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Hi there, may I know if all the demo content, layout, slider banner and sources will be provided exactly as we see?

Thanks for your interest in LawBusiness theme!

We include demo content in the package, as well as instructions for demo content uploading. Many images used in theme demo are from our images database, some of them once were purchased on Photodune, we have no rights to distribute them. That’s why photos are substituted with placeholders in demo content. Also, some of the images, like the slider ones, are from different resources where authors allow using them, that’s why they can be found in demo content for sliders.

Thank you!


Hanif85 Purchased

Hello, the theme no longer loads content blocks from Visual Composer. i am using the latest theme update, please advise

Hello, thanks for contacting!

We have not received any similar reports so far and we didn’t see similar issues on our end.

The issue you’re experiencing is exactly a specific one, that’s why deeper investigation is required. We’d kindly ask you to submit us a personal request for the deeper consideration. Please make sure to add WordPress and FTP credentials to the ticket. Besides we have to inform that according to the Themeforest policy your term of free support is exhausted as the theme includes support for 6 months from the purchase date. Please provide a code that verifies your purchase of the extended support. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hello – Great theme!

Having trouble getting Font Awesome icons to display. Is there a trick to this?



Hello Clay, thanks for contacting!

We have not received any similar reports so far, that’s why we would appreciate if you submitted us a ticket so that we could take a look at the issue from your end. Just please make sure to add all the needed credentials to your ticket.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply – turns out the plugin has an option to load jQuery. Enabling that allowed Font Awesome icons to display. You can close this ticket – cheers!

Glad to hear you are all set now, should there be any other questions please feel free to contact!

Hi Guys,

Having trouble with my clients site

They appeared to not be able to output any SEO from Yoast.

Is it the version of visual composer that is causing the conflict??

Hi, thanks for your question!

Please note that the Yoast SEO plugin does not see content inside the visual composer, as it views only the default editor area from admin panel. This relates to the plugin only, while Google crawls and indexes content fine (you can check this using various search engine emulators).

To make Yoast plugin see content from he back-end, you would need to place content into the default editor, instead of using composer.

If you still experience any problems, please submit us a personal request here with relevant WordPress and FTP credentials and our support agents will investigate your case.

Thank you!

Olá, estou com um problema no meu código não consta este arquivo styleChanger/changer.css, como posso estar obtendo ele? Pois meu site esta todo desconfigurado

Hello, thanks for contacting!

We haven’t received similar reports earlier, neither have we experienced such problem on our end. We’d kindly ask you to submit us a personal request for the deeper investigation of the issue. Please make sure to add WordPress and FTP credentials to the ticket.

Please note, that all support is provided in English only, we’d kindly ask you to translate further questions. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hello, what image size does this theme allows for the logo? i’m using a 322×57 px logo, and it’s being shown blurry. Thank you

Hello, thanks for contacting!

On our demo site we use 410 × 90 px logo with the following settings.

Please make sure you have adjusted settings for your logo. If it won’t be helpful, please submit us a support ticket so that we could take a look at your issue and see how we can help you – submit now.

Thank you!


yehudata Purchased

What the EST for theme update?

Hello, thanks for contacting!

You can receive the latest theme update by contacting our support – please submit us a ticket and our support agents will provide you with it.

We highly appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you!


I would like to know if is possible to change the url of service page.

The service page in the template mode is: /?service= and I would like to change for: /?portfolio=

It is possible? Where and how can I do it?

Thanks guys, and congrats for template.

Hello, thanks for contacting!

The matter is that “service” in URL cannot be changed to any other word as it refers to custom post type (Services). For proper theme functioning the permalink structure should be kept exactly in a such way.
Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you, should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so!

Hi, This theme works with the last Wordpress version?

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Yes, the theme should work correctly with the latest WordPress version, and we haven’t received reports about compatibility issues so far.

Please feel free to ask any further questions should you have any, we’ll be happy to answer them! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

You’re always welcome! Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of need.