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Absolutely a kick-ass theme ! good luck !

Hi Chris,

i love the theme!

I’ll try to get a client for this…it looks really great :)



I really appreciate that! Thanks!

Hey Chris,

This is Nice!


Nice response to your comment to “athenamr1”... yeah … he seemed a bit rude having ONLY negative comments and no positive.

I LOVE THIS THEME !!!! BUT … I am so sad there is no way to customize the home page and use that “menu” scroll feature to show a custom page or tabs/pages. :-(

I want to use this for a non-restaurant site and I am almost in tears because the project is due soon. This is JUST what I needed…almost.

Hi there,

That might be a tall order, but you can submit a request here to get a customization quote:



I love this theme. Would you consider a generic one just like this one that can be used for general purposes? I use my blog to teach and to organize research. It seems that the menu organizer could be a useful generic organizer for such purposes.


You could use this as a standard site. The menu feature is just a category listing and you don’t have to specify a price. That price field can actually be used for anything you want.



Very cool! Good luck man! :)

Hi Chris,

I’ve just purchased this theme and followed all your instructions but nothing’s displaying as it should, including the demo content.

The OptionTree video you link to in the installation is out of date as it’s no longer possible to import an XML file that way. Instead, OptionTree displays this message:

“This import method has been deprecated. That means it has been replaced by a new method and is no longer supported, and may be removed from future versions. All themes that use this import method should be converted to use its replacement below.”

If I send you a login can you replicate the demo for me and get the theme options to display as they should?

Hey there,

Glad to hear you’re making progress!

Regarding the footer area, those colors are basically the inverse of the colors you select in the theme settings. In other words, if you select the main section to have a dark background with light text, the footer area will have light background with dark text.

Regarding the other items you have questions about, troubleshooting that will require a bit more info. Please post these items on my support forums and be sure to include a link to your site if possible:



Hi Chris,

I’ve posted in the support forums.

Regards, Andrew.

Hi there,

OptionTree version 2.0.8 addresses all the bugs in previous versions of 2.0.x.

Everything should be working now :-)


looks very nice. I love the animations and overall style

Been working with this theme for a couple of days now and I’m really quite impressed with it!

People are commenting that it’s not designed for more general use, but then again, I wouldn’t buy a portfolio template for use in a restaurant site .. and there are so few original restaurant themes that this is a breath of fresh air! It looks pretty good on most devices, provided the logo area is scaled down just slightly. It really is perfect for showcasing a menu without a lot of gimmicks.

I’ve found it really easy to customise and aside from the Option Tree update issue, it’s been really straight forward to set up.

A couple of criticisms: In Europe we don’t use Open Table so the option of having a built-in reservation system would be ideal if possible in a future release. Also, a setting in the admin for the background opacity would be peachy as it took me AGES to find all of the spots to edit in order to turn that off!

Overall this is a great theme, well done.

Thank you for the nice remarks and excellent feedback!

I will definitely take note of the opacity setting. Great suggestion. Also, I do plan to update this theme to be 100% responsive.

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s very refreshing :-D


HUH !?.. what planet is Captain “athenamr1” from?.. When I read the Theme Description ” Super Simple Restaurant Theme”.. I have to admit, I thought WOW didn’t know “Our Chris” ( as me and the wife call him) could put together something simple… Checked the theme, and I got an instant boner!!.. Really not sure what Captain “athenamr1” means by ” Page transitions aren’t very smooth”...???.. They are as smooth as Eel in a bucket of snot!!, I can sit here for hours and watch the page transitions.. All I can say that YET AGAIN “Our Chris” has done it, fantastic and UNIQUE theme that can be used for almost anything..


I never tire of your responses :-D

@kaledonder – your comment cracked me up! LOL !

Awesome work Chris, very unique and cutting edge ;)

WOW !, i’m surprised that this theme wasen’t better after reading the comments… It’s really not that good, not to mention the functionality! You have to scroll on all pages / menu links to see anything at all… a 24” screen it not even do the job… disappointing… I’m sorry

That’s intentional bud ;-) or are you just trolling?

“Looks pretty on an iPad” (or iphone?) Yeah! Looks pretty but does not work on iphone/ipad. The submenu does not stop when you scrolling, and the theme is not adapted to the resolution of the device. :( When a update with real mobile devices support and scripts errors on iphone fixeds? I want to buy the theme, but not like this. Thanks!

Hi there,

Everything works. Not sure what you mean. The sub menu does not stop on iPhones/iPads on purpose. Fixed positioning on Mobile Safari is too finicky, so I made a design/development decision to deactivate that effect on iPhones/iPads. Additionally, those “sticky” items took up too much screen space on those smaller screens, so it’s a better experience overall to maximize the viewing of the menu items.



Can I ask does this theme update it self with one click just like plug in as I would like this feature to be added as well.

another feature should be a Google map page within the website so you don’t need to go to Google within this theme just input your location and get direction to the bushiness would be good to have as well as a coupons page as well.

Also would like to request the page in the header number at the top of the page as well as a link to a mobile website or what ever else you need.

If you could add these feature then I will buy it.

Hi there,

1. Updates are not automatic. The latest version of the theme is available on your downloads page after purchasing.

2. Google maps are pretty basic to insert. Just create a normal page and paste the embed code provided by Google.

3. The menu is controlled in the WordPress dashboard. You can add any links you want there.



here is the link of an example of what i mean by Google within the website this is my site i was making but i might just buy your theme i can give you the code to this if you like or give you access to back end so that you can copy the code and use it in your theme.

Hi I would like to ask why don’t you have a page like this I would like you to email me at so that i can share some code with you on how to me be add this to your them it would also help me out and I will help you out by giving you the code as i am no web designer but i would like you to have access to the back end so you can see the code can you please email me i need this page to be like this as if you don’t then i can not buy your theme that’s the only thing from stopping me and thanks for replay back above. Please email me thanks

yes i see but you cant get direction i might have to look in codecanyon and see if i can see something similar to my page or i will just have to hire some to edit your then to combine my direction page on my website and iterate in your theme

Hi did you go to my link I posted above? if you did you will understand what i am trying to do me be i am unclear in what i want done i need a page that users can input their direction and get direction to my location without leaving my website. Does that clear it up?

Hi there,

That is something you have control of. You just paste the Google embed code into the WordPress page and you’re done. That isn’t something controlled by the theme.



So what’s the deal man? You have me answer a bunch of your questions and then go to the black hat site and see if someone can give you this theme for free? Nice.

If you can’t afford the theme, have your parents (who you claim have a restaurant business) pay for it.

I like the theme a lot, thank you for the great addition. A suggestion for a future update if at all possible (I do a ton of restaurant websites so this comes up a bunch) Could there be a way to categorize the menus as a second child so as to have lunch, breakfast, or dinner menus as well as item categories such as entrees, apps etc. In other words:

Menu -Dinner —Entree —Appetizer -Lunch —Appetizer —Sandwiches

And have only Lunch | Dinner on the menu and then as a dropdown show Appetizer | Sandwiches etc.

Just a thought, love the theme, thanks for your time.

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing!

So basically you want to be able to control the category from page-to-page? In other words, the home page displays one category of items, then in a drop down is a menu with a separate group of items?



Not really a page to page control. More like the way you have a child category under menu, add another child category under that



3.Lunch Apps

3.Lunch Sandwiches


3.Dinner Apps

3.Dinner Entrees

I hope that better explains it, its so we can seperate the lunch, brunch, and dinner menus and also sub categorize the items in that particular menu into app, entree, dessert etc because the lunch dinner brunch menus are all different

Hope I make sense.

Thank you again for your time

Hello, Do the people who paid $50 for this theme last week get $5 back?

Hi there,

Sometimes they go up, sometimes they go down. In the same way buyers don’t have to give extra money when prices go up, Envato doesn’t give money when prices go down.