Discussion on Laxy - Responsive Coming Soon Template

Discussion on Laxy - Responsive Coming Soon Template

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How to set coming soon page on shopify ?

Good day . Sorry but this is a html template, and it is not compatible with shopify

Hello, please how do i redirect subscriptions emails from users-email.txt to my mail, i do not want it on my server… just want to access them by my mail… Thank you for this amazing Template

Good afternoon. Sorry – but in this plugin is not supported send to mail

ok thanks

The input box in the form cannot be selected. It’s probably a script thing. Does not work in Chrome, but works in Firefox and IE.


Very good job!. I need to buy your template but i have 1 presale question. In the subscription form, where the information is saved? in txt file? How i can integrate the subscription Form with mailchimp??

Good afternoon. Yes – all the subscribers seved in a text file

On an Android tablet the input fields of the contact form are not accessible. Using animated slideshow version. Works fine on a desktop. Any workarounds available?

I tried this: $("#contact_form input[name=name]").on('click', function() { $("#contact_form input[name=name]").focus(); }); $("#contact_form input[name=email]").on('click', function() { $("#contact_form input[name=email]").focus(); }); Which seems to work. For the subscription form, I added: $("#subscriptionForm input").on('click', function() { $("#subscriptionForm input").focus(); }); But it doesn’t seem to work. Can you help on this last part please?
$(".inputForm").on('click', function() {

Great! Thank you. By the way, I forgot to say that I think your template is great – very elegant and sleek, easy to implement, well-documented.

Hi! Thanks for the great theme, I generally like it alot!

The only thing that bothers me is the loading-screen: 0-100% on the left and the bar on the right.

Can i disable this somehow? It would be great to start with the welcome-message when the page is loading.

Thx, Phil

Good afternoon Phil, give me your email – I will send you the code. welcome-message – in this case it is not possible – I need to completely change the structure of the template

Thx for your quick reply. If the welcome-message is not shown, this is also fine for me. I’d just prefere a white screen, rather than the loading symbols. I will send you my mail-addr in a sec.

send answer on your mail :)


How do change countdown time?


Good day. Please read the documentation . Thank you

Hi there!

First of all I would like to say that I like this little theme very much!

My question is; how do I get this working with Wordpress? I tried some things but I cannot seem to get it working.

Thanks in advance! Michael

Good afternoon. Laxy – a html template, not wordpress. And installation – simply copy the template files in the root directory of your site – and with the aid of FTP editor make your changes. Also, you will help documentation. Thank you

Thanks for the fast response. I know it is not a Wordpress template, I though I could use it in Wordpress though. I made a theme folder and put all the files in there. It can’t seem to find the css files, what could I be doing wrong? Kind regards, Michael

They located in folder CSS

Also how can I disable swipe on device? Actually only want the initial page only. Thanks in advance.

Remove unnecessary code in html and cancel the initialization plugin idangerous swiper

I think I need some help to do that… Not sure I know what I am doing…

send me your mail

Hi I am interested in using this with s youtube video in the back with audio. Is that possible?

hi! in file index.html find line
<div id="P3" class="player video-container" data-property="{videoURL:'kn-1D5z3-Cs',containment:'#video-container',autoPlay:true, mute:true, startAt:0, opacity:1}" />
and replace on this
<div id="P3" class="player video-container" data-property="{videoURL:'kn-1D5z3-Cs',containment:'#video-container',autoPlay:true, mute:false, startAt:0, opacity:1}" />

Cheers. Any ideas how I can make video display for mobiles and tablets? Or force a different style for devices?

Sorry, this plugin does not work on tablets – currently played video on tablets by flash

Hi, I get Not Found when I test the contact us email us. is there a fix?

my bad =) found mistake. I moved the directory. fixed init.js.

Hi, Nice theme. Just wondering if it would be possible to start a Youtube video at a certain time, eg: &t=0m5s makes the video start 5 seconds in :)

I have tried this, putting: startAt:10 for example, but it does not seem to start any later in the youtube video? Also tried “10s” for example, no joy :-s – Am I missing something, I looked in your included documentation but did not see any reference. Many thanks.

Give me Your email I will send you the code – there is need to update the plugin

Hi, Very nice template ! Question, how can i translate (in french) the timer value “hours, days, When i change it in the html file: <ul class="countdown"> <li> <span class="days rot">00</span> <p class="days_ref">jours</p> </li> <li> <span class="hours rot">00</span> <p class="hours_ref">heures</p> </li> <li> <span class="minutes rot2">00</span> <p class="minutes_ref">minutes</p> </li> <li> <span class="seconds rot2">00</span> <p class="seconds_ref">secondes</p> </li> </ul> That doesn’ work, its always in english on the screen.

And when i make change in county.js

... hours===1)?’hour’:’hours’,ref_minute … by … hours===1)?’hour’:’heures’,ref_minute …

That freeze the coutddown but ‘hours’ is well translated on screen.

How can i make translate this ?

Thank you for your reply !


just remove claas in p





Thank you ! It work !

I have a link going back to this landing page via a HTTPS.

When it loads, it doesn’t load correctly. When I change it to http, it works fine. Suggestions?

Good day. Do you have online demo ?

Youtube background does not work in ie9. Any fix?

Hey. Certainly on the IEtester s nothing will work (This program partially fulfills the properties that support ie) / Make easier – open IE – press f 12 – and change the mode browser – IE9 and document mode IE9

I see it working now. Thanks you very much. Nice day! ;)

Where do you edit the amount of Zooming the animated version does? I want it to transition to the next image, but not continuously be zooming on the images when it transitions back to the loaded images. Basically, the zooming never stops.

HI! You want to make the animation was only the first image? or passed once?

Subscribe form

Hello. The input in the subscription form is not working. It is not possible to select it and enter some value… Any quick fix for it?

Thanks in advance.

describe the details – no request is made, or gives an error?

It is a matter of selection. The script itself is working properly. The input box in the form cannot be selected. It’s probably a script thing. Does not work in Chrome, but works in Firefox and IE.

very strange – you have an online demo? I’ll try to check

Hello, How I can make the layout to be scrollable down flexibly while the background is fixed ?

Thank you

Thank you . I have one more question, I would like to remove the pre loder that displays at the beginning when I refresh or open the webpage and displays loading counter . I want the page to open directly with the video background. How I can do this ?

Thank you for your cooperative replies

1.remove this from html
<h1 class="animtext">Welcome to Laxy</h1>
2.remove this from init.js
        loaderVPos: '50%',
        autoClose: true,
    function() {
        $('h1.animtext').textillate({ in: { effect: 'flipInX',delayScale: 2.5  } });
        setTimeout( function(){
3.in file style.css
replace this

on this

Thank you very much !!

Just go to www.crinellavineyards.com with your phone or tablet and swipe left or tap the contact button, you will see that the phone number is below the box it should be in.

try this in file style.css after

@media only screen and  (max-width: 754px) {
add this
.contact-info li a.contact-box i {
.contact-info li a.contact-box span {
        padding:2px 0 0 20px;  

in the contact section phone number does not line up over button on phones and tablets, lines up below button, works fine on desktop. can you provide a fix?

Hello! you can send me an email at screenshot – or describe in detail the problem. Thank you

I love this template! But i have a problem, the contact form always returns “error”. Just that, nothing else. Can you help me? :)

Stupid me, i was to lazy to read trough the comments. Changed the permissions of the folder “php” to “777” and it works like a charm now. 5-stars for you!


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