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Where are the ‘related news stories’ pulled from on post pages.

Related stories current aren’t related to our content, are they coming from categories or tags, and can we select?


These stories are based on the post categories, you can customize the query in the includes/single/post-related.php

For related stories, how would I get it to ignore all categories except for the subcategories of one parent category?

For example “Main News” then all of its sub-categories like “politics”, “local News”, “finance” etc…

So anything under finance was related only to finance, and anything under “politics” would only display as a related story for politics etc

You can try to get the main categories all children categories, and then add those ids to the related post query.

This could help you top get the children categories

Can you please add a child theme to the next update? Or explain how we can make one>?

Great. When is the next update likely to be released?

Right now I can’t name the date, but we have added the child theme also in your support ticket.

Thank you :)

Is it possible to display Post ‘Date’ but without the time?

Thanks, I sent details in a ticket

What hapened.. Ticket was ‘deleted’ no where to be found?

We haven’t deleted any ticket, we usually just close them, but seems like your is wan’t submitted at all. Now I see that you have created last and it will be replied soon.

Is it ok to delete woocommerce if we’re not using it, or does the theme require it to be installed?

You can surely delete it. It won’t affect anything.

on the single post pages is it possible to have featured images that are automatically resized without cropping so they fit the width you are using but with an open height.. for example if I have a really tall and quite wide image then on the single post page it will be proportionally resized so it fits the width but can still be as tall as is needed proportionately?

You will need to edit the includes/single/image.php and functions/thumbs.php

how do you allow comment to be shown automatically without waiting for them to be approved thank you

This is depending on the default WordPress settings, you can set it in the discussion section.

Hey.. Any exciting updates coming soon?


At the moment there are some small bug fixes, the update could be released when we will add a new feature or there will be a larger bug found.

Could we please aim for a few speed rank enhancements is the next update?

For example, none of the above-the-fold content of the standard homepage could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load.


And we are advised to Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:,600,700…n/1/14bc34c8ec3884b6969cf40169b095f3.css,600,700


Will send this info to our developer team to check it more closer for possible fixes.

Why are the sliders not working on your themes. The header slider

Thank you for notice, seems like this is related to our domain migration, we will fix this ASAP.


kid77 Purchased


1. I have some Google Adsense text ads, which I manually add to text blogs. The website is German, but the text ads deliver Czech or Polish and the links don’t work. I use the ad code from my current website, which is online and pure HTML (not Wordpress) – there it works fine.

Do you know the reason?

2. Is this theme prepared to show social icons to follow (Facebook, Twitter, ...) in the header? I do not need the share icons below posts or pages but follow icons in the header or at least in the sidebar.


1. Can you please create a support ticket here and add also wp-admin and FTP access details so we could have a closer look. Also please send the direct link to the ad code.

2. At the moment I think the best solution would be some plugin or you could try to add manually icons in the top menu so they would show up in header.

Hi, how can I remove the ‘header-very-top’ section so that my page just starts at ‘header-middle’? Thanks,


Could you please mark it in some screenshot just to be sure that we got you right.

ignore…I contacted you by email instead – :)


The best way would be to create a support ticket in our support forum, since email support is discounted for at the moment.

I don’t want dim text in my article. I can’t fix that issue. Anytime I post, the opacity of the text is almost 60% which is so hard to read. I want strong and bold text as in other blog. how can i do that?


Do you want this in single post on in all page?

If in all page you can add css lines like these

body p {
    color: #000!important;

How I can make left and right sidebars both?

Oh, for all pages. In that case you will need to customize the includes/sidebar.php file and includes/loop/loop-start.php and includes/loop/loop-end.php

Also please note that you support license has expired and you will need to renew it to receive support.

Tnx, I will try. And one more question. Shortcodes do not work in Active homepage blocks. Why?

In this case our support team should have a closer look, by default if you are using the HTML block it should work fine in the latest themes version.


kid77 Purchased


I want one of my menu items to have a different color. Unfortunately it is not a category, but a post. So I can’t change colour in the settings of the category.

I’ve found out that the menu item has the class menu-item-1080. I would set the color by using a custom css plugin which works fine. But I don’t find the correct code. I’ve tried

.menu-item-1080 li { background: #9F3819; }

.menu-item-1080 ul li { background: #9F3819; }

But that only changes the color of the menu items and sub items at mouse over. But I want the item to have this background color without mouse over. What is the correct code for this?

Thank you so much!


If I got you right then something like this

#menu-item-1054 {
    background: #9F3819;

should work for you.


kid77 Purchased

It only colours the background and sub menu when mouse is over. And it always colors the font – but I don’t want the font to be always colored, but the background. Have a look at the item “Sicherheit und Notvorrat Shop” in the menu.

If I got you right then in that case you can remove the color attribute from those css lines.

If not then maybe you can add some screenshot how you would like to see it?

how can i remove the designed by orange theme in my footer


Yes you can remove it

Hi, just wondering about buying this theme… Is there a way to just show the latest blog posts in 2 columns all the way down the home screen? All I can see is a single column of latest blog posts in most examples.


rolmitrea Purchased

Hello, I have purchased the Legatus theme and I was wondering if I can register the module WPBakery Page Builder, but can’t find anywhere the licence details therefore I can’t activate it. Any idea?


As the theme comes bundled with the WPBakery plugin you can’t use themes license key for the plugin. The plugin will receive updates together with the themes updates.

P.S. Next update will be next weeks.


rolmitrea Purchased

So basically I don’t need to activate it since it is pre-activated as part of the theme. Thank you for your reply.