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Hello! I’m trying to install demo content to our wordpress (with this template of course). It’s finishe normally, but content is not show correctly ( Please let me know, how to configure the slider and the correct and structured menus. Thanks in advance

Hello, thanks for contacting!

As I can see at the moment the slider and menu on your site are displayed correctly. Could you please specify what issues are you experiencing at the moment?

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Hi! yes, i fixed. Thanks for you answer!! I have another question. The main menu style can’t shows correctly ítems (label) with 2 or 3 words. When i put more than 6 or 7 ítem the menu shows lastest ítem bellow. How can i make that some items shows labels in 2 lines? thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The desired result requires some custom coding, if you contact us via a personal ticket, our support team will help you with this – Just please make sure to add all the needed credentials to your ticket.

Thank you!

i cant install theme, and i cant put this theme same demo PLS, help me!

Hi, as I can see from the comment below the theme is installed now, should there be any other questions please feel free to contact!

dismiiss mi install, ONE question, were i can chage text from homepage1 “All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.” or activate a dowloand buttos, i want to change all content manually, pls help :(

another help, WHY i dont see the page ATTORNEYS? :(, pls pls help meee

Hello, thanks for contacting!

To change the phrase “All people are equal before the law…” please edit the Featured block and change the text and button link.

Attorneys page is made with the help of four Person blocks, here you can see the settings for the first one: 1; 2.

Hope it will be helpful.

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Hello, I am interested in your lawbusiness theme, but noticed that it hasn’t been updated since “Last Update 16 July 15”, almost two years ago per the themeforest info. Is that correct? I try to only buy themes that have regular updates and support, and while I see you have great support on comment page, I am hesitant due to last update listed.

Hello, thanks for contacting!

Sure, all our themes are updated in turn and when there is a need, appreciate your understanding. At the moment there are no issues with the theme that require theme update, and it is compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Please feel free to ask any further questions should you have any, we’ll be happy to answer them! Thank you!

hi, who i can put a “excerp” in mi post entrys i always see”Content management tools have never been more powerful and functional, while staying intuitively understandable and easy to use. In fact, your wordpress website can be easily turned into a completely custom-designed website, and there is no need to deal with any code for this. All the customization is playfully easy, reminds more of a game rather than website setup. Increase Wordpress theme is main feature – is an ability to change color easily precisely for any element. Great customization possibilities are offered by the new version of cmsmasters’ custom wordpress admin panel. The 1.2.1 admin version features all the functionality of 1.2 version, but also includes more customization options.”

were i can change this, thanks

Thanks for your reply!

Please enable the Excerpt field displaying in the Screen options in order to see and edit it.

Please let me know about the results on your end. Thank you!

Hi, when i try to change the client logo slider on the home page, i’m not able to select more than one logo. pls help!

Ah! Ok got it, i have to hold the Shift key when selecting multiple images. Cheers

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Glad to hear you are all set now, should there be any other questions please feel free to contact!


yopmoi Purchased

Does It work with Wordpress 4.8?

Hello, thanks for contacting!

Yes, the theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Please feel free to ask any further questions should you have any, we’ll be happy to answer them! Thank you!


Very nice theme, use it few years now! But i got a bug now, when i click on the page under the blog (go to page 2 or something), the url will change, but the blog posts will be the same, and the pagination button is still on nr 1. How is that possible, and how i can fix it?

Greetz, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, thanks for contacting!

We have not received any similar reports so far, that’s why we would appreciate if you submit us a ticket so that we could take a look at the issue from your end – submit now. Just please make sure to add all the needed credentials to your ticket.

*Please note, that according to new Envato rules all support (except updates) is provided within first 6 months after the purchase. At the moment your support has expired. We advise you to extend support to continue receiving assistance.

Thank you!


Can I use this template for Specialty Services?

In the template (template menu) there is Russian?

Thank you!


Могу Я использовать этот шаблон для Услуг Спецтехники ?

В шаблоне (меню шаблона) есть русский язык?


Hello, thanks for the question!

Sure, the theme can be used for different websites! It has universally useful functionality and the design can be customized, if required.

Law Business can be easily translated to Russian language, we include .pot file for you to translate all theme phrases. We also provide our customers with detailed instructions on how it can be done. Translation can be added by following instructions from theme How-To – Translate chapter. How-To can be found in Docs folder, that’s index file, please open it with your browser.

If you experience any problems, please submit us a personal request here with relevant WordPress and FTP credentials and our support agents will be happy to help you.

Thank you!

Hi I cannot install the demo content. After step one I chose to import the attachements. Then it stops on the second step – website is contantly loading. Could you help me please?

Thanks it works after chaning php version to 5.6

This is how the website looks like after demo content import:

How to set up menu, slider and widgets so the website will look like in the demo?

Okay! I’ve managed to configure the demo content. Thanks guys. I will leave a nice review for you if everything goes smooth.

Thanks for your reply!

Please note that you can find the detailed instruction in our How-To available in the DOCS folder of the general theme archive (it’s the index.html file which should be opened with your browser): \lawbusiness\DOCS\LawBusiness DOCS\index.html Hope it will be helpful.

Kindly let us know if you have any further questions or any assistance is required. Thank you!

Hi, This theme support RTL? and it also has one click demo? and which builder it comes with? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the questions!

RTL languages are supported. rtl.css is already included in the theme package, so it’s used immediately, when RTL language is selected.

Demo content can be imported in 2 steps: content import, slider import, but it can be done really fast. Besides, we provide our customers with detailed documentation and our support team is always ready to assist you if any help is required. Please note, that all the images are not included and are substituted with placeholders, as according to our license we can’t redistribute them.

The theme comes with the build-in custom visual content composer that provides an easy content formatting within drag-and-drop interface.

Kindly let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Hello, I want to find out how can I edit my contact form? I would like it to have (Name,Email,Phone Number, Subject, Message). But right now it only shows (Name,Email,Website, Subject, Message). I am having a hard time figuring out how to change it.

I also want to find out what is the best application form I can put on my website for a file now form.

I tried the Contact 7 template and I don’t feel it looks good on the website. Is their anyway to change the names on the (CMSMS – Contact Form: As it has Name, Email, Website, Subject, Message). Can I change any of these “Labels/Titles” to (Name – - – - – > Full Name, Email, Website – - – - > Phone Number, Subject, Message. Please let me know what we can do, as I like the original contact template I just want to make some name changes.

I also want to find out do you have a Newsletter plugin that works with your theme?

Hi again. In fact there is not much we can recommend ion this case, as we did not test any. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi there, is the theme compatible with WP 4.8.2 ? Cause it seems there is some bugs after update.

Hi, thanks for contacting!

We are rolling out some updates now, and LawBusiness theme is among the ones to receive updates. Please contact our support team via this form to receive the latest update right away.

Thank you!


Tweets don’t update anymore in the twitter bar above the footer. Steps you described in other comments, don’t work for me. When I add Twitter API keys to theme-functions.php, my website is no longer available. How can I solve this problem so that my twitter bar is working?

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Please submit us a support ticket at and our support agents will be happy to provide you with the latest theme version that should solve the issue you have.

Thank you!

Hi, did anyone have a Post Types issue in homepage? I set up the page pretty much as Demo version, but Latest News blog roll disappeared from homepage! I can click on the News but the text is invisible. Someone could please help. Thanks

Hi, thanks for contacting!

The issue you’re experiencing is exactly a specific one, that’s why deeper investigation is required. We’d kindly ask you to submit us a personal request for the deeper consideration. Please make sure to add WordPress and FTP credentials to the ticket. Besides we have to inform that according to the Themeforest policy your term of free support is exhausted as the theme includes support for 6 months from the purchase date. Please provide a code that verifies your purchase of the extended support. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi I install the theme and the demo content but something is missing there´s only 3 plugins and I can’t find the slider and others like contact form, please help

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Please note that three plugins are included in the theme archive (CMSMasters Contact Form Builder, LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution): , and the theme is also compatible with the Contact Form 7 plugin which is free and can be installed from the WordPress repository.

If you experience any problems with the theme or plugins installation, please submit us a personal request here with relevant WordPress and FTP credentials and our support agents will be happy to help you with the theme set up.

Thank you!

Hello, We are running the latest version of WordPress on an old server which is running php 5.2.17 and we have to do our updates manually because the cURL support is lacking in this environment. Will your theme run on this server? Can you post the minimum requirements to run the theme? Is there an alternate way to activate the theme without cURL support? Thanks in advance, Ed Sanders

Hello Ed, thanks for contacting!

We can recommend to increase your PHP version to the one suggested by WordPress here: . We cannot guarantee the correct theme functionality without cURL support, because theme makes use of curl_init() , which shouldn’t be blocked on your server. Appreciate your understanding. For the correct demo content importing we can also recommend to increase PHP Post Max Size and PHP Max Upload Size to 64Mb on your server.

Thank you!

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Is it possible to make stuff members not clickable?

Thanks for your reply! We’d kindly ask you to log in with the account the theme was purchased with, so that we could see “Purchased” and “Supported” tags. Appreciate your understanding.

In fact it is rather hard to help you without seeing the website and investigating the issue from your end. For personal assistance please send us a request here and our support team will investigate your case. Just please make sure to add all the needed credentials to your ticket.

Thank you!

sorry i commented on wrong lawyer theme, my bad :)

Understand now :) Good luck with your project!