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Hi the Featured image in the website is not showing up for some reasons. Can you plz help? Also, there’s no pagination on the Homepage to Go to Next pages or so..


Common 404 Errors: ....postname/getimagesize_error_common

This might be caused by the tilde symbol ”~” in your URL, try removing it, see if the problem still persists.

is this theme WPML ready?

Yes, it is.

how to change from full width to boxed for the entire site?

You can do that in “Legatus Management -> Style Settings -> Page Colors/Style -> Page Layout”

have setup the homepage (using blocks in add page) to show articles from three categories (Video, Environment,Business). I have added articles to environment, and a video to videos but these are not showing on the homepage blocks at the bottom of the page (they are showing when you click the appropriate categories pages).

Have a look at, and you will see what I mean. How do I fix this?


We replied to you in forums.

Hello, error message on homepage : WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [image_no_editor] => Array ( [0] => No editor could be selected. ) ) [error_data] => Array ( ) )

Help Please

i’ve changed the image many times, the problem is still here.

Try using another picture or another format for it, does the problem still persists?
If it does – Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Yes the problem still persists, i’ve sent you the login information ! Thank you guys for the help

Hello please I need your help. I am new to wordpress and my developer legatus theme developer said he can’t do anything about the header banner which is 468×60. I really want to change mine to 728×90. I have seen many sites that are using this wonder template do the same. Themeforest says… To do that, you must modify “css/main-stylesheet.css” on line 369 (.header-middle .banner). Edit the width parameter. PLEASE WHERE CAN I FIND THE css/main-stylesheet.css is my site

To access this file you must access it directly via FTP etc. Or you can use a plugin like this:

Just a quick question what is the latest version? Just want to see if I have the latest.

Also are you thinking about adding other social site buttons like reddit and stumbleupon?

The latest version is 1.2.7.

Unfortunately currently we are not planning on adding these icons, but we will consider on adding them in upcoming updates.

I need to change font styles to fonts that are not listed in the drop down menus. How much do you charge to add us the font and style as a custom job? We’re looking to change the headlines and article content fonts. Thanks.

The related posts are pulled from the same categories as the post have.

Can it pull according to tags? It’s kinda useless posting from the same categories.

Unfortunately no, but you can try modifying “includes/news-single.php” file on lines 362-380. This will require programming knowledge.

Hello, I need to know how to make breaking news and slider to show automatically every post published. Thanks

Currently this feature is not available, but we are currently considering adding it in next updates. Most likely it will be available by the end of the next week.

Hello, i have just started using this theme, cant find my authorization code for aweber account, need a bit guidance.

Thanks, Zohair Mankani

The AWeber is a 3rd party (paid) service, you will need to register account there in order to use these services.

hello qeustion how does the theme crop the images? normaly i use timthumb does this also use timthumb?

Thank you so much! :)

where can i send the translated .mo and .po files to ?

We think that the best would be that you upload it to our forums, that way it will be automatically available to all our forum users :)


According to the algorithm penguel wonder how the new theme. Theme based on current SEO thinking I wonder if configured.

Because the site visitors suddenly lost ..

Thank you ..

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?


Is there any feature in this theme to create hyperlinks in text pointing to different parts of same text. Like a content overview in a book.


No, but it can simply be used by inserting HTML hyperlinks into the content:
<a name="point-to-this-part"></a>

<a href="#point-to-this-part"> go to another part </a>

Hi there,

I’ve looked through the theme options, and I’m not sure If I’ve missed this but im looking to have the date on my blog posts on the front page.

I know when I click through to the post the date is shown there but I was hoping to have the date shown on the main bit of information.

Next to say, “read full article” having the date of the post there would be great.

Is there an option any where I need to be selecting for this to happen?

my site :

Unfortunately currently this feature is not available, but we can add it for you. Please contact us by using the contact form on our profile page here on ThemeForest for more information.

please update the theme. Visual Composer – current version 4.0.1 is out and the theme using version 3.7.3 please update

We will launch an update for this ASAP.

Hi, I have your theme for a while now and just installed the latest version to update. I would like to be able to change the background color of the main menu. Also, I don’t use the top menu but there is always the 2 double dot lines on top, anyway to remove that? Thanks Helene

Try modifying “css/main-stylesheet.css” file on line 291 and remove the property “box-shadow”

it worked! Thank you very much. I really appreciate it when we buy a team and that we have good customer support! Thank you!

We’re glad to help! :)

Would you mind also rating our theme in Downloads section on ThemeForest?
A 5 star rating would be enormous help to us! :)

Write some decent upgrade, you just updated Visual Composer

Would it be possible to add a Footer widget in the next release? Like a three or two column footer would be perfect.

Thank you for your feedback, we will most definitely consider adding this feature in upcoming updates.


What is the easiest way to update the theme?

Regards, Zohair Mankani

You can simply re-download the theme from the ThemeForest. Inside the folder with all the theme related files there will be a file called changes.txt which will list all the files changed during all the updates.

I updated the theme then I went back and load the old CSS folder and I still see the update alert in admin section. What files in the CSS folder were updated? I do not want to write over my CSS settings.

Make sure you have changed the version number in your style.css file if you wish not to overwrite it.

so does that mean none of the files in CSS folder were updAated?

Sorry, I didn’t quite get the question. There is a list of the files updated in the changes.txt file located with all the theme files downloaded from ThemeForest. The style.css file located in themes main directory holds the declaration of the version you are currently using, without updating this file the theme thinks you are still using the old version.