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Q1: This was asked by a member. Homepage Block Style 2: “My new post always goes to the left section(main-split-left), instead I wanted a new post to go to the right section. Is there a way to control this when I publish a new post?”

Can this be possible? So that 1st post goes to the left and 2nd post to the Right and vise vasa instead of first aligned left and right after the left posts. Can I do it through CSS or where do I edit?

Q2: On the home page can I have navigation links at the end of the queried posts with Next<>Previous Navigation?

1. This is possible if you have some php knowledge to edit the php post loop for the block.

2. By default no, but with some code modifications it should be possible, only then you can use only one block on the homepage.

Thanks for your positive answer and the Quick responce. 1. Just point for me the file to modify to make this change and then I will have a try. The php file(s) that loops the block. 2. I am using only a single blog. Kindly anlso point the files to modify or maybe a direction on how to handle it.


Sorry for the hold on,
1. To do that you will have to modify the “functions/homepage-blocks.php” file. 2. As for the navigation – try changing the “includes/news.php” file. You’re looking for the line 505. (customized_nav_btns() ).

I hope you take note for the next update to support Google Adsense codes. As most do not work on this theme. Mobile view needs updating….and some features we’ve been waiting for ages such as “website last updated” in all said, a good theme!

Thank you for your feedback, currently we are planning on a major update for Legatus. We will most definitely keep this is mind while developing it.

awesome work ! thanks, but i couldnt create/add slider would you please help me

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hello, I have a concern. My main slider is not working. Even the breaking news also is not running. how I can do “I handle the adjustment to no avail. Thanks for your answer

Hello there I did not find your direct contact. Please send me the link please

There will be a contact form on our profile page:

Ok I just sent you a message with the different keys for access to the site

Hello! Great Job! We have installed your theme: Legatus – Responsive News/Magazine Theme, but we are unable to customise our site same as it is in the demo: Can you give us some help?

The demo data is included in the archive downloaded from ThemeForest. Look for the directory called “demo data (xml)”. We can help you to set it up but for that – could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Awesome! I hope you add RTL. :)

Thank you! We will most definitely consider adding it in future updates.


I am considering switching back to your theme. what updates will be done in the coming update? bbpress? megamenu? woocommerce? Better pagebuilder? more theme options? Please advise, and so i can decide whether to wait it out and stick with your theme..


Yes, bbPress, woocommerce, pagebuilder improvements will be added in the new update. Also there will be a better responsive version for the theme since that seems to be a main concern for our users.

Awesome, thanks for the info. When is it expected?

It should be launched by the end of the next month, it could be a bit earlier though.


You’ve heard it before, but you made a great theme. I have 2 questions.

1) How can I delete the white line that keeps moving in the main slide? 2) The titles are double. One is big and blue and the other smaller and in black. I can’t seem to find the switch to prevent this.

Thanx for the help!

We’re glad you like it! :)
1. Try modifying “css/main-stylesheet.css” on line 1028 (.slider-container .slider-content .slider-loading) and change the display property to “none”.
2. That means that you haven’t set the homepage and blog page correctly as it is described in this guide:

Hello, Congratulations for your theme. We are seriously thinking of buying your theme in order to renew our magazine. But we have a question related to the advertisment management (as you know, the main source of incoming of a media business). We don’t use Google Adsense, but ads are provided directly for our clients (JPEG, Gifs or Flash banners). How can we track the clicks and impressions of these banners? Can your theme provide this? Is there any compatible plugin to do it? Thank you in advance. Best regards. Juan.

We have banner spaces specifically integrated into the theme, you can insert it using HTML code so JPEG, GIF, Flash formats can be included without a headache as well as javascript if you do decide later on to use adsense or other services.

Hello, I’m having trouble with the following error,

[29-Aug-2014 09:10:04 Europe/Madrid] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_type() in /usr/home/ on line 3

Do you know why this is happening?

Thank you

It seems that there is something wrong with your wordpress installation. Try re-installing it, see if that helps.

Hello, do you have a feature or planning to have one where a user can update your theme directly from its panel rather uploading the file through ftp each time an update comes. Thanks

We had a plan on doing that but at the time ThemeForest did not allow such functionality for some reason. We’ll see if they allow it now. If they do, I think we could make it happen.

Hi, We have just bought this theme…our traffic is around 7-10 thousand user per day. 2 days back when we launched the legatuis theme on our site…CPU usage is getting very high…and that is making our site to be stopped.

CPU usage is rather high due to the dynamic construction of its fonts, css, and scripts on virtually every page load of the site: css/fonts.php js/scripts.php css/dynamic-css.php

how maintain a static set of css, scripts, and fonts for your theme??

We are using VPS server and already have this plugin for flushing cache. We have done our homework properly…please advice us on my question.

Please give us the solution. Thanks,

We are currently aware of this problem and we are working on a major update for Legatus which will fix this issue among other problems.

Hi! How to make the table a shortcode? In documents to a template there is no code for tables.

why then in an example to show, what such opportunity is?

It’s because there will be a button in the wp editor that will generate the table, but there is not a shortcode, it will generate it in HTML.


I have sent you an email about custom work, as you’ve done this in the past. I know you don’t work weekends but can you give me a quote and time for it? So I can pay so there isn’t any delays? Thanks

Sorry for the hold on, but we had problems on finding it, could you send it once more?

support wp 4.0 ?

It should be working fine, however, if there is a problem, let us know, we will take a look at this and help you to overcome this problem! :)

Friends, good afternoon!

I’m interested in buying the theme for use on our website.

Get me a question: Is it possible to choose what subjects (especially with pictures), go to the home?

Sorry my English bu Google

Ok Man !!! It would be perfect to choose which post will go to Home. It may be for TAG or simply click an option such as “Go to Home”

Has provision for the new update?

I’m happy with their answers

Ok, we’ll see what we can do. The update should be available by the end of the month.

WOW !!!! Queirão you filter posts by tag for the home or other options is essential. If possible, when the post that is home to not have photo, go without whitespace!

Buy right out the update!


OK .. Got it … That will not be good!

There is the possibility to choose which post will be shown in the home or is Auto Power?

The homepage is using a “Homepage Builder” in which you will be able to choose between 9 different homepage blocks, use which blocks you want and order them how you want.

Hello there;

I would like to ask you if in this theme I have the option of inserting a gallery slider into a blog post like in the following website :

I am looking forward to hear from you. Sebastian

Currently there will not be a slider for this, but there should be free wordpress plugins that provides this functionality.

Hello, i’m here because i can’t set the homepage like on the demo because when I setup the categories for the breaking news slider and the main slider it just doesn’t work…

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hi! Please, I need to customize your theme for one client and I need to put 4 big articles in homepage. Actually there are 3, you can check it in Can you help me about? thanks

Sorry, the url is thanks

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.