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I am trying to upload a logo through the Wordpress admin by clicking Leap. However, when I upload the logo it just seems to be inserted in a gallery. When I save the page nothing happens. Also, the link color feature through the Wordpress admin does not seem to do anything either. Any suggestions?

Never mind – I had to “add to option menu” or something similar. I also had some browser caching issues. All good now. Thanks

I have a question on viewing the website on a mobile device. At a smaller size, the navigation menu reverts to an icon but for some reason it does not function when clicked. I assume it is supposed to revert to a dropdown menu but I do not see anything in your documentation. Will you please explain how to make this work or eliminate it so that I can use Responsive Select Menu instead.


Can you please provide a link so that I may take a look at it for you? Thanks! :)


I’m trying to get a lightbox plugin working on the theme. I’ve had no trouble with this particular plugin before. I was wondering if there’s a particular plugin you suggest or if in fact the theme doesn’t work with lightbox functions?



Can you send me a link to your site so that I may take a look please? Thanks!

I tried a few different lightbox plugins and one worked well, but thanks for getting back to me!

Hi there, I’m struggling with getting the columns to work… Is there a basic info sheet that goes with the download. my site is and I’m just getting started with the template.

You can see what I mean at

This is the code that I’m using and instead of lining the videos up next to each other, they are lined up and NOT in COLUMN FORMAT.

[one_third] <iframe src=”//” height=”215” width=”260” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

[one_third] <iframe src=”//” height=”215” width=”260” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

[one_third_last] <iframe src=”//” height=”215” width=”260” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

You may need to add a closing tag like [/one_third] to end each column. Try this:

[one_third] <iframe src=”//” height=”215” width=”260” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe> [/one_third]

[one_third] <iframe src=”//” height=”215” width=”260” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe> [/one_third]

[one_third_last] <iframe src=”//” height=”215” width=”260” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe> [/one_third_last]

It appears the Twitter API 1.1 has broken the “latest tweet” section. I know the link to the API has changed from to and now has a .json extension instead of .xml for example.

Can this be fixed?

Is there a way to put a lightbox image into the spotlight area vs. just a static image?

Also, how does one move the blockquote section around (e.g. center).

In regards to both posts. We are aware of the twitter changes and are working to come up with a solution, stay tuned on that.

As far as the lightbox goes, your best option would be to use one of the many lightbox plugins that would make the static image open into a lightbox after it has been clicked on.

The blockquote section will fit inside any column shortcode. Refer to the documentation on shortcodes, and then simply add the blockquite within the column you want to center it inside of.

I hope this helps!

I notice on the iPad the site template works great, but on the iPhone its leaving a big blank spot on the right side (about 1/8 the width of the phone). I removed the slider to be sure that wasn’t causing it, but its still there. – not sure if others are seeing this same thing with their sites. Would be great to be able to use the full witch in either portrait or landscape mode of the smartphone since there is much less real-estate.

Hi Have you guys managed to rectify the Twitter issue yet?

For the time being we are recommending that users install a plugin from the wordpress plugin repository that uses the latest twitter api upgrades. I will post back here when our official update has been released. Thanks for your patience.

The portfolio seems to have issues with the recent version of Safari. I checked ours and it appears ok in most browsers, but in Safari 6.0.5 its jumbling images together.

It seems to only happen when you click on the Portfolio main link then corrects itself if you click on the “All” sub-category.*

Not sure if this just started happening with the latest Wordpress upgrade… seems like it hasn’t done this in the past.

Hello, can you send me a private email message through our profile page with temporary admin access to your website so that I can take a look what some of your site settings and what plugins you are using? I will check into this and your other earlier questions as well. Thanks!

I narrowed it down to the line in header.php that says: get_template_part(‘header’, ‘logo’);

If I comment this out, the page loads correctly on the iPhone.

If I disable the logo, it loads correctly.

I uploaded my logo to the Wordpress media area and use that link in the Leap settings. Should I be doing something different? Its a 364px wide png file.

Ok I figured it out. If your log is wider than about 300px, it will create a blank space on the right side of the iPhone. (not sure about Android etc.) iPads were fine. I re-did my logo to be right at 300px wide and it now looks ok, and assume it will work ok on the monster Android screens.


Great theme. Is there a slideshow that will work well with the responsive feature?

Thanks, Vic

Hi Vic, I encourage you to check out the Wordpress Plugin Repository for a responsive slideshow. We have seen several users with different setups so I would recommend testing a few plugins to see which one works best for your solution.

I figured… Thanks.

Hey! Beautiful theme but I’m having small issues t did not give me the latest version. I have Leap 1.0. How can I get the latest?

Try downloading again directly from themeforest. Backup your old leap theme folder and then replace it with the new version you downloaded from themeforest.



I am using the leap theme to customize my blog…I recently changed some of the fonts and the responsiveness of the design seems to have disappeared. Here is my site:

I would really appreciate any insight.

Thanks, Jess

Okay, thank you. How should I give you access? I would like to set up a user for you temporarily, but I would need your email address. Please let me know the best way to go about that. Thanks again, Jess

Setup another administrator account in wordpress and then send me an email through the contact form on my profile page with those credentials.

Okay, I emailed you the credentials. Thank you. Jess


We’ve installed this theme but are encountering issues with tagging portfolio and publication items not working (linked tags returning page not found error).

Also, does this theme have an archive functionality? If so, how do we activate it?

Many thanks,


Huw I have sent you a second reply email. Thanks!


How I can change or add more items in the ” Color Scheme ” or maybe you can add more .

Thank you for your help.

I’ve noticed that the Portfolio doesn’t load properly on my mobile chrome browser or in IE. The page will load, but it will look the same as if you load up a portfolio with no categories/portfolio items loaded.

So it just looks empty.

I haven’t looked into the javascript, but figured I would start here in case it was a known issue that I haven’t seen posted yet.

Which version of IE are you using? Also can you post a link to your site for us to take a look at? Thanks!

Looks like this version I tested it from is IE8. The site is The portfolio page is

There are some other things I’ll of course want to modify as far as .css goes down the road, but I just wanted to get everything working similar before I got too far.

Thank you for reviewing it!

I want to make the body of the theme the full width and responsive, vs. stuck to 960px. What custom CSS code can I put in to do that?

I want to be able to add some widgets that give a parallax effect, but if I do that now the widgets aren’t full-browser width, they are stuck to the width of the rest of the text.

Ideally I’d like the overall width of the template text to look about the same, but have the ability to have full width widgets if thats at all possible.

Unfortunately something like this isn’t possible without some heavy customization to the css of the theme.

On my blog, the built-in-Contact Form of your theme doesn’t work. I checked so many times. But I couldn’t find the reason.

The massage is shown right, but I can’t have any email. Could you have any idea about this problem? Please help….


Please drop me an email through our profile page with a link to the website, and temporary admin access as well. Thanks!

Hey Reid,

The theme is working great for me, so thanks for that.

One problem I’ve been getting of late is massive spam through the contact form.

I wondered if there was a plugin you could recommend that would help keep the current contact form, especially as I like the look of it.



Enjoying the Theme. How can I make the blog show my recent blog post? Also, how can my make my “Features” page organized like the demo?