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wardas Purchased

It appears all Google fonts are being loaded at run time, which slows rendering of my site, how to disable download of fonts that are not needed?

Hi, The theme loads only 1 font. The default option is Droid Serif. Probably you refer to the font weights. I’ve responded to your email 2 days ago about this issue. Please make sure to also check the spam folder. Sometimes the message may arrive there.

How do I remove the white “money result” box that appears on top of pictures in the case results area of the website? I don’t want to include the amount of compensation.


Thanks for using Lawyers theme.

Please go to Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings > Custom CSS and add the following style:

.case-verdict { display: none; }

Click the Save Changes button and refresh your site.

If you have other questions please send me a private message via the contact form on my profile page. Thanks!


mwilson Purchased

can you tell me how to easily add Google reCaptcha to the contact form. I tried the editor will no success.

Hi, if you want to add reCaptcha, I suggest to use the contact form 7 plugin. It works fine with our theme.

I found a prior question where you answered that to get the red overlay I should use Photoshop color code: #ff6666 and also change its blending mode to Multiply. I am trying to get the measurements for the photographs you used. I wanted the size of my photographs to be the same as those in the demo mode. I guess I’m looking for the size and width dimensions.

Nevermind I see that it is 1600×700

I’m trying to copy the FAQ onto the about page. I’d like to have a FAQ for civil and separate FAQ for criminal. I cannot locate where you an add an additional FAQ page. Is that possible?

Sorry for the late reply, weekend time here. I’m glad you’ve figured it out;) If there’s something else please let me know.

Quick question. I am working on my FAQ section and I had to copy and paste some of the questions links, because i had additional questions in my FAQ (more than the template). The issue is that some of the FAQs show the answers automatically instead of waiting for a person to click the + sign next to the question. I was wondering does this have anything to do with the hyperlinks in the template questions? I noticed some had hyperlinks #faq1, #faq2, etc. Do i need to change this in all FAQ questions (the additional ones I crafted).

Yes, the hyperlink and the div ID for the answer need to be the same and unique.

Hello. How can I change sub menu background color?

Hi, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS and add the following custom css style:

.menu-nav .sub-menu { background: #272D34; }

PS: If you have other questions or need further help, please renew your theme support. Thanks for understanding!

Thank you so much :)

You’re welcome! ;)

Hi !

I am wondering is there is a way to have HTML strings instead of plain text within the theme options?

I tried to edit the plugin mt-lawyers-custom-post-types.php with no luck : (

Is there a way around?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi, thanks for using Lawyers theme. Please send me a private message with what you need to modify and I’ll help you.

Hello I have a problem with your theme.I do all the steps from the documentation and when i try to make this step : “Upload the xml file from demo xml folder: “lawyers-demo-xml.xml”. Now assign your posts to an existing user, check the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox and click “Submit”.” It dosen’t work I get error. And I cannot edit from the header the phone number and contact information.

Hi, thanks for using Lawyers theme.

If some of the images are not imported, don’t worry. It’s not a problem because I consider you’ll user your own images for your business. If you need the demo images send me a private email.

In order to add the phone and contact info, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Page > Phone Right Side and Email Right Side options.

If you have other questions please send me a private message via the contact form on my profile page. Thanks!