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This is a great theme! Very easy to use, and very good support. They’ll help you with every question you’ve got!

Thanks Thierrydh! Your welcome.

Hi! With this theme, can I edit the theme with the Visual Composer? I like the webinar theme but wanted to change a few things on it. Can this be done with VC?

Thank you!

Yes, the theme is built with Visual Composer. Just the header animation is built with Slider Revolution. Both plugins are included. Regards, Themeinjection

That was the fastest reply I have ever received on this website! Thanks for the support, I have purchased the theme

Am I able to make this to where a person has to put in their name and email address before they move forward to the next part of the site? I’m not sure if my question makes sense, but I want to make it to where I get people’s email information before they access the rest of the information on the site. Thank you!

Hi nbrown15, Basically it’s possible! Create the first page with the form and after submitting, just redirect to the second page. Regards Themeinjection

Does the theme’s contact form have to be attached to Mail Chimp or another email service provider? Or is it just a contact capture form that will email me the contact info once a person enters it?

Hi jaiminiblue, Basically the contact form just send you the the contact info via email, but you can use for example the “Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension” to add MailChimp Support. Regards Themeinjection

Ok – perfect! Thanks. I’d like to use it just for the contact info via email at first, so this is ideal.

Hello! I’ve bought this theme. I asked a question on support site, but I didn’t receive an answer. Can I use on my own site the images and icons provided with demo content (on-line course landing page) or it’s only for educational purposes?

Hello! I’ve bought this theme. I asked a question on support site, but I didn’t receive an answer. Can I use on my own site the images and icons provided with demo content (on-line course landing page) or it’s only for educational purposes?

If I buy this template theme, am I still able to use my standard website theme in conjunction with it?

Hi mjbmarketingsolutions, Yes you can setup a WordPress Multisite to manage both sties with one Wordpress instalation. Take a look at this Post:

Regards, Themeinjection

Is there a BACK TO TOP button? If not, then WHY NOT? This theme was designed for lead capturing, which means ONE LONG PAGE… so there should be a back to top button. Don’t you think?

Hi ispyppc, Thanks for that suggestion! We will integrate this functionality with our next update. Regards Themeinjection

Some thing wrong with the Slider Revolution (Online Courses theme). When I changed some icons in, at the end of the Slide, all the items of slide disapear. How could I manage it?

Hi dungnguyen101281, Thanks for purchasing our theme. This is just genarel comment section. Support only conducted through our support forum. Please open support ticket here Our support team will assist you!

Thanks, Themeinjection

Is there a blog page design that I can use with the landing page

Forget that. I just purchased and found it has everything I want :)

One more question. Is there a way to import the demo landing pages without overwriting existing content?

Hi Degtev, This is just genarel comment section. Please open support ticket here Our Support Theme will assist you!

Thanks, Themeinjection

Does this theme have a blog or do I have to install blog theme separately? Thank you.

Hi etalha, Yes, the blog part is also styled in the theme. You will find a demo here: Regards, Themeinjectio

While looking at the ebook landing page template…does Leadinjection come with some of the images you use like the eBook book cover? Is there a blank ebook book cover that is included?

Hi aaustreng, Thanks for interested in our theme. All Images are for demo purpose only but if you need a ebook book cover take a look here: . If you need any other image that we’ve used in our demos, we can tell you the address where you buy it for a small amount. Regards Themeinjection

So for the Conference Demo page, the map area is broken down and when I tried to fix using the editor, its saying some thing wrong with google at the Javascript console. Any idea how I can fix this ? Here is my page

Hi, we will fix the issue and provide an update asap! Thanks Themeinjection

Just downloaded the update but the SEO demo import is not there only the same 5 demos of the previous version.

Hi, if you update the theme, make sure that you also update the leadinjecton plugins. To do that, deactivate and delete all Leadinjection plugins and re-install and activate them thereafter. The current plugin version should be 1.1.6. Thanks, Themeinjection

Boom!!! Job done! Thanks for the quick reply. Amazing theme

Thanks, you’re welcome!

Hi, WPML can be installed, only the question is, can we also translate the pop-up form to download the ebook? Also the download email, can he be translated in each language? It’s also unclear for me what happens with the data behind the form. Can you download all the email address in an excel file?

Hi digimaps, The pop-up form can be edited with Visual Composer like a normal page. It’s also very simple to change the email content. Currently you will receive all leads as an email but we will integrate a lead manager (where you can download all lead data as CSV file) with the next theme update. Thanks Themeinjection

Can you create other pages with this or is it a one-pager site only?

Hi adelmann, Sorry for the delay and Thanks for purchasing our theme! Of Course you can build multi page layouts with Leadinjection but the prebuilt layouts are only one pager currently. Thanks Themeinjection

Hi, Will I easily be able to integrate a pop-up video into one of call to action buttons above the fold? Will I be able to use VIMEO instead of Youtube? Thanks

Hi ReferSquare, basically this should be no problem! If you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact our support. Thanks Themeinjection

Hi Guys, I love your theme, but I need your help, I’m trying to add a masonry gallery or a media grid trough the visual composer but I have no luck at all, I only see a blank page and images are not loading, can you please advise? thanks!

Hi 2FX, Thanks for purchasing our theme. We’re currently working on this issue! Please open support ticket here It could be, that we need to send you some files. Thanks, Themeinjection

ok thanks, looking forward for a solution.

Hi I have an update on this I wrote to wp bakery, they double check my site saying there must be a conflict with some plugins or the theme itself, because if I switch to default wp theme, it’s fine, but I didn’t install any plugin except the one required by the theme, PLEASE GIVE ME SOLUTION FOR THIS, it’s pretty urgent since I have a deadline coming.

Add Skype ID does not work. The error reads “Please enter valid url. When you enter the standard skype:user-id url it does not work either. please look into this.

Hi deboard4,

Thanks for purchasing our theme!

We’ll fix this up today and release a fix asap. If you want us to email you the fix before its released on TF, please send us your email address to and we’ll do so. Thanks!

Does this theme have to use CF7? I’d like to create more complex forms using WPForms or Gravity but I don’‘t receive the emails (despite extensive investigation into why!). Is CF7 somehow integrated into the core of the theme or something that’s causing issues? Cheers.

Hi aledmann, CF7 is not integrated in the theme core. It comes with the theme as original plugin from the Wordpress Plugin repository. You can uninstall the plugin if you want, it will not effects the theme. Please check if there is an error in your PHP log file. Maybe it is a misconfiguration in the default PHP-Mail function. If you need more assistance, please open support ticket here Thanks Themeinjection