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Second try: Dear Orange-Themes team,

I have a few problems with the theme.

First: The language cannot be changed into German. I have tried to work on the language package with Poedit, however, it did not work. Do you have an idea? I took the en_EN file in the theme directory.

Second: Can I change the category templates with something like the Visual Composer?

Third: The mega-menu is not displayed in the mobile version. How can I fix that?

Last: I cant activate the visual composer. They say I dont have a license but as I bought the theme I saw that visual composer is inclusive?

Best Regards

Julian Hauschild

Can you please send a link to your page so we could take a look at your mega menu items? If you use menus or category widgets, then we could try to add it, but if there are latest posts etc then the only way will be to remove datmenu responsive menu and rebuild the responsive menu.

Where should I send it?

You can create a support ticket here:

Secondary menu is not visible on mobile version

You can get it via the themeforest download section, just download it as you did it first time.

in the download section there is only the old version

Just downloaded and checked it, there is 2.2.0.

You can see the version in the legatus-theme/style.css file header .

Hello!, Is it possible to make posts without photo or don´t show it in any category page? For example, I would like to don´t show the featured image in the archive category posts of all posts of Sports section. Is it posible to customize the sport category archive layout to don´t show pictures? I want to show featured images in archive page of other sections! Thanks for your answer. It seems a great theme!


You can hide them in the blog,category and archive page, and in some cases also in homepage blocks. But that option will hide the images in all pages at once. Individually you can hide only the single page featured images.

Thank you so much for your answer! It was a presale question. I am thinking in buy this theme! ;) :)

You’re welcome. If you need we can also add some screen shots how it looks when the images are hidden.

On the demo site there is a sidebar widget that says “SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST”

Is this running through or compatible with mailchimp?

Is there no other option?

You can also try to use mailchimp plugin or any other mailing list plugin it should work fine, but if there will be some issues we will do our best to solve them.

ok, thanks.

Pre-purchase question.. With regard to the Gallery at the bottom of the homepage on the demo site. Is that supposed to display three images with the main in the centre and one to the left and right?

It is only displaying two images with blank space on the left on the demo site, which looks a bit strange. Is that how it is, or can it be fixed to display the three images?

Ok, thanks. We will buy this on Monday when I get into the office.

Purchased, thanks for your help in answering my questions :)

If you have any questions let us know :) You can create a support ticket here if needed :

What changes was included in 2.2.1 version?


This update comes with:

  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Updated Gallery block

I just sent a message via the envato form with one final question relating to the site we’re planning to use this on.

With ‘Latest Video’ category on the demo site. Is there an option to display a ‘View More Videos’ option, so that visitor may view other videos on the site?

Like it has ‘View More Articles’ next to Entertainment News and Technology News on the demo homepage.. Thanks :)

Please add a support ticket here add also FTP access details, so we could do the needed changes.

Thanks we’re setting up and will get this to you next week. Thanks

can i change the size of slider in main slider?


By default it won’t be possible, It will requite some file customization.

Hi.. I a future update could you look at allowing the theme to accept youtube and vimeo urls based inputs, in the page Video Embed Code type area?

This would allow us to use automated video importers that pull in from the url’s, not the embed code.


We will need to look more deeper in to this, but right now seems like it would be better for you to create a filter that checks the fields, if it contains a url or ifram code.

Is it possible to display post and video views?

The post views can be displayed by adding these lines

<?php echo OT_getPostViews(get_the_ID());?>

We haven’t added it by default because there was no space for that.

Gallery Options: Default and Lightbox are having no effect and display identical. In both instances gallery is embedded in page with no popup lightbox.

Can you please send us the direct link to the gallery page?

Please note that the lightbox gallery will have a different url as the regular gallery.

No avatar displaying on the authors, just the name. Does the theme support WP User Avatar plugin or similar?

The theme shows the gravatar avatars, all you need to do is sign up with the same email as you use in WordPress and then set up the avatar and it will show up in your WordPress page.

what is the best size for picture’s post that look good for main slider?

680×250 should be fine for the slider.

Dear Support, I am having issue in the menu display in iphone, also when i select fixed menu from theme settings it does not work.The adsense is invisible in mobile. Kindly help me on these issues. Thanks


Please create a support ticket in our support forum here ad also wp-admin and FTP server access details that will speed up the support process.

Hello, I upgraded WP to version 4.7.4 and my PHP to version 7. I also updated the Legatus Theme. And now I have this message:

“Warning: session_start(): open(/var/lib/php-cgi/session/sess_ej1sa2litml7mhut2c4oeiosr1, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/storage/a/4d/73/gazetasaomateus2/public_html/wp-content/themes/legatus-theme/functions/filters.php on line 5”

Can you help me?


Sorry but your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support you.

P.S. This should help

Very sad this. I know I bought thema a long time ago, but I just updated and now I have my whole site broken. Can not you really help me?

Sorry but those are envato rules and we need to follow them.

You can also try to contact your hosting support about this, because this is more related to them.

On the new post page there is a field for Masonry Block Photos. Where do those photos appear, and what is the best image size?

It is used in one of the homepage blocks, you can see them live here:

The suggested size is 220×320px

OK, so it allows us to precisely control what the images look like in those places, instead of the system utilising the main image..

Masonry block image is not displaying. ‘Main Image’ seems to override it.

Please submit a ticket on our support forum and add also FTP and wp-admin access details that will speed up the support process.

Hi, I would appreciate if anyone could help me to change nav menu color, nav drop down color and font color. Thanks Daniel


Do you mean the main menu section colors? In that case just edit the menus section and set that you want to show the color after that edit the page or category and there you should see the option to add color.

If I got you right, then it won’t be possible to add the icons there by default, but you can try to edit the includes/top.php file for that.


ddubovskis Purchased

Thanks. Few things I am no able to figure out.

1. How do I add social icons on left side of the header logo image? 2. How do I translate theme into Latvian? 3. How do I remove or edit beck to homepage link? 4. I have forum section create with plug in wpforo, I am not able to change width of the forum because theme is no letting me. Tried write code everywhere no luck 5. Mega menu widget is not working. How do I fix this? 6. Tried to change the font of navigation menu, no luck too.

If you drop me note private maybe you could have a look on my site? Or my email is

Much appreciated, Daniel

1. As I mentioned before you need to customize the header, as this isn’t in our theme by default.

2. Use the pot files in theme folder/languages, download the PoEdit, that is for free, and via them open the pot file and translate it to Latvian and save the file as lv_LV.po and it will automatically generate also mo file, bot files copy to the server theme folder/languages. Then just change the language in WordPress settings to Latvian.

3. Do you want to remove it in all places or just specific pages?

4. Can you please send live link ( you can add it in our support forum as private ticket ) to the forum page so we could take a closer look?

5.6, Please create a support ticket here and add also wp-admin and FTP access details, that will speed up the support process.


C-Y-B-E-R Purchased

What is the theme’s custom fields to integrate videos?

Also, are their shortcodes for this?

We are trying to integrate with our video import plugin, I have also sent an email.


The video embed code is saved in post_meta with key


There aren’t any shortcodes for that.