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Do embedded tweets work in this theme? I am getting them formatted like quotes once posted.

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

Currently we have no support for these embedded tweets but we will consider adding it in upcoming updates.

“508 Resource Limit is reached” error occurs again and again i can’t post a single article without seeing this error. The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

Refer error screen image link:

Script Errors are the follow,

1. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 508 (unused) 2. event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. 3. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) 4. Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

Legatus Premium Wordpress Theme Ver 1.1.7

Send me solution.

Please check your email.

hallo orange autor I have a problem with language translation. I have followed your step by step guidance on the Orange website. I translated the language and sent in FileZilla, but when I entered the site is to advance war appears as English. please if you have a little time to check the error my e-mail

Please make sure that:
1) You have edited the wp-config.php file and set the language;
2) The translation file name matches the one in wp-config.php (excluding the extension);
3) The translation file is located in ”/languages” folder in theme’s main directory.

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Do you have plans to change the top banner ad into 720×90 (almost nobody is using 468×60 anymore).

Second question, can you make default banner place under the main menu (check

Anything new on decision of making those homepage blocks that i sent. Here they are again:

” I would like to suggest three homepage blocks that will make Legatus theme much more to show category colors and to have much more options for the homepage.

Homepage block proposed for next updates:

And, also it would be good to have a block of ‘Most read articles’ like this in the picture:

1) To change that, you must modify “css/main-stylesheet.css” on line 370( .header-middle .banner ), change the width attribute.

2)Unfortunately by default these will not be available. We can add it for you, but it will be formed as a custom work for which we do charge for.

Please contact us via email for further information.
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.


How do i set the breaking news in the footer?

Also how do i add a banner ad to the header like in the theme demo?

How do i add a video gallery like on the homepage?

Sorry for the questions, thanks very much!



There will be an option “Enable Breaking Slider in Footer” in “Legatus Management -> Slider Settings -> Breaking News Sliders”.

It can be added in “Legatus Management -> General -> Banners”.

There will be a “Latest Videos” homepage block in your Homepage Builder.

could you tell me how i add videos to the video gallery please?

You can use video shortcode:
[video url=""]

Where do I change the font color on my homepage template? I am using Blocks and when you cursor over a post image the text is white on a white background. I do not see any style input on the Legatus control panel for this.

Block color…no global setting I guess.

Unfortunately currently there is no global setting for this, it can be changed while editing the post.

Hi, I want to change the Gallery permalink from “gallery” to “galerie-foto”.


Instead of /gallery/ I want to show /galerie-foto/.

Can you tell me where to change and what.


Try changing the “functions/register.php” file on line 48. It should solve the problem.
Note that you might lose the galleries you already have because they are assigned to custom post type called “gallery”.

Hello! Any way to change the slider size on front page to be full width? Thanks!

Unfortunately currently there is no option available for changing slider width. You will have to modify the “template-homepage.php”, “includes/sliders/slider-main.php”, “css/main-stylesheet.css” etc files to do this. This will require programming knowledge.

I’ve started adding content to my site, and I’ve come across a question;

I have a post, which is under a category called “exterior” which is a child to “DIY”

So; DIY > Exterior > Post.

On my menu when I click on DIY the post is listed and header says DIY.

When I go to the post though, it says BLOG which it should I would have thought have the name of the parent category or the category the post is actually in.

heres a link to the post;

I just checked another post;

This is posted under FAQ, but its header is also showing Blog.

Can this be changed? is it something I’ve missed?

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot, I will look into this.

I’ve added Facebook commenting, and made it so the Facebook comment count is shown on all the pages so this should be easy :D

Sorted. Thanks a lot.

Great! :)
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My first post using the rating/review block in a post. It bleeds into the sharing buttons. I also wasn’t able to use visual composer because the VC blocks bled into the review block. How do I correct this?

Bingo! Thanks!

Great! :)
Would you mind also rating our theme on themeforest?
That would be great help to us! :)

I did a long time ago. Might wanna check on that.

Hi I would like to suggest, create an option in the next update for manage de news of the breaking news slider. Because now I have to edit the old post and unselected the option of “breaking news” one by one. Could be nice create a view with a table with all post, and select and unselected the option of breaking news from there.

Thank you for the feedback, we will most definitely consider on adding this feature on upcoming updates.

Just bought the theme, it takes 10+ seconds to load. Any fixes?

The left side share buttons are the problem, it loads in about 2 seconds with them disabled.

Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate this problem, hopefully there will be a fix for this in upcoming updates.

How to hide author on posts…

Also please tell me how should I remove theme menu, I do want to use Ubermenu instead of theme menu.

1) It can be disabled in “Legatus Management -> General -> Blog -> Show “About Author” In Single Post/Page”
2) To do that, you must modify “includes/top.php” file, this will require programming knowledge.

(1) I need to change the content font color (body text) to all one color, where do I do this? (2) Ordered lists need to be indented, where? how?

example of both:

1. Try modifying the “css/main-stylesheet.css” file on line 3403. Change the
.main-article-content .shortcode-content p
.main-article-content .shortcode-content p,
.main-article-content .shortcode-content li

2. You can try adding something like this to your “css/main-stylesheet.css”:
.shortcode-content ol li {
text-indent: Xpx;
X – pixels to indent

Man are u alive or did you die? I asked to small questions. How to disable show author on posts and how to disable theme menu cause I wanna use other menu instead of theme menu…

Sorry for that. Please check your previous comment.

Asking me to update Plugin “WP Bakery = Visual Composer”..... this is included in your theme..but this is another plugin on codecanyon and when I go to update it says I need to purchase it from Codecanyon and therefore have to pay.

Why am I having to pay again after I purchased your theme for a plugin that you built in?

Please let me know what I am supposed to do? I dont feel I should have to spend another $25

hi I have problem about News category which is shown on homepage. ? select latest news by category 2 but although there is a category, in home page there no news under this title. but lates news is working. but when ? put latest news by category 2 before latest news latest news by category 2 is working. I didn’t understand, if you want ? can give your my pasworrd via mail to conncect my account the site name is (? am sorry about my english if you don’t understand clearly)

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Having problem with Latest News Scroller….it is extremely slow on Internet Explorer.

Please can you check and let me know what the issue is?


It seems to be working fine for us on IE10, which version are you using?


There is a problem with the RSS widget, if I set up a tittle, background and title has the same color (this one #264C84), so you can’t see the title. (It´s a big problem because Google detects that as a black hat SEO)

Try adding this to the bottom of your “css/main-stylesheet.css” file, it should solve the problem.
.main-content-right .panel h3 a {
color: white;

Ok, thank you.

No problem! :)
If there’s anything else, let us know!
Also, would you mind also rating our theme on themeforest?
That would be great help to us! :)

Hi there are update for WPBakery Visual Composer? i just update your theme today but i have this allert

You will have to update it manually. The updated version is located in “includes\lib\plugins\”, you have extract it over the old version in ”/wp-content/plugins/js_composer”