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hey nice item.

By the way, will you share how you created the item image with the blurry background and “Laurico” in the front? That is so cool!


Thank you!

Well, you already said how I made that background! :D Blured screenshots in background, black rectangle with reduced transparency and inner shadow, font with some gradient overlay, drop shadow, and white 1px inner shadow I guess… ;)

Nicework! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you! Appreciate!

Good luck with sales to you too! :)

great work !

just a question… in the form section, there is no respondse if the email as been send or not… We may think that the form didnt work even it did… Can you fix that ?


Thank you for suggestion! Update is waiting for acception!

Update accepted!

great, will redownload it asap!


Hi, just a tip to sell more. Be more self explanatory in the preview image and title. I had to click to know what was this about. :D


Thank you for suggestion. Actually title says “Domain” soo it should be related, and, you are right, you had to click, you had to see it, that’s also strategy. :)

Anyway, thank you again! ;)

Please could you send me installation instructions… Thanks

I think I got it… thanks…

Hi there, having trouble getting the form to send emails. I just sent you a private message too. Please help. Thank you!

Man. You have done a great job on this template. Everything works!

Your sales should be more than this if you optimize your tags more. I bought 3 (unusable) templates before I found yours “by chance”. I played around on your CSS. See how it turns out:


Thank you for good comment! Yes, I know, I should also update old items, but I’m so busy since last year, that have no time for ThemeForest :/ But I hope I will change the situation soon :)

Hi, I can’t install the theme. What i did wrong? it seems the theme size is huge, and everytime the installation faild it say no css file or missing template file. pls help

Great looking theme, its a pity that its not made for more than 6 domains. I would like to put 200. Regards


qwebb Purchased

Would you think of adding reCaptcha to form anytime soon? thank you