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I love it, great work!

wow awesome theme

Very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Nice One! Goodluck!

Great work, I love creative templates!

Best of luck!

Very simple and easy to use – is there a way to widen the content area underneath the main images?

Thanks and good luck!

Hi, sure with a little custom CSS. We can help you with that just file a support ticket after the purchase.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll def. think about a purchase. :)

Hey, The theme is awesome. There is a typo in the product description.

daily bases

Sorry, If I am wrong.

Thx ;)

Great Theme! Good luck in your sales! =)

Looks perfect ;)

Very nice work! ;)

Love how clean this theme is, but have to ask why the massive header area? Is it possible to get rid of this and just have the menu bar that shows up after scroll persistent? With that change it would be the best content-first design on here, but right now there is a ton of space on each post just for a site header.

Hi, the header addjust to the logo so if the logo is small (or there is no logo) there wont be so many space taken… :)

Is the Complete dump file for the live demo included?

Hi, yes it is.

Beautiful theme. Are the pictures included and can they be used?

Hi, Pictures can be downloaded from this website :)

Hi, love this theme! I just have one question before I purchase: Is it possible to have images in blog post be full width just as the featured image that begins the post? If not possible now, how difficult would it be to make it possible?


Hi, with some custom coding this is possible :)

Great theme! Can’t seem to make a ticket on your supportsystem, so i’ll ask it here:

Can i translate the fields from the default contactform? Can’t find the code in the editor.

Is it possible to sort portfolio items?

I’m a regular user of the Ninja forms WP plugin: Can you provide styling equal to the default contactform?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, why you cannot post a ticket? Please try again.

Hi, Very interested about your theme, sure, but: Is it possible a home page with a full width slider as a revolution slider, or layer slider or similar, before de first post? Thanks! Great job.

Hi, with some custom coding this would be possible ;)

Hi there,

Very clean theme. Just a question: is it easily possible to make the home page look like the portfolio page? By this I mean removing the article excerpt, just showing a succession of images + title?

Thank you!

Hi, of course this is possible ;)


When I click on portfolio project I have a full screen image just before the description text.

Is it possible to have an image slider galery inside every single “Portfolio Projet”?

Hi, yes it is possible ;)

You do not have Leaf listed as one of the options on your support system, and therefore any purchase code will be invalid because I have to choose another theme that is not the correct theme. There are a lot of issues with this theme and I am going to have to throw it out and get another theme.

Hi, I am sorry for your disappointment but there is a Leaf theme category in our support system. Please login and file a ticket we will fix your problem asap.

Just installed this theme and I love it! Very customizable and intuitive to use. 5 stars!

Thank you! :)