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All I see is the image that is the default you have in the Slider. The s3slider that I am trying to add images into gives me an error and says set to 777. I don’t know where else to put the images for the slideshow?

please login with the buyer account to get any support.

Hello, I m also interesting about this theme, could you give me updates when will be the release for Wordpress 3.1 ?


Thank you.


Can you say me when will you release the theme for wordpress 3.1 ?


Theme is released to latest versions.

Does this guy reply to issues any more? I have tons and so far the solutions provided are not working at all.

@Kayapati, 1) What is the solution for using the NextGen gallery plugin? 2)When is the upgrade for 3.1 coming? 3) Paypal button does not work. The image is stretch our across the site . There is no way to shrink it. What is the solution for it?

I added the code for the header.php as recommended and it broke the whole site. Now I have to

Can I know what did you do? if i change the style the images still show up bigger . The style you modified is ok but not in any other style.

I removed the width for input tag.

How can I add my “About” and “Gallery” to the home page as displayed on the demo?

Create a page called about and choose it from Theme options panel.

Create a Category called Gallery and add few posts along with custom field image and go to Lavan Options page and choose the Gallery category and save the changes.

@Kayapati – are you going to update the theme to work with 3.1 or 3.2?

yes will do.

How is the update coming along? any time frame when it may be done?

I am interested in this theme but is seems many people who purchased are having problems of different kinds and degrees of seriousness.

I have followed this entire thread from the beginning and am not confident at the moment whether or not the issues raised are/will be addressed and that the upcoming update you mentioned will in fact materialise at all.

Can you please confirm that you are still actively supporting this theme and that the update you speak of is still being worked on?


Thanks for interest, please wait till we update the theme, as we are going to update it massively from scratch, It may take 2-3 weeks.

Hi Kayapati,

Thank you for replying so quickly.

Are you able at this time to elaborate a little on what your plans are?

Will the theme design remain the same?

Or are you addressing all the issues mentioned?

Thank you

The theme layout will be the same, but will sort out all the issues raised will be solved and the design elements fine tune will be done.

Thanx for the update on this kayapati

Have you done the update?

Most of the work is completed. probably this month ending.

Is it completed now? waiting to purchase. and is this update going to: - fix the issues others mentioned? - be e-commerce ready? thanks

There is no eCommerce will be added. you can use eCommerce plugin.

I do not understand what a “Custom field” image is. The instructions do not really explain this very well, or maybe it is that this feature is not working correctly in my install. Please advise – thanks.

While you are creating the page or post, you need to add custom field name as a Image and the image path in the value field.

I will update the theme with in few days with all latest updates.

Ok You had mentioned an update will come out end of this month that will fix all issues. When should we expect that?

“I will update the theme with in few days with all latest updates.”

I looked in the downloads and I did not see the update. is it there yet?

I am very interested in purchasing this theme but i need to confirm that it will be compatible with WordPress 3.2.1. Please let me know.




Just wait few more days, I am mostly finished the updates for this theme with latest standards.

I will update mostly next week or so.

Hi, I set up this theme and i see its not really compatible with IE8 or 9…in IE8 the slider goes to the next picture and the site breaks. On IE9 I the slider is okay but the tags are not showing.

Any word on the Update? I looked in the download spot and did not see it.

Can you update us, rather then leave us with nothing? you’re not even answering my emails??

Some of us have actually bought and are using your product. please do your best to stand behind it.

I appreciate your understanding.

Please be patient, all mos the work is completed, just I am struggling at few issues which will be solved soon I hope and will be release soon, I will show you an updated item url if you can email once again.

Thanks ram

When I download the theme, it doesn’t download as a zip. It is just a folder with a bunch of random files in it. How do I upload it properly to wordpress?

Find “Lavan” folder and upload it into the theme folder.

has this theme been updated?

not yet.