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Hello! I’m trying to install demo content to our wordpress (with this template of course). It’s finishe normally, but content is not show correctly ( Please let me know, how to configure the slider and the correct and structured menus. Thanks in advance

Hello, thanks for contacting!

As I can see at the moment the slider and menu on your site are displayed correctly. Could you please specify what issues are you experiencing at the moment?

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Hi! yes, i fixed. Thanks for you answer!! I have another question. The main menu style can’t shows correctly ítems (label) with 2 or 3 words. When i put more than 6 or 7 ítem the menu shows lastest ítem bellow. How can i make that some items shows labels in 2 lines? thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The desired result requires some custom coding, if you contact us via a personal ticket, our support team will help you with this – Just please make sure to add all the needed credentials to your ticket.

Thank you!

i cant install theme, and i cant put this theme same demo PLS, help me!

Hi, as I can see from the comment below the theme is installed now, should there be any other questions please feel free to contact!

dismiiss mi install, ONE question, were i can chage text from homepage1 “All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.” or activate a dowloand buttos, i want to change all content manually, pls help :(

another help, WHY i dont see the page ATTORNEYS? :(, pls pls help meee

Hello, thanks for contacting!

To change the phrase “All people are equal before the law…” please edit the Featured block and change the text and button link.

Attorneys page is made with the help of four Person blocks, here you can see the settings for the first one: 1; 2.

Hope it will be helpful.

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Hello, I am interested in your lawbusiness theme, but noticed that it hasn’t been updated since “Last Update 16 July 15”, almost two years ago per the themeforest info. Is that correct? I try to only buy themes that have regular updates and support, and while I see you have great support on comment page, I am hesitant due to last update listed.

Hello, thanks for contacting!

Sure, all our themes are updated in turn and when there is a need, appreciate your understanding. At the moment there are no issues with the theme that require theme update, and it is compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Please feel free to ask any further questions should you have any, we’ll be happy to answer them! Thank you!

hi, who i can put a “excerp” in mi post entrys i always see”Content management tools have never been more powerful and functional, while staying intuitively understandable and easy to use. In fact, your wordpress website can be easily turned into a completely custom-designed website, and there is no need to deal with any code for this. All the customization is playfully easy, reminds more of a game rather than website setup. Increase Wordpress theme is main feature – is an ability to change color easily precisely for any element. Great customization possibilities are offered by the new version of cmsmasters’ custom wordpress admin panel. The 1.2.1 admin version features all the functionality of 1.2 version, but also includes more customization options.”

were i can change this, thanks

Thanks for your reply!

Please enable the Excerpt field displaying in the Screen options in order to see and edit it.

Please let me know about the results on your end. Thank you!

Hi, when i try to change the client logo slider on the home page, i’m not able to select more than one logo. pls help!

Ah! Ok got it, i have to hold the Shift key when selecting multiple images. Cheers

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Glad to hear you are all set now, should there be any other questions please feel free to contact!