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Discussion on LearnPLUS | Education LMS Responsive Site Template

Discussion on LearnPLUS | Education LMS Responsive Site Template

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HI dear seller i want to use the template learn PLUS for asp.net.is possible? may you change template to RTL support for us? i want to buy this template as soon as possible. regards

Hi, this is a plain HTML template so yes you can use it with ASP.net if you modify it accordingly. We will NOT add RTL support – sorry for that. You should be able to find a freelancer that can do that for you on freelancer.com or an other site.

Why a suspicious website “get.imobilecontent.tk” popup when I random click any link in learnplus template?

damn…I found that bxSlider contains malicious script and it will brings you to get.imobilecontent.tk when you click ay hyperlink for the first visit…

wow – thanks for letting us know! Is that in our live demo version as well or only in the newest one you updated to?

It’s cool with your product, my bad~ I just updated the bxSlider and now is okay

“Ah! He seems to be another guy suffering from compromised repo account….

`bower install bxslider` installs malware #4” https://github.com/stevenwanderski/bxslider/issues/4

Hello, I bought your product, but I don’t see in the documentation how to manage the registration and authorization of client who bought the courses. the registration point to https://phpoll.com : what is this? Best regards

hi, you bought a HTML template. So you should code the registration & authorization yourself.

Hello Thanks for the answer: when I bought your product I thought that it was an finished product. with php files like in the description but finally everythings must be done: If we want to change one thing in the menu we must edit all other pages!!? Idem for everythings the number of student for example, is only written in html it’s not a dynamic variable. so your product is not not wat I wanted. How to be refund? or solutions to have a finished product. Best regards


I need sub level dropdown menu please suggest me

Hi, on my course page – the course content (lessons) are visible to everyone even though I have the settings for ‘hide course content’ set for anyone who hasn’t enrolled in the course. Please advise.

I think you’re responding to the wrong theme. This is a plain HTML theme – it has no such settings.

Hi There… does this template include payment getaway to be able to access the courses?

this is a plain HTML template – you need to build everything else around it

Urgent Hey, I just purchased this template thinking it as a theme as the WP version has same icon and preview image. i tried to submit support ticket in your support forum but for strange reason, i am not authorized to submit a ticket.

I want to buy the Wordpress versione of it. could you kindly help me replace this or refund this if i buy the wordpress one ?

Sorry, but the WordPress theme is not ours – we only sell this one

This template doesn’t appear to work with mod_rewrite for removing file extensions in the address, e.g. site.com/account rather than site.com/account.php. After setting up mod_rewrite, the site doesn’t load anymore. The loader just circles. Workaround?

Problem seems to be with the loader image and css. It doesn’t seem to handle mod_rewrite very well. If you have a solution, please post it so others may benefit from it. I’ll keep troubleshooting.

Problem solved. Neglected to change the script path to the javascript file to absolute, which prevented the loader div from being removed after page load.

Thanks for letting us know!

by mistake, i have purchased html version. i need WordPress can you refund my amount so that i will purchase WordPress

Sorry we don’t do refunds

this is ridiculous, i know how to earn my money back on this script. Thank for your response

I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. Refunds are never issued by anyone for this reason as you’ll find.

How do I cancel my purchase? I did not realize that I was buying a website template and not for wordpress. This product does not suit me. Is it possible to return the money?

The index2.html page works perfectly when we directly open it. However, when we convert to PHP or open it in XAMPP, the formatting gets totally spoilt. What can we do?

It sounds like your editor is screwing it up – make sure to check your editor’s settings

Hi ! I am searching a template including a quiz (multiple choice, yes/no, text input, etc). I haven’t seen this included in your template or did I miss it ?

No that’s not included – but there are many free “plugins” on the web that you can use to add this to any template.

Thanks for replying, I wasn’t talking about the mecanical part of a quiz but about a layout, something like that: http://showwp.com/demos/teachme/course-quiz.html

Any chance of you migrating this to Bootstrap 4.x?

We would like to use this on a public site where some students will need to pay for content we publish as videos. Can we go with Regular License for the template?

yes, as long as the template is not sold as part of something then this is ok

photo gallery not found any possibilities

Hi, can you please update with latest jquery and bootstrap version?

that’s not possible – bootstrap is now on release 4 and thas was built with 3 – we may release a different version altogether in time that works with 4, but not for now

I just purchased this site frame and have some serious concerns about finding base64 in several files. I have not decoded all of them yet but one strand directs to a gif image with spam/porn. You can see that here: https://www.google.com/search?q=image/gif%3Bbase64,R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP///ywAAAAAAQABAAACAUwAOw%3D%3D%27,&client=firefox-b-1-d&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjF5-nFx7rjAhURn-AKHXQbDm4Q_AUIESgC&biw=1920&bih=966

Why is there base64 in this site? Is this all malware or are you using base64 to code your site frame for some reason? Are you aware this is here? I found it in the js and css files.

Wanted to edit my post to say: I am not suggesting that you coded malware into your site…just asking if it is possible this base64 code is malware. I now some of these files can be downloaded from GitHub or other code share sites. I love this frame and am really hoping this code is legit! Thanks for any insight/help you can provide!

No idea what you’re talking about. You can check the image at the following site if you want: https://codebeautify.org/base64-to-image-converter


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