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Hi, I am using your theme and have used the Lavan_Portfolio Gallery in the sidebars on a couple of pages.

When I enter the display order into each portfolio item though, the displayed gallery doesnt seem to be taking this into account and isnt changing the displayed order.

I’d be grateful if you could help out on this.


Here, I just check it out with sidebar and found its working, do you use the latest one?


Thanks ram


I purchased this wonderful theme and everything is working except I keep getting this unresponsive script error in my browser


Any help resolving it would be appreciated


can you email me the error page link?

Hi, I’m also getting a script error, was working fine until we took it from a test site to a live site.


Page link : http://www.nicolasmyth.co.uk/

try this:

go to “Theme Options > Slide settings” and select the slider and save changes.

please make sure to add kayaslider post items.

Feel free to contact me if you still get the issue.

I purchased this theme four months ago, but the theme is obsolete (released in 2010) and doesn’t support the latest WP features. How can I get the newest release?

its updated version 2, please get the latest files.

Love the theme, but I am a little confused about the Portfolio pages.

I am finding the “Feature Image” for portfolio pages is unbounded when viewing that specific portfolio. So they always display full width (esp. when no sidebar is set) this makes them huge and over-sized. In many cases pixelated if the image isn’t large enough.

The other thing I am confused about is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify a Kaya Slider for portfolio pages. The demo clearly shows this is possible?! and how does it replace the display of the feature image?


Any help would be appreciated.


1. by default the full width page is set, if you want you can set sidebars, and you need to add bigger image for featured image.

2. for portfolio pages, you can portfolio page link in custom url.

Using V2 Question for you how did you do the Read more button on the front page. like you use in the Home middle column. I have tried using short cords and I can not get it to work.

I got it . I used the shortcode with the color white. thank you

thank you.

I have a question how can I make this Template SEO friendly? as of right now it is not very SEO friendly. and yes I am using a plugin too.

Thank you

you can use any SEO plugin

If you check the page structure with semoz toolbar you’l see, H1, H2, and some Relevant text content with keywords is missing on home page and also on other pages.

and I have tried running just about all SEO plugins and I am getting the same result.

Question: Would like the sidebar widget size to be fixed instead of variable by text size. Can that be done and where? TIA

from style.css and widget.css

This item has been redesigned from scratch to date trend in design, coding and features, so please update your item if you already purchased and we will help you if you face any issues.

Please contact at our support for any issues you face:


Works great, love it! ;-)

Regards Richard.

Thank you Richard :)

How do I change the descriptions of models in their portfolio? i.e. size, height, shoe etc to other words?

Those are all can be changed from editor, we added them like this:

<dt>Height:</dt><dd>179 cm</dd>
<dt>Bust:</dt><dd>84 cm</dd>
<dt>Waist:</dt><dd>58½ cm</dd>
<dt>Hips:</dt><dd>89 cm</dd>

Out put is like this:


Thanks for the fast response! Perfect!

Glad to help you :)

How can I get the same footer as you guys have on the demo? I have imported the demo content and it has imported everything except the footer layout on the home page. I want to make it a video on the left and then the contact information on the right with those little icons for email, phone, etc. Thanks!

Thanks a ton! You have been a great help! Great theme!

Thank you and glad to help you :)

When I choose to have the primary menu display in the footer, it shows all menu items listed below each other. How do I get it to display side by side as in your demo?

Hi there. I have done as specified and it still shows in the wrong format. Please look at the bottom of www.staging.mrpe.co.za to see what I mean? Thanks!

Sorry take out wwww. url is actually http://staging.mrpe.co.za

what you have done for footer contact info is correct, but you need not to add dropcap background color, just leave it empty, then the icon will only appear with white color.

For the footer menu, create footer menu and set it as secondary menu.

I will not be available for the next 12-24 hours for the support as we are will be out of station.

mean while add your own images for the slider & portfolio and will give further support when we come back.

Sorry for all the questions but thanks to your amazing template I am nearly done with a site for a client – in ONE day! :-) Can you please give me the code for the red you used in the area with the youtube video and drop cap details? My icons aren’t matching the red – I used #cf0f10.


color we used for the footer:

footer top bg color: #DB0007

footer bottom bg color: #DB0007

I tried to check your website but it seems down.

Now theme support WooCommerce:


Hi Kayapati, The empty category portfolio return the following error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /xxxx/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/lavan/lib/functions/common.php on line 158

Please, any ideas? Thanks.

can you tell me when did you get the issue? I mean to know which page causing issue.

Hi Kayapati, the page is a “portfolio_category”, and this occurs when the category is empty. Although I have already solved by disabling display errors. Yet another problem that occurs when working with “subcategories”, and this is to show that the “parent category” as the page name displays the name of the first category child. I just wish to be useful for future updates, because for me, for now I do not need, because I have done otherwise. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks and regards.

We fixed it and you can download the latest files later today and update your theme.

The READ MORE button on the BLOG page doesn’t work. It only worked after I imported your demo content, and then it only for works for the demo content, it doesn’t work for older posts or new posts ONLY works in your demo content. Advise?

Read more button works if you add WordPress default more tag

the above tag can be added to shorten the content.

Thanks, I see now. ... was thinking it was included in the template

Thank you ;)

Dear kayapati,

Love the theme! Two questions: - I don’t see any text in Chrome. - Recent Blog Posts(PB) Widget has options to disable date and description, but they have no effect as you can see on my home page

Site: www.czechmodels.nl/relaunch

Thank you for your time.

1. May be the google fonts are not loading properly, make sure to add google font name correct, do you see the same issue with my demo too?

2. Recent Blog Posts(PB) Widget disable date & description issue is fixed just now, you can download latest files later today and that will be fixed.

1. It was the Google font, some of them don’t render in my Chrome. I now took one that works.

2. Thank you!!!

Feel free to ask me if you need any further assistance.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Warning: copy(/home/nicolasm/public_html/wp-content/themes/lavan/functions.php) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/nicolasm/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 217

Warning: copy(/home/nicolasm/public_html/wp-content/themes/lavan/functions.php) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/nicolasm/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 217 Could not copy file. /home/nicolasm/public_html/wp-content/themes/lavan/functions.php

Theme install failed.

We just checked by installing theme as fresh one, I do not see any error message, can you recheck your files permission?

Try installing other theme and test it.

Or upload theme files using FTP and activate it from wp admin dashboard.

downloaded today, will check and get back to you

Let me know if you still face the issues.