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I bought this a while back, does it come in different colours??

Hi ecoboss,

I’ve yet to release a multi-coloured option as the demand has not been that great for such a feature. You can modify the colours of the images and through the CSS file to get any colour you prefer.



Form does not work. Does not send or produce error messages. Form default message works opposite the way it should. I would like a refund.


As you can see from the demo it’s working perfectly well.

Please read the documentation and make sure you have set it up correctly before demanding a refund.

If you still insist on getting a refund then contact Envato support as this has nothing to do with myself.



Hi there! Is there a way to add 2 or more users that get emails? So when a user subscribes to the email list two different email accounts get notified?

Awesome template BTW . Love it!


That’s pretty easy to do. Open subscribe.php and locate this around line 5:

$adminEmail = "yourname@domain.com";

Then simply add other e-mail addresses followed by a comma i.e:

$adminEmail = "yourname@domain.com, secondname@domain.com, thirdname@domain.com"; That’s it!



Thanks for a great job!

I installed the files and managed to get it to work.

One problem: the subscribers.txt file shows the subscribers but the admin email address receives NO notification emails.



If you’ve changed the e-mail address within the subscribe.php file correctly then it should work. If however it doesn’t it’s most probably something to do with your web hosting. Contact your web host and ask them if you have the php mail function enabled on your server.

Hope that helps.

It is enabled, all sites have same config and php functions normally. Anything else I should check?

I can’t think of anything else that would be to blame other than the email sending ability of your server. Seeing as it is writing the emails to the txt file, the next step in the process is for the script to fire off the e-mail so if it’s not doing that then the issue lies within that capability.

You can try turning on error reporting and running a test. Any problems should appear within the logs and that will be easier to troubleshoot.



well, it is not working. Anyways the site should be done by 20th, but I just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

Did you enable error reporting as i suggested? There’s not much else i can do to troubleshoot your server without any errors i’m afraid.



Same email subscribe problems as above.. only i have an error log:

Length parameter must be greater than 0 in /home/xxx/public_html/subscribe.php on line 80

Please advise. Thanks, Ryan.

That’s simply a warning so it should still work. Try to put a space within the subscribers.txt file so it doesn’t read it as being empty and that should fix it.

thanks for the quick reply but its a no-go. i get “thanks for signing up” message but nothing gets sent. How did the others fix it?


Is the actual e-mail address being written to the txt file?

EDIT : Try replacing line 80 in your subscribe.php file with the following

$read = fread($f, filesize($subscribersList));

It might not look like it’s any different to what’s there now but the small space after the first comma might make a difference. The issue seems to be something with the way your hosting server reads the empty file before writing to it. This is usually due to the mod security function your hosting has enabled giving out false positives.

If the above solution doesn’t fix it then i would recommend getting in touch with your web host support and showing them the error to see what they say.

Hi Peter,

In the first place.. the template looks amazing! I just bought it yesterday but have a little kind of “problem”.

I would like to add 2 form fields above the e-mail field, so that i have: - Full name - School - Email adress (with the submit button)

And then… also when they submit… that there automaticly a download from a pdf starts.

I am not a great coder… so i want to ask you or it is possible you can help me with this?

Hi Grafikz,

Unfortunately i’m just too swamped with work at the moment to be able to take on anything else other than support. If you would like them to be able to download something after submitting then you’l probably have to integrate some PHP scripts to do this.

I’m sure if you start a thread in the forums you can find someone who will be able to provide help.

Hope that helps

where is the wp-plugin in the zip file?

@paddyv there is no wp-plugin included in this download. There was not enough initial demand for me to dedicate time to making one.

You can use this theme in conjunction with some of the wp maintenance plugins available out there although some tweaking will be required.

that was the only reason I bought it, why advertise it if its not included?

Please state where it’s advertised. The only mention of it within the details is:


Light theme
WP Maintenance Mode Plugin

The changelog at the bottom of the details page clearly does not mention anything about this file being updated to include a WP plugin yet.

Feel free to contact Envato support should you want a refund.

The countdown timer has run out btw! :)

Thanks mate. I’ll update this as soon as i get some time :)

Forgive me, but I don’t understand how to install this as a WP Theme. It doesn’t appear to have the correct structure. And when I try to upload the .zip file, if fails because it can’t find the style.css file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


This is not a WordPress theme but you can use it with a WordPress site and a Maintenance plugin – one that allows you to upload your own HTML.



Doesn’t seem to work, multiple things broken: - No response for bad chars / invalid email - No reponse for unwritable / fopen - Doesn’t write emails to file even with CHMOD 777 - Social Media bar formatting broken, at least in Chrome


There is no validation built in but can be easily added with a plugin. I’m working on an update which fixes the social footer elements and i’ll add validation to the e-mail field too. As for writing to the file, this varies from host to host. Please ensure the txt file and tmp folder has been created, if it hasn’t then you’ll have to manually create these files.



i just dont understand how to get the timer to work i am new to this and dont know what exactly do i have to fill in i need ot to be counting down to this date 25 december 2013 what exactly do i need to fill in the index page?


Unfortunately support is only available to those who have purchased this item. If you have used another account to purchase then please leave a comment here using that account or contact me using the contact form on my profile page to verify your purchase.



Email or text not working. I put a regular php script to test the mail on server and it worked. yours not working.

What’s not working exactly? the email notification? the writing of the e-mail to the .txt file? it’s most likely a permissions issue for either of the files. Each web host handles this file differently so try some various CHMOD options. Also, try to enable error reporting so you can see where it’s going wrong and let me know.



@all who have have purchased or will purchase.

Please consider contacting myself either through the comments or a private message on my profile page BEFORE leaving negative reviews. Found an issue? Ask for support! It’s FREE!

I actually offer great support at no extra charge to customers of any of my themes and am pretty proud of it. So if you encounter an issue (something is bound to come up) in this or any other theme, please request support before you rate your purchase.



Any updates?


Edit: I apologise. If you were referring to the wp plugin and light theme in afraid those are no longer in the update queue. There has not been enough demand from users for me to spend the time to add those features and it should have been removed from the description.

Cheers, Peter