a job however. My client has requested keeping the bottom bar with the facebook, twitter, etc. My only issue is I do not know if this is a component that I can keep or easily edit to apply to the new site.

Can you let me know if this is possible? It is a brilliant design and I think they are in love with the social media aspect.

Thanks, D

Hi, thanks!

Could you please be more descriptive in what you need to do for your client, you can email us via our profile page if you like.

Thanks, TC

Hi there, I purchased this template and need to use word accents such as ç and ã (Brazilian Portuguese) on the HTML editor its fine, but viewing on the web browser these letters only have ? (question mark)

Do I need to install a language pack for this template? how and where from?

I have tested the characters and it works for me. Perhaps your server is set up to set the charset to something other than UTF -8? Can you send a link to the page?

Regards, TC

I have not uploaded it yet so its not a server problem, its still on the HTML file in my computer, but below is a copy of the weird characters that are coming up where it should be accents. I have also tried to change the character setting on the HTML file from UTF -8 to ISO 8859 -1, and it did not work. Can the HTML editor program have anything to do with this? I use Komodo Edit.

“Obrigado por sua visita. Estamos construindo o portal mais completo de novidades nacionais e importadas em produtos, artigos e acess?rios Pet. Para facilitar os cuidados com o seu Pet, estaremos oferecendo uma central de informa??es completa para todos os cuidados e servi?os dispon?veis para o seu bichinho em sua cidade.”

Can you send the full source of the page to the contact form on my profile page.

Regards, TC

This file is receiving such great comments that I’m buying it right now! :-) I always read reviews before I purchase, and I always check on the assistance a purchaser receives, too. I’m sold! Keep up the great work!

Great template well worth buying. I do have one small issue with the contact link. When I click on Contact tab no form appears. I have uploaded contact-form folder, changed the email address in both files but no form shows. The notify me part works ok.

The page can be found at

Thank you for your help

The contact tab is actually inside the task lists tab (but hidden) because you have mismatched DIV tags. It looks like you are missing a closing div tag at the end of your tasks tab.

Regards, TC

Thank you for your reply.

Yes I found the missing thank you.

I’ m only now just learning php & html after using the internet for 15+ years. So even the most simple of things can escape me.

On the top right there’s the slide-out Settings tab (tab with gear image). How do I remove this?

This is only part of our demo site and it’s not included in the package download from CodeCanyon.

Regards, TC

Find this code in index.html <div id="options-panel"> remove the div and everything inside it. Regards, TC</div>

Thanks TC for the quick response. I purchased your theme but haven’t had a chance to set it up yet. I know it will be perfect when I do!

Thanks again!

Can the timer be removed? i like everything i just dont need the time. I am ready to buy. thanks

Yes, 2 steps to remove:

1. Remove everything between these comments in index.html

<!--Start homepage slider-->
<!--End homepage slider-->

2. Remove the following code from js/scripts.js

    targetDate: launchDate,
    omitWeeks: true
Regards, TC

Has anyone seen issues with this software on FF/Safari on the mac platform? I noticed some issues with it showing all the content without one having to click the tab to see the content.

Also, how can I add the link to the “contact’ div within the body of the info tab? I tried doing contact but that didn’t work.

I haven’t heard of any issues on FF/Safari Mac, as a shot in the dark can you try running the page through the W3C validator to check that you don’t have any mismatched HTML tags.

You can do it with this link

<a href="#" onclick="jQuery('#tabs').tabs('select', 4); return false;">Contact</a>
If you have added or removed tabs, count the tabs from left to right starting at 0 and change the number 4 above to the number of your contact tab.

Regards, TC

your solution worked perfectly. Thanks ton. I’ll reply again if i have issues, but I don’t think I will! Great product. 5-stars

Hi, Do I have to purchase the Iphorm seperate?

Oops! I see the files I need to edit now – nevermind the answer is no ;)

The twitter feed is not showing on my site nor on your demo.

Please fix.

Thanks, Derrick

Derrick, please change the following code on your site, in the file js/scripts.js find this line

var t = document.createElement('script'); t.type = 'text/javascript'; t.src = '' + twitterUsername + '.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=' + tweetCount;
Replace it with
var t = document.createElement('script'); t.type = 'text/javascript'; t.src = '' + twitterUsername + '&count=' + tweetCount + '&include_rts=1&callback=twitterCallback2';
Regards, TC

Wow, you have amazing design talent! Take Launch Pad, and make it into a responsive (HTML5/CSS3) website template, and you will have a real WINNER !! =)

hi, i have a WP3.5 template web page(created) and my index is index.php and i want to put your Launch Pad like intro page. can i do this? and how can i do this?

The template is not designed to be used in WordPress. It’s possible if you create a WordPress “Page template”, in your theme folder, containing the Launch Pad HTML and change the links to the resources inside the file to the new paths. I wouldn’t recommend attempting it unless you are experienced with WP.

Regards, TC

Hi – this is a great looking template and, just as importantly, the support looks to be excellent. Will be purchasing.

Regarding the demo site, it would be nice if the ‘launch date’ could be reset so that we can see the countdown timer functioning, as currently it is just a row of static zeros.


Thanks for letting us know about this, the previous launch date in the demo had passed.

Regards, TC

I’ve updated it so you can see the countdown timer functioning.

hi, i change the type and cople of things more but, i need to change in the countdown > the color of the text, also center the same text(now is on the left i think), and change the position of each element of the text(move it) – letters and numbers!!! can you tell me please the path to the files who can have to be changed. please

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