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Good Theme GLWS

Very clean , i love it! Could you make a version with a contact form? And the option to turn the timer off ?

Super easy to create a contact form, I’ve included instructions on how to add new fields in the documentation. The timer is as easy as removing the javascript and countdown clock html if you wish.

Nice Page! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Integrated with Aweber service?

It is super easy to set it up with Aweber. They give you the HTML for their form and you simply replace this form with your Aweber form.

Hi – is it possible to NOT have a countdown clock? and where are the email addresses stored? somewhere in wordpress? Thanks!

Yep, I think I had instructions in the documentation. But you can just remove the HTML. Email addresses are stored into a CSV file. This isn’t Wordpress either. It’s just a static landing page.

Thank you for the quick response – a few additional questions, 1. is there an auto response sent to the user via email after they submitting their email address? 2. The icons for quick, revolutionary and support – could we use those? Or can we actually have 5 different ones going across? Thanks!

1. No auto response sent to the user 2. You can use whatever icon you want, just download some and reuse them as long as they’re legal to use. They’re just images in the HTML from memory.

Very nice! Like it!;

Hi. Is it possible to make the clock count up instead of down? I’m doing a page on a newborn child and his dad would like to track the days/clock since he was born. Thanks

It’s not a flick of a switch but it can be done through the javascript.

How can I set a new date in the countdown?