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How can I remove the percentage on the progress bar (set at 80% at the demo)?

Simply replace line 43 in the CSS file with the following: span.text {font-size: 18px; text-shadow:1px 1px 1px #333333; visibility:hidden;} And below that line add this: div.text {visibility: hidden;}

Are you able to activate this theme and have it show up as “Under Construction”, but still be able to tweak the theme you’re actually trying to get launched behind the scenes when logged in as an administrator?

I can think of two ways to get this done. One way to do it would be to upload the under construction index.html file and then rename your main site home page file as default.html or homepage.html just for tweaking purposes. Then once your site has been finalized, delete the under construction index.html file and rename default.html back to index.html.

Another way would be to use a .htaccess file to redirect all users except yourself to a certain .html page. Here’s a really simple tutorial that walks you through it:

How does the e-mail subscription form work?

It uses a flat file (.txt file) instead of a database and stores all e-mails in this file which is located on your server. You can either access the file directly from your browser or download the file via FTP to view all e-mails.

You can see a sample of it by visiting the following URL

You have the option to rename the .txt file to anything you like as well as set it’s location.

E-mails won’t write to the .txt file.

1. Make sure that the .txt file in within the same directory as the subscribe.php file (no sub directories).

2. Get in touch with your web host and ask them what CHMOD permissions are required by them for fopen/fwrite to work.

The subscription logic doesn’t take in emails with +

Add the following line in subscribe.js:


PS: Thanks to user Agilo for this fix.

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