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Hello, when i click article image, I want to open the post. So if I click outside of the Show Image button, I want ta open post. You will understand with photo. What can i do this?

Is it difficult?

We will add this feature in our next updates.

Hello! In this template, there is the possibility of registering a customer account?

????????????! ? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ??????????? ???????????????? ????????

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?

Authorization is necessary on the site. For example how the plugin Profile Builder. There is something similar in the template?

Unfortunately this theme does not have any user profile templates.

how to update visual composer plugin ?

mmm, i tried to update by myself with the purchase code of the theme but obviously it doesn’t work. the only choice , i guess, is wait you update the plugin in the theme

Hi, when I activate the plugin WPBakery Visual Composer, the admin area is blank…..

How fix this?

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.


I cant find the options for Homepage Builder, Main Slider Image or Main Slider News anywhere ?

Its listed in the documentation but its not in the admin. Clean install of wordpress and only this theme running.

Can you advise please ?

To access these options you must create a page with Homepage template, after that, there will be meta boxes available at the bottom of the page for this.

Help me, I can not do the work of the Weather Forecast Reganto thema, how should I do? I already have the key.

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hi, I have a problem in the Home Page with the Latest News, because some of the latest news doesnt shows the resume text of the news, just show the image and in the resume text shows [...] For Example like in this image Smiley faceplease I need to know how to fix that….


Try adding the text in Excerpt field while editing the post.


I have a problem, I detected a lot of errors 404 in my page because this reference

to this image /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Sin-t%C3%ADtulo-1.png which doesn’t exists.

How can I fix it?

By now I solved the problem commenting the following lines in dynamic-css.php line 90 to 94.

/* <?php if($headerBg) { ?> .boxed { background-image: url(<?php echo $headerBg;?>); } <?php } ?> */

It seems that the problem is caused because of the symbols in the uploaded image’s filename. Try re-uploading the image but changing it’s filename.

thank you

Hello Im optimizing my site, and I want to know, How can I speed up the load of: font.php dynamic-css.php sripts.php Because this file makes my site slower….

thanks and tell me tips to speed up my site! ;)

The best way would be to use caching plugins like

Hello! I have a trouble with calendar widget. When click on date i get all post on this day except first. Why? (sidebar)

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?

Look, example I choice 1 october on calendar. On this date I have 5 posts. But when we go to page arhive on 1 october ( we see only 4 posts.

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hello I bought your theme yesterday and I am having a problem with 1. the Homepage template, I can´t drag & drop blocks in the area to edit. I have tried it on 2 servers and have used both a fresh install no data, fresh install using your demo data and a existing install with our existing data. 2. in the Legatus Management when I click on the links for Style, slider sidebar etc it DOES NOT take me to that section it stays at the top of the page.

I am using Version 1.1.9 and WP bakery (I paid $25 for it to see if that was an issue) Need your help urgently. I need to get this site done before the end of the weekend

any update?

OK I do do not know if anyone else is having this problem but I finally figured it out for me. I have my own dedicated server and I found that the mod_sec was blocking the JavaScript which wouldn’t allow the blocks to move. Once I changed the settings I found it will work.

If there is anything else, let us know, we will be only happy to help! :)

How I can remove the word “Category” specifies category before, the one in

? Thanks!!

Is not necessary!! Thanks!!

Responsive How I can insert a button or link on the version for smartphones and tablets in order to activate the full version (desktop resolution)?


I’ve solved. Thanks!

I thought you had gotten it, but it was not possible.

I explain briefly: I need a button or a link so that when the site is viewed on a smartphone or tablet can see the web version of the larger screen sizes (computers)

Unfortunately by default such feature is not available. We can add it for you, but it will be formed as a custom work for which we do charge for.

Please contact us via email for further information.
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

With your new update. hmm is it us, or some of the shortcodes are not working? For example the shortcode for tabs, once we insert the information.. the tabs are completely broken? hmmm why is this?

please note the shortcodes are for a page.

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

we have installed your theme which superb in design as well as in functionality, but we are unable to customise our site same as it is in the demo Kindly Help us to make the site like your demo site, if you want I can share my site’s admin credentials to you … I have used the demo data (XML) too, but no luck in home page the slider alone getting displayed, ... Hope I will get sure help from your site, ... we are in the situation to launch the site in very few days , ....

Please check your email.

Photo galleries on my website do not work well. can you help me? This is the page:

It seems that the page exceeds the allowed memory size on your web server, you must increase “memory_limit” option in your php.ini file in order to make this work.

tamilcinemadotcom – Your site is beautiful well done

Hi, How I can place the shortcode “marker” on the homepage and category page, just above the headline (title) of the story? thanks!

Unfortunately you cannot add it via shortcodes, because it can be added only in content area. To do that you will have to modify the code of the theme. It will require programming knowledge.

Hi Thanks for your email, all sorted. We do have another query, seen by the new update, we can now have our home page and present news in Blocks?

The so called Home Blocks:

where exactly do we change this?

also, could you please tell me why we still have the visual composer plugin Version 3.6.13 and not current version

please note that when we recieved an email from themeforest asking us to update we downloaded the theme again and re-installed it.

I think something is wrong, this is probably why we cant get the home blocks on our magazine. I cant find it anywhere!

Kindly help us out.

Warm Regards

Hi Thank you for your email, Could you please tell me how to change the template to homepage blocks?.. secondly we have no problem installing the plugin into the databas.. however I am confused as to where to we need to buy the plugin?.

I have no link to downloaded..

please let us know..

kind regards


Think it may be in the Zip file from the download? Where exactly is the plugin or under what folder to look for it? Many thanks.. sorry to trouble you that much

The newest version of plugin will be located in “includes/lib/plugins” in theme directory in downloaded archive from themeforest. You will need to replace plugin’s old files located in ”/wp-content/plugins”

there is a problem with photo gallery and links also note in the demo example click each item string does not work the gallery click on the magnifying glass, for the photo galleries when you give a click do not find the page


after click any gallery



Great! :)
Would you mind also rating our theme on themeforest?
That would be great help to us! :)