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Cool design – love it. Good luck

Thank you for the comments! :)

Woooowww!!! This is awesome!!!

Thanks, we are glad you think so! :)


wow, great looking theme with an individual fancy design. Well done! May I ask you some questions related the theme.

- Does the theme comes with a po/mo file for translation? - Is it possibile to assoziate thumbnail images to each post, and display them on the blog page? - Can I place an ‘about the author’ section after each post?

Thanks, and all the best with the sales.

Regards Tobias

Hello Tobias,

Thank you for your interest in Leap! As of right now the theme does not include a .po/.mo file for translation. This is something we will look into for the future.

As far as post images and an author section for each post, these features will be added with the next updated version which will be ready soon.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)

@tobi_as – we added “About the Author” to the latest version of Leap – check it out!

We are working on a .po/.mo file for translation for an upcoming release.

That’s just awesome!!! Good job! Good luck with sales!

We appreciate the kind comments! :)

amazing work man… good luck on sales! :)

Thank you we put a lot of effort into making this theme unique, and we look forward to more feedback! :)

I’m impressed with your design! Good theme! ;)

Thank you!

awesome design, will there be an HTML version? I would purchase one if there was.

Do you have plans of separating the HTML from the Wordpress version? Just curious as I’ve seen other authors doing this.

An updated version of the theme will be out in the next day or two. This will include an updated HTML version to include dropdown menu support. The contact form is already functional, and simply requires a php capable server in order to work properly. If you have any other questions let me know! :)

@sdotsen – we just updated the HTML template packaged with Leap to include the dropdown menus and the contact form. PHP is required for sending emails through the contact form.

Love your creativity and flair. It’s a breath of fresh air here in (increasingly) stuffy “forest” of regurgitating themes.

Bookmarked!!! Will buy it later.

Congratulations mate.

Thank you very much for the kind comments, we are glad you like it! We put a lot of effort into building something a bit different from the rest. :)

Just purchased this fantastic theme and I’m looking forward to put it to use. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, really, I appreciate your work very much. I had a quick look inside the folder and noticed that the demo content XML file is not included. Is this something we should ask you for through your support site, or it’s just simply not available. Thanks again, I will be eagerly waiting for your next masterpiece – whenever that comes to life.

Please see our response to your question below. :)


I have a couple of questions my site is going to be a video site do you know if this will support JW Player plugin? Last theme i bought prettyphoto interfered with it. Also is there anyway I can ads and can add a comment section?

Thanks :)


Thank you for your interest in Leap! I don’t see any reason why the the JW Player Plugin wouldn’t work, however, we will test it and let you know just to be sure. Comments are built into the posts for the blog section, and ads can be added through plugins (support for ads not built in). Let me know if you have any other questions.

Update: We tested, and JW Player works fine with Leap:

I’m sure you already know this, but to use JW Player: 1) Upload the JW player files to your server (.swf file and the JS file) 2) Plug in the Javascript snipped JW Player provides in their readme.html file (in the snippet, add the URL ’s for your video, start image, etc)

I have a problem with the main navigation menu – it doesn’t display correctly. How can I get some support?

Sure, drop me an email through my profile page with a temporary username and password for your wordpress admin and I’ll take a look for you. :)

Hi, thanks for the reply. I can’t give you the admin access now because I have loaded this theme on my own local machine for testing (localhost). I was hoping that you would figure out what’s wrong from a screenshot. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem as me. I normally work on website on my local computer first, then load the finished work on the web server. If there’s no other way, I will create a temporary wordpress installation somewhere and load up this theme so you can have a look.

Can I contact you on IM? I think it would be easier to talk through on there. Otherwise, drop me an email on my profile page and I’ll help you work though this.

It looks like the, for whatever reason, the content of the “sample” page Wordpress provides in the default installation is being included as the “description” of the navigation item, so the content is being duplicated on the page twice. I’m curious to know what happens when you delete the “Sample Page” from the “Navigation” menu and add it again. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the sample page entirely.

An update on issues that I had with menu, and something else that came up. First of all, I have made another clean installation of WP from scratch and uploaded / activated theme and the menu suddenly appeared correctly displayed – great news. I did the same thing once more on my laptop (just to be sure) and the results were the same – that is solved. Why the menu behaved as it did first time around, have no idea. I had also figured how to add description under the menu items – i.e. “Features” “under the hood” – and I guess it would be worth mentioning this in your documentation as many people would not know how. Now, some new things came up: 1. On theme activation, bunch of widgets that normally go to default sidebar have been placed on “Header Widget” location. As a result, we get the page like this: This is not a big deal, as we can manually remove the widgets from header and place them in sidebar position. Perhaps you can fix this when you update this theme.

2. I have tried to add second layer of navigation in menu (drop down) but it doesn’t seem to accept anything below one level deep. Is this correct? Can this be changed perhaps sometime in a future updates, so I can use submenu within submenu item?

Other than this, the theme works like a charm and it’s really beautiful.

@senadh – thanks for letting us know. We just released Leap 1.1 which fixes a several issues and includes an updated documentation (including how to setup the menu descriptions).

You are correct – the dropdown menus are only one level deep (for now).

Thanks again for the feedback.

What font is used in the red ‘leap’ logo?

The font is Reenie Beanie – slightly modified in Adobe Illustrator.


If I buy this theme and after you post a new version, I can download this new version without costs or I have to buy it again?

You can download the update free. Under your account in ThemeForest, go to “Downloads”. There you can download the updated version for free.

Just purchased this and as one of the other posters mentioned, the demo content XML file is not included. In your later reply you said ‘a new version with a few updates (including sample XML data) uploaded in the next couple of hours’. That was 2 days ago? When can I get that?

You can download the update free. Under your account in ThemeForest, go to “Downloads”. There you can download the updated version for free.

ok, I don’t get it :) What must I do, that my Blog looks the same as in the Previewside?

Thanks for the purchase! :)

Did you follow the steps for theme and blog setup in the documentation? Also, if you could, please send a link to your live website or screenshot so I can take a look at it for you.


Just a question:

I’m interested in a Lead Generation type of site. Would this theme be able to create a page seen as a members area as such but essentially a landing page for a funnel?

Also, does this theme support an article type of site where it would be good for SEO ?

Hello and thank you for your interest in Leap.

1) With the built in shortcodes and perhaps a few of your own custom images, you should be able to build landing page.

2) Leap was coded with SEO in mind, and has been optimized for industry standard best practices for SEO . The blog section could serve as an article section, blog section, or both.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Do you have a list of the short codes available and what they do?


Love the theme, but can’t get a few key items working so far…

1. The custom logo upload is not function had to hardcode in header-logo.php

2. The Homepage using the Homepage template shows nothing… trying to use spotlight etc, but using this template it displays nothing.

This is what I’ve ran into so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated as a have a short turn around time…

site in question:

Please check your email, I have sent you a response to these items and your previous email as well.

Looks pretty cool. Is there a language file for localisation? I need a german version.

At this time localization is not supported, but we are considering adding it as a feature for a future update. Thank you for your interest!