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Hi Reid, great theme.

I think I read through all 7 pages and am wondering if featured images is still a manual process? If so, would you mind explaining how I can get my featured images to show?

Many thanks, Tracy

Hey Tracy,

Glad you are liking the theme. I have helped a few others do something similar to this in the past with Leap. Email me and I will send you the directions. :)

Great theme and support! Thanks Reid for all the help! :kiss:


I am currently having issues with the blog, as some posts are not showing on different people computers etc


Hello Reid,

Nice looking theme. Unfortunately I tried to upload the PC version of the theme via Filezilla and it said stylesheet missing. I also followed the instructional video from the ‘Broken Themes’ tutorial video, and it wouldn’t upload that way (maybe because of my slow ISP connection at 1.5mbps). I cannot seem to get it to install correctly with no plugins installed or activated on WP 3.5.1.

Thanks, Sean

Hey Sean,

Try re-downloading the theme and re-installing again. It is possible that there was an error during the download. Let me know if that works for you.

It didn’t work. Do you have any other suggestions?

Did you verify that you are uploading only the wordpress theme files and not the entire .zip that you get when you first download the theme from Themeforest? There is a separate .zip after you extract the first one with only the wordpress theme files in it, which is the one you want to install.

I have two problems with the contact form. You can see it here:

First On the right side, the address is not displayed correctly. the code is:

[contact_form] <address>

Wolfshügelstraße 13 01324 Dresden </address> social-media

Second How can I translate the english words (Example: Type your name oder Message) into German language (Which file must I modify)?

By the way: When do you provide us with a version with a language file?

Sorry I was a bit to fast. I solved topics 1 and 2. Only the question regarding the language file was still actual.

Hello Reid,

I want to use a shortcode to insert a box that looks like the demo on your page. See here:

Can you give me a help for that?

Hello Reid On the homepage at every post at the end is a link “keep reading.” I dont find where I can translate this phrase into German. Can you give me a help?

Hey Thomas, I have your email, expect a reply to your questions shortly. Thanks! :)

Hey Reid. I’m loving the theme so far but I am having trouble getting a spotlighted image.

Maybe you can take a quick look and see if there is something glaringly wrong jumping out at you =0


I sent you an email to follow up on this. Thanks :)

You’re the man. Thanks for all the help!

Does this theme include the PSD so I can customize the ‘Leap’ logo/text?

Thanks! Just purchased. ;)

The ‘Leap’ logo text is not editable in the PSD? Do you have the logo in an editable format, along with what font was used?

The logo uses Reenie Beanie font from Google – you can get it here:

The “leap” logo text was modified slightly in Adobe Illustrator (the “l” was made a little taller), so I do not have the logo in an editable format, but using the Reenie Beanie font will get you most of the way there. Let me know if you need anything else – thanks for purchasing.

Hi Reid – just downloaded and installed the theme, very nice. Just two things:

1.) Can I get the same featured post assistance you’ve given to others? It would be great if this were a little more automatic. 2.) Have you posted the code for the Homepage – Top you have in the demo anywhere? I’d like to start working from the 1.) Personal Blog, 2.) Portfolio, etc blocks you have setup…

Hey Bill,

Sure thing, send me an email through my profile page and I’ll send you over the code for both items.


Hey Reid,

I’m having issues getting my logo into the theme. I try to upload it through the Leap section, but get the following message where the logo should appear:

Warning: getimagesize(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/~gwalsh/ [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gwalsh/public_html/ on line 46

Any ideas?



Just noticed that the logo upload issue was meant to be resolved in a new update. Seeing as I bought the logo today I would assume that I’m using the most up to date version of the theme? Let me know Reid :)

hey Reid, just tried it and it’s still not quite there. The logo is visible, but not in the correct way. Check out this link to view what I’m seeing at present:

Hi Reid, any update on this yet? If not, is there a work around of some sort that I can replace the ‘leap’ logo with my own inside my FTP?

Take another look – I did some more tweaking for you. Let me know if it’s fixed now. Thanks. (PS: Great looking site!)

I`ve got the same problem an get the message “Warning: getimagesize(/...” in the header. Seems that the path is false. If there is an solution, please tell me.

Thanks a lot! Nils

I will look into this for you, I apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact me through my profile page with temporary FTP access to your website so I can take a look. Thanks!


I’m having issues with this theme. I’ve downloded it and when i upload into wordpress it keeps appearing some kind of error. I’ve tried to upload via ftp and it says that the stylesheet is missing.

I tried several times and it keeps showing the same error. Thank you

You need to unzip the first file and then upload only the .zip that contains the theme files. That should fix any issues you are having, and I hope you enjoy Leap!

1.How do you remove the title and/or description from the images on the main portfolio page, but keep them on the individual portfolio pages?

2.How do you enable comments on individual portfolio image pages?


Please see my response to your other post.

One more thing, can you make the portfolio widget just display small little thumbnails?

In response to all three of your questions; All of these items are possible, but would take some extra development time to do so. If you are interested in custom development/modifications please send me an email through my profile page, thanks!


I’m having a problem with my contact form since I updated my wordpress for 3.5.1. When the user sends the email for me, the “thank you message” doesn’t appear. Both standard and custom.

Take a look:

I receive the email normally, but the user don’t have feedback about it. I’m using the last version of your theme.

Can you help me? Cheers, Hebert

It looks like the WP Super Cache plugin is the culprit – I’m seeing this error message when I submit the form (which preventing the “thank you” page from loading):

“WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The path to wp-cache-phase1.php in wp-content/advanced-cache.php must be fixed!”

(Or find a way to exclude the contact page from being cached by WP Super Cache)


Thanks :D I deleted the plugin and contact form works normally. You are amazing.

Cheers, Hebert

Hi , very good theme ! I was wondering , is there a *.po file or an equivalent ? Because my blog is in french and there are some expressions i d like to translate ? thanks !

I didn’t success by my own :(.

Hi FlorentK, unfortunately there is not a translation file included with Leap. What were you unsuccessful in translating?

I did find a way by translating the code by opening several php files and translate every characters i wanted..took me one week to do so .Here my blog Thanks for this awesome template :) and your feedback too.