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Twitter not working?

With the recent Twitter API changes, it is necessary to create a Twitter App.

First sign-in with your account and follow the below process to make the twitter feed work.

1) Follow the link and sign in to your twitter account: Here, you need to create an app.

2) Click on the “Create new application” button.

3) Fill up the details inside the fields, Enter Captcha, Agree the terms and Click on Proceed.

4) Now your application will be created. For now your provided with the “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret key”

5) Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Create Access Token”. Revisit the page after few mins and you can see that you’re now given with the “Access Token” and “Access Token Secret” keys.

Caution: Do not share these keys with anyone.

Now, Let’s configure the files:

1) Open ”/twitter/” folder in your template directory and configure “index.php” file with your application keys.

2) Open ”/js/” folder in your template directory and Open “scripts.js” and find the following code(Line 32):

/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ */
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ */  
  if ($('#tweet').length) {
        username: 'envato',
        join_text: 'auto',
        avatar_size: 0,
        auto_join_text_default: ' we said, ',
        auto_join_text_ed: ' we ',
        auto_join_text_ing: ' we were ',
        auto_join_text_reply: ' we replied to ',
        auto_join_text_url: ' we were checking out ',
        loading_text: 'Loading tweets...'

3) Replace ‘envato’ with your Twitter Username.

Cheers, Rocknrolla.

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