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Buenas tardes, es posible que el slider también aparezca en la versión móvil.

Good afternoon , the slider may also appear on the mobile version


opanoti Purchased

buenas tardes, el plugin visual composer esta desactualizado y dice que tengo que comprar una lisencia

good afternoon , visual composer plugin is outdated and says I have to buy a LICENSED


opanoti Purchased

aun nada de la actualización?

We launched an update, it includes the latest version of Visual Composer, it should be available within few hours.


I have been using this theme since 2014. But whenever the website crashes and the reason I get form my hosting team is that the theme is crashed. Also I have enable the bug reporter so I can see the errors and it says there are files missing. Can you please check and let me know why does this happen.

Could you open up a ticket on regarding this so we can take a look into it?


onocomp Purchased

Hi, my visual composer stop. Why?

Make sure you have updated to the latest version: (updating plugins section)

Hi. I have two question regarding this template. 1. Does the login the same for the forum and shop? 2. For comment for articles, is it possible to exclude the website field? Thank you

1. The forum and shop functionalities are added using bbpress and woocommerce plugins which will use the same Wordpress user database.
2. Yes, you can disable comments in your articles:


opanoti Purchased

Buenas tardes: como hago para desactivar el datmenu que el menú salga normal

Good afternoon , I want to disable the datmenu . the normal menu that appears


opanoti Purchased

tiene 144 lines:

<?php if ( ! defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) exit; // Exit if accessed directly add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘orange_themes_scripts’);

function orange_themes_scripts() { 
    global $wp_styles;
    $slider_enable = get_option(THEME_NAME."_slider_enable");
    $responsive = get_option(THEME_NAME."_responsive");
    $banner_type = get_option ( THEME_NAME."_banner_type" );
//font settings    
$_font_cyrillic_ex = get_option(THEME_NAME.'_font_cyrillic_ex');    
$_font_cyrillic = get_option(THEME_NAME.'_font_cyrillic');    
$_font_greek_ex = get_option(THEME_NAME.'_font_greek_ex');    
$_font_greek = get_option(THEME_NAME.'_font_greek');    
$_font_vietnamese = get_option(THEME_NAME.'_font_vietnamese');    
$_font_latin_ex = get_option(THEME_NAME.'_font_latin_ex');
if($_font_cyrillic_ex=="on") {
    $_font_cyrillic_ex = ",cyrillic-ext";    
} else {
    $_font_cyrillic_ex = false;
if($_font_cyrillic=="on") {
    $_font_cyrillic = ",cyrillic";    
} else {
    $_font_cyrillic = false;
if($_font_greek_ex=="on") {
    $_font_greek_ex = ",greek-ext";    
} else {
    $_font_greek_ex = false;
if($_font_greek=="on") {
    $_font_greek = ",greek";    
} else {
    $_font_greek = false;
if($_font_vietnamese=="on") {
    $_font_vietnamese = ",vietnamese";    
} else {
    $_font_vietnamese = false;
if($_font_latin_ex=="on") {
    $_font_latin_ex = ",latin-ext";    
} else {
    $_font_latin_ex = false;
//include google fonts
$google_fonts = array();
for($i=1; $i<=21; $i++) {
    if(get_option(THEME_NAME."google_font".$i)) {
        $google_fonts[] = get_option(THEME_NAME."google_font".$i);    
$google_fonts = array_unique($google_fonts);
foreach($google_fonts as $google_font) {
    $protocol = is_ssl() ? 'https' : 'http';
    if($google_font && $google_font!="Arial) {
        wp_enqueue_style( 'google-fonts-'.$i, $protocol.(" ", "+", $google_font)."&subset=latin".$_font_cyrillic_ex.$_font_cyrillic.$_font_greek_ex.$_font_greek.$_font_vietnamese.$_font_latin_ex);
wp_enqueue_style("reset", THEME_CSS_URL."reset.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_style("font-awesome", THEME_CSS_URL."font-awesome.min.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_style("main-stylesheet", THEME_CSS_URL."main-stylesheet.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_style("shortcode", THEME_CSS_URL."shortcode.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_style("lightbox", THEME_CSS_URL."lightbox.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_style("dat-menu", THEME_CSS_URL."dat-menu.css", Array());
if($responsive=="on") {
    wp_enqueue_style("responsive", THEME_CSS_URL."responsive.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_style('ie-only-styles', THEME_CSS_URL.'ie-ancient.css');
$wp_styles->add_data('ie-only-styles', 'conditional', 'lt IE 8');
if(get_option(THEME_NAME."_scriptLoad") != "on") {
    wp_enqueue_style('dynamic-css', admin_url('admin-ajax.php').'?action=ot_dynamic_css');
 wp_enqueue_style("style", get_stylesheet_uri(), Array());
wp_enqueue_script("cookies" , THEME_JS_URL."admin/jquery.c00kie.js", Array('jquery'), "1.0", true);
// js files
if($banner_type) {
    wp_enqueue_script("banner" , THEME_JS_URL."jquery.floating_popup.1.3.min.js", Array('jquery'), "1.0", true);
wp_enqueue_script(THEME_JS_URL."-scripts" , THEME_JS_URL."theme-scripts.js", Array('jquery'), "", true);
wp_enqueue_script("move" , THEME_JS_URL."jquery.event.move.js", Array('jquery'), '1.3.1', true);
wp_enqueue_script("swipe" , THEME_JS_URL."jquery.event.swipe.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("isotope" , THEME_JS_URL."isotope.pkgd.min.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("masonry" , THEME_JS_URL."masonry.pkgd.min.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("infinitescroll" , THEME_JS_URL."jquery.infinitescroll.min.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("imagesloaded" , THEME_JS_URL."imagesloaded.pkgd.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("lightbox" , THEME_JS_URL."lightbox.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("iscroll" , THEME_JS_URL."iscroll.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("modernizr" , THEME_JS_URL."modernizr.custom.50878.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
wp_enqueue_script("dat-menu" , THEME_JS_URL."dat-menu.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);
if ( is_singular() ) wp_enqueue_script( "comment-reply" );
wp_enqueue_script("ot-gallery" , THEME_JS_URL."ot_gallery.js", Array('jquery'), "1.0", true);
wp_enqueue_script("ot-scripts" , THEME_JS_URL."scripts.js", Array('jquery'), "1.0", true);
wp_enqueue_script("scripts-wp" , THEME_JS_URL.THEME_NAME.".js", Array('jquery'), "1.0.0", true);
if(get_option(THEME_NAME."_scriptLoad") != "on") {
    wp_enqueue_script("dynamic-scripts" , admin_url('admin-ajax.php').'?action=ot_dynamic_js', "1.0", true);
$post_type = get_post_type();
if($post_type=="gallery") {
    $gallery_id =get_the_ID();
} else { 
    $gallery_id = false;
        'adminUrl' => admin_url("admin-ajax.php"),
        'gallery_id' => $gallery_id,
        'galleryCat' => get_query_var('gallery-cat'),
        'imageUrl' => THEME_IMAGE_URL,
        'cssUrl' => THEME_CSS_URL,
        'themeUrl' => THEME_URL


You are looking for these lines:

wp_enqueue_style("dat-menu", THEME_CSS_URL."dat-menu.css", Array());
wp_enqueue_script("dat-menu" , THEME_JS_URL."dat-menu.js", Array('jquery'), '', true);

opanoti Purchased

mi idea es reemplazar datmenu, poner menu desplegable

Your theme description says that Legatus uses Datmenu, so why can’t we see a search bar in mobile pages in the header? It’s absent in the demo hosted on your server, and isn’t available on installation files either.

Try adding something like this at the very end of your “css/responsive.css” file:
@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
 body {
  padding-top: 60px;
 .dat-menu-top-header {
  display: block;

We need to change the order of featured articles on homepage and in categories.

We’ve used sortable sticky posts for such task: and displayed them in custom theme. Is it possible to apply similar concept using your theme?

I understand homepage and categories are built using blocks, so the top block can be the one using the sticky posts sorted by menu_order field, limited by some number of such articles. Below this block everything can be as usual, based on the latest articles.

Unfortunately currently we do not offer sorting by menu_order, but we will consider adding it in upcoming updates.

I want to increase centre main content width further and want to reduce main slider width. how can i do it?

We replied to your support ticket.

Hi, i’ve pretty much gone over the whole “newspaper” category checking all the available themes and i haven’t find what i’m looking for.

I’m in the need of a theme available to replicate the system that this newspaper site is using:

I’m specifically looking foward to replicate the left sidebar, where i’d be able to place and change each newspaper’s page (images), and the full screen width layout.

I’ve seen that your theme counts with plenty customization features, is it possible to achieve something like the link i left above? The most important feature i’m needig is that left sidebar, with newspaper pages in it, the fixed header AND the full screen width layout so i can take advantage of the entire available space.

If you tell me that i can achieve that with your theme/builder, then i’ll purchase it instantly.

So far i’ve seen that u count with 3 column layout in homepage, so maybe i can set up the newspaper pages thing on the leftside. But is it possible to make the layout full screen width? And the header fixed too, to scroll with the page?

Thanks in advance.

Currently unfortunately a full-width / full-screen page style is not available, but you can change the sidebar location to the left, change it’s contents as well as have different sidebars on different pages. We also do provide a fixed header menu.

And what about changing the wrapper width? Currently in your demo it has 1010px width (atleast that’s what i see on my 1366×768 desktop resolution), is it possible to changing it to, idk, 1200px for example? That would be enough i guess

It will require modifying the “css/main-stylesheet.css” file for new width sizes, but it is possible to change it.

Hi, you can view only the icon of the search menu and activate the form only after the click?


By default not, but with some customization it could be possible.

you can advise me a solution?

Sorry but your support licence has expired and we can’t do that, you will need to renew it.

Hi,nice template.I have a question before I buy the theme.Could the homepage disable the sidebar and change to a 3 columns layout.Each columns show a category’s posts.Thx.


You can disable the sidebar on homepage, but right now there won’t be option to add blocks in 3 columns.


banzai64 Purchased

Has this issue been solved yet? I am looking to buy the update – does it have the “disappearing adsense ads” problem solved? Thanks!


Mostly the ads are disappearing because google ads policies, you can place only 3 ads in one page.


iotivedo Purchased

I can’t install Legatus Extended plugin. I’ve tried also on a fresh new wordpress installation, but nothing.


Do you get any errors?