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Hi there!

I see a few comments about responsive design, i tried to open the live demo on Ipad but it didn’t work (both chrome and safari.)

When do you think this issue is solved and the theme works without these bugs? It looks like a great theme though, highly interested to buy!

thanks for you’re respons!


Can you please test it again. Please clear your browser cache. I have updated our online demo to latest version.

Also disable the Theme Selector and view it online demo.


Just download the theme and installed, along with plugins and demo content.

If I go to the page “Home” and do nothing other than hit “Update”, the Map section breaks – displays “nothing found!”.

See here:

Please fix soon otherwise we’ll have to ask for a refund and use a different template – which is a shame because this template is very nice.


Please download new version we have fixed it. Really sorry for this weird problem. If you have any problems occured we will fix this asap.

Thanks for choosing.

my menu doesn’t scroll up slowly like the demo. it simply jumps up at a certain point. any ideas? great theme though. lovin’ it.

i uploaded the new version but it’s loading the CSS file. i had to rename the new folder b/c it wouldn’t overwrite the current 1.1 install.

also, it jumps to top of page. does not scroll up slowly. thanks.


Did you resolve it? I have checked our new version and it has working great. Please clear your Browser cache.



I like your theme and so I purchased it, but now I have troubles to insert a picture. It´s not possible to insert a picture into a content element or into a column, or anyplace. I tried it with Chrome, Safari, Firefox (on a Macbook) also on a Win 7 PC with IE and Firefox. It seems there is a bug in your theme.. I hope you will resolve this bug soon! Thanks!


We have found this bug and released new version.

Download version 1.3 it seems updated soon on Themeforest.

Thanks for reporting and sorry for latest response.

Hi there,

i’m close to getting stressed on making the Slider to work. Please help me!

I am not able to get the Layerslider to work! i’ve tried importing the demo (but the dummy’s slider is not working either) .. I am not a novice webmaster and well experienced in Wordpress since v2 . So definitely i’ve tried means and ways to get it working…


I am willing to give you access to my WP and could u help me check out what seems to be the problem ? I am a fine line short of giving up on your theme.


Give us your website credentials. It seems we need to check your website. Our online demo is working perfect with multisite and other too.

Email: themewaves at gmail dot com


Hi, you made an amazing theme! I hope that in the new version, you fixed the bugs about the map and {contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”] Let me know when themeforest update the new version. By Paolo


New version is ready sorry for latest response.


everything is correct now! thank you!

Glad to hear it all things ok.

It not working for me using latest Wordpress


Which version are you using?

Our online demo is working Latest Wordpress version and working perfect.


So far so good with me using this theme.

I do have one question. I have a text carousel and I want to add two buttons to go from one carousel slide to the next. I know you have the pagination circles but I want to add my own buttons. Do you have some HTML code I can add to control this?



It has little bit complicated.

If you want to do this.

1: Go to the leafage/waves/pagebuilder/elements-render/text_carousel.php line 20 add following code after this line and must insert new line you know.

 $output .= '<div class="carousel-arrow">';
$output .= '<a class="carousel-prev" href="#"><i class="fa fa-angle-left" /></a>';
$output .= '<a class="carousel-next" href="#"><i class="fa fa-angle-right" /></a>';
$output .= '</div>';

2: Then text carousel arrow is displayed and you need to style it.

That’s it. Thanks.

JUst gotta say, awesome job! Another great theme. Please….. KEEP IT UP!



Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your theme but I wanted to double check to see if you have options to have a single page that’s not part of the single-page scroll. If so, do you have an example of what a single page looks like?

My client is concerned about this being scalable—if they have to turn it into more of a regular, non-scroll theme later. Can the menu items ever have drop downs? I know it’s not what it was built as, so let me know what you think.


Single Page is this =>

I promise you Page single is really easy to use and configureable.

Menu has the Dropdown did you hover over the Home menu section there has two dropdown is displayed.

This can be also corporate website and One Page too. Also the Smooth scroll is optionable for On and Off in Theme Options section.


Hello, I’ve purchased your template and got some problems during the pagebuilding on one of my test domains. I’m using the template version 1.3

1. The website is not browsable on my iPhone 4s – iOS7. The header is missing completely and some of the replaced background images as well. The live preview can’t be even opened on the device’s browser. On IE and Safari the motion of the scrolling is quite erratic.

2. I have a problem with using the parallax on any of my own pictures as a background. The problem occurs at the “Some facts & milestones” section. If I change the picture for one of yours, the problem vanishes. So I tried playing with the resolution of the picture and so on but nothing helped.

Am I missing something? Thanks.


1: We are working on this and trying to resolve. If we resolved this then we will note you and release new version.

2: It seems your background image has not enough height. But you can do this another way.

leafage/assets/js/themewaves.js line 213 there has 30%, 0.6 is there and you need to change the 0.6 to 0.5 or 0.4 etc.

Then test it. Also clear your browser cache after changing scripts.


I’m having issues with the stats/infographic areas on my site ( it was worknig before and now appears that the stats don’t work. Thoughts?


I have tested your site but site doesn’t works Can you test it again?

Sorry for the latest response.


I am having issues with videos in layerslider 5 resizing when live but not in preview. the note form them says that we have to restrict FitVids from effecting the sliders. How do i do this? and are you familiar with this issue or how to fix it.

video on front page


I have tested Layerslider on Header section. If you are inserting on the Main page then you need to insert some custom css on the leafage/waves/js/waves-script.js line 330 there has an exluding selectors are there and you need to add your styles seperating comma.


Hi, i like your theme. I used it on my project I have one small problem and i cant found solution: Every link in menu working fine, except link In container setting i use Custom ID “service” (without quotes) As you can see, page is rolling few pixels below. Do you know where should be problem? Thank you for your answer :)

That’s Ok please rate our theme :)

i made it :)

Thanks man ;)

Hi! Looks like an excellent job! I wish to buy it but I have a question, is it have an option for a page with a sidebar? If it is, then is it possible to add on sidebar, additional menu (styled like theme)? One more thing I have a strange issues when I was trying to see demo on mobile devices. On Galaxy Note 2 it was nicely and smoothly working except video header, but on an iPad it was loosing some animation skills, like icons and content (showing empty space) and at the end it crashed safari i think similar to problems as had user pixelcompany 2, Is it solved?


Hi there,

I have bought recently the theme and unfortunately it crashes when I open the live preview with iPhone 4s iOS 7 or iPad iOS 6. The installed theme works on our test environment perfectly on the desktop but not on iPhones and iPads. My customer has iPhone 5S with iOS7 with same problems.

We have installed the theme on a test environment and it starts directly in services and not home. Scrolling up brings me white screen. I am using my on background image.

I have deleted the cash and after reading the prior comment. it did not help.

Looking forward hearing from you soon,



Which browser are you testing? I have tested our online demo with Google Chrome and it seems ok?



Safari on iPhone 4s and, Safari on iPad. I have just downloaded Google Chrome for iphone and tried to start your live preview it’s not working, so my test site is also not working with Google Chrome on iPhone.



We are working on that.

I will let you know.


Hi There Awesome theme that i have used once already with no real issues, however i have gone to create a new site today and every time i try to upload the theme it keeps failing with no error message just asking me if i would like to try again

Very confused


Can you please give us your credentials to our email or Themeforest Profile section then we will see what’s going on.

I think it maybe Hosting related issue.


Don’t worry i was able to upload via FTP so that suffice. Many thanks for the prompt reply. Awesome Customer Services

That’s ok. Please rate our theme if you like it.


Very disappointing. The Theme options isn’t working properly. Support is not efficient. I’m unable to get my logo on the menu bar. There is a lack of information on how to use the template. I spent a lot of time understanding the Container thing for one pagr. Had to visit the tutorial of Flatco in order to make my site work properly.

Unfortunately, I won’t buy from this author again.


I really don’t understand this situation. All author are using the theme options and it’s working great for all other purchased users and our side.

I have replied your email and said reset the theme option then it will work.

If you watch our screen casts on our Knowledge Base center then you can understand our container and One Page section etc.


URGENT – Column Container Issues: Fonts not changing when selecting drop down in the text editor

It appears that the text formatting (with the Exception of Bold and italics) is not working. When you try to change the colour of text using the drop down arrow there is java script errors. Please can you advise a suitable workaround or when a fix i likely as i have a client that needs a certain colour on parts of his text and need to get this site live by end of the weekend !!


Ooh also please clear your browser cache.


Awesome Customer Service !!! p.s. worked a treat

Thanks man.

We also have updated our theme to new version and few Major bugs fixed Check the changelog :)

If you really love our theme and service Rate us on Themeforest.

Thanks again.