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Where do I put photos so they load into the main page slider?

Create a category called featuredslider and add few posts in it with custom image filed adding name as a Image and image path in value field.

Please go through the readme file for further assistance and feel free to email me if you need any help.

Hi Kayapati,

I purchased your theme. It’s great… I have problems displaying images on the feature slider as well as in the front page second column bottom section. I’ve already added a custom field “image” and “value” = the link of the image as described in your readme file but couldn’t get any of it to show up. Could I still be missing something?

Appreciate your help.


Beea what you have done is correct but the custom image name should be Image ( with capital I )

Hi Kayapti

O thanks. Managed to get that to work. Another question I have is how do I increase the number of slides in the front page? Currently it seems to cap at 5 slides.

Thanks for your help….

Hi Kayapati,

I ran into a few issues

1. Is there a way to increase the number of slides on the front page? Curretnly it seems to cap at 5 slides.

2. Any idea why do I get a 500 Internal Server Error when I try to submit the contact form?

Thanks and appreciate your help. Looking forward to your reply



Open slider.php and find bellow code:


replace 5 with number of posts you want to display.


I’m having some difficult with Nexgen gallery on your theme. The image galleries dont show up properly and the lightbox feature also does not work.

However if i deactivate the theme and go to the default 20ten wordpress theme, everything works fine. Switch back to Lavan and it no longer works.

Any solution?


you can see here: divineimaging.co.za/

Yes it might be jquery conflict.

Can you email me your website access FTP and wp admin to look into this issue.



please remove this site from your page, i had to pay someone else to fix up the code on your images as there was a massive jquery bug

also coded my own widget areas.

whew, one last last last question on this time.

How/where can one change the speed of the slider to slow it down a bit.

Hi, my name is Joey,

I can’t have my images play in the featured slider i see the name of the file but not the images, i can’t figured out what i’m doing wrong. I create a category featuredslider and add posts in with custom field Image and the link to the images. Can you help me? thanks!

What are the color styles other than the red provided in this theme?

pink, yellow, white, dark blue, dark gray , green

The navigation stops working when a missing WP line of code is added in, specially the php wp_head(). Which is required for the shopping cart the client needs to function. Please note that I left out the full line of code.

So many plugins require both the wp_head and wp_footer. The footer code is there.

The client purchased the theme.

can you provide your wp admin access I need to look at the issues? any how this theme is under massive updates and available for download within this month end.

the purchase data is not seen at your message so please confirm me that you bought the file.

As I stated earlier the client purchased the theme. Not me. I was hired to incorporate an e-commerce plug-in into it. The wp_header is required in order for the plug-in (as well as many other plug-ins and WP functions) to work (add to cart, etc.).

I have to clarify the navigation problem. There are issues with the hover state.

The website is http://www.scuboutique.com/ and the e-commerce plugin is from Tribulant: http://tribulant.com/plugins/view/10/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin.

Is their any Wordpress 3.0 menu support coming for this? or is it possible for me to add it in?

Forget about my last comment. I added Wordpress 3.0 Menu support myself.

Thank you


I purchased your team and having a hard time with the Nexgen plugin. I read in the thread that someone else had the same problem. The Nexgen effects don’t work. I made sure the footer is called etc. No luck.

You had mentioned that this could be a jquery issue. I am not even sure what that means. But you did not provide an answer on the tread. Can you tell me what the solutions is for the Nexgen effects to work properly with the theme?

Thank you.

Try by replacing the header.php with bellow code:


I will try this and let you know. Thank you very much.

Another question

I am inserting PayPal “buy button” codes in to the posts and the buy button image is being stretched way out of proportion. How would I fix this please?

Thank you.

I can say the solution once you email me your website url

Thank you kayapati. I cannot email you my url. I have this running on wapp right now. Once I figure it out I will put it up live. It is a significant site with a lot of traffic and I elected to do this on wapp. I can send you an image of what is happening if you provide me with an e-mail please. My email address is oanter@gmail.com. Let me know if that works. If not give me some direction I can move forward with please. Thank you. Enjoy your days.

Hello! I recently purchased this theme for my new website. The contact form works, but it sends the user to a white page with black text after pressing the submit button. Any help with that? Thanks!

I am considering purchasing this theme. I just have one question; is the homepage layout customizable or is what’s presented in the demo the only option? I am considering removing the middle and possibly the right column(s) and wanted to know if that can be done from the admin panel or will it involve recoding (html, css, etc.). Thank you.

you can do it if you know a bit html by recoding.

Will this support WP 3 .0/3.1?

Right now it is under up-gradations.

Got a question. Bought the theme but need to know how to add a link when you browse the gallery and click on an image, how it shows the title of the post in the top left transparent text, I want to make it where it will be like “Post Name” – “Link to Post”. What files would I go about editing to get that?

Hello there,

I am using dunkapress shopping cart and for some reason the bottons are cutting off half way through and the check out page is disproportional, any help? thank you

can you email me the page to look into this?

Or if you have a suggestion on what is the best shopping cart? Maybe its an issue with not haveing a full width page??