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I like the cleanliness of your theme and I really like the thick header, is there anyway to use the light or dark feel but without the cart items in the header? I would like to use it for a personal blog which is picture intensive and not ecommerce. I just want to remove the shopping cart elements, thanks

Hi, norcalhkr

Thanks for your interest in our product. Yes, you may use our theme as the Catalog without any Add to cart button and Shopping cart.


Thanks for the quick reply, does the theme support the standard wordpress gallery?

Yes, sure, theme supports standard WordPress Gallery, besides you may use Visual Composer element to create gallery.



I really love this theme, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. But I do have a few questions before bying, though….:

Is the user register and sign in only for the shopping part of the theme? In the beginning I will not be using the shopping feature but I do need my users to be able to register and sign in…...

Is it possible for users to upload their own text and photos from the front end?

*Is it possible to make pieces of content only accessible to users that are registred and logged in?

Looking forward to hear from you, thank’s a lot,

best regards Esben in Denmark….

Hi, Essyl

Thanks for choosing our theme. You may have these pages: Register and Sign In even if you do not use shopping feature. If you allow the users the access to your admin panel, they may upload the images. It is impossible to hide any content from unregistered users in our template.



I have a problem with my footer, I have added all of the elements in static block and widget area but when I have 4 widgets at the top as in your demo (Random products,on sale, recent and flickr) it breaks the container and pushes the 4th widget (usually flickr) underneath the others, I have tried a million different combinations but they all break the footer

Many thanks


Hi, sofacritic,

Please, contact us in support with the details to your site and we will review the issue you have.


Also I have the same problem in the top hidden widget area at the top of the page, I can’t get the buttons lined up with the text in the centre of the panel.

I can’t get any text or anything to go in the place in header top bar, I took the language changer buttons out because they didn’t work either

Apart from that it’s just about perfect


Hi, sofacritic,

Provide also the FTP access to our support and if possible the screenshots of your issues. Thanks


Hi there, I have a problem on import files xml as shown from the documentation. here is the error i received. “Failed to import Media”. hope u can solve me the problems. thank you.

Will you be so kind to provide us in support your admin panel access, and we will review? Thanks


sure, how can i pm u the detail.? sorry for late rply. got problem with my internet connection lately.

No problem. You may send your details in http://support.8theme.com by submitting the ticket.


hello; I just set up my Legaenda theme but I have a problem with Revolution Slider , it doesn’t show on the Home page. Where do I have to look to solve the problem? thank you

Hi, cutvintage,

Check if you have installed slider plugin, if you have created slider and if you have added it to home page code. Read theme documentation, it should help you http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/slideshow If after that problem still persists contact us on http://support.8theme.com


thank you it was about placing the code in the right place…

You`re welcome.



I confirm the theme options problem: in practice the dashboard goes into loop.
Installed on our own server, with dozens of other websites and WP installations

There are many reports on this (IMHO too much), I suggest you take a look at the problem.

iMac OS X 10.9 and FF 26

Hi, maucast,

Could you tell us what errors did you face? Or much better contact us on http://support.8theme.com , describe your problem in details and provide FTP and admin panel accesses. Also increase WP PHP Memory limit to 64 or 128MB, because it can cause some problems.


I purchased the theme and cannot download all the files and documentation. I wander if anybody else have that problem and why is this happening. I am really getting frustrated as it’s been over a week and I get no help to get this theme already.

Hi, dezignation,

Specify, please, what files cannot you downloaded? If you mean the theme package from your profile, in this case you need to address TF support.


Hello, I am looking for the lookbook page to edit but cannot find it. Where can I find the page below and what other items can I use for a lookbook? This is for a clothing site. Sorry, I am new to this!



Hello. I also wanted to know if it is possible to move the search bar to the right side rather than the left?

Hi, gigawatts,

You need to create LookBook page manually, with Visual Composer. As for the search bar you can change the type of your header.


hi i have a question to have multiple currency or language i have to buy same plugins? or is it include?

Hi, folik,

Thanks for your interest in our template. The currency feature can be set up via Woo Commerce plugin. As for the multiple languages – you can install WPML plugin.


Would Luv to buy this AMAZING looking theme today, sent you a few messages last night if you could respond to those few question asap plz (also a bit concerned with comment from @dezignation above…?)

Here is my ticket ID#JYY-669-65409 Hoping to resolve today, Thanks

How long does it take for the 8theme support site to respond usually? Really need to resolve asap plz

Thanks for your ticket, our expert is working on resolving your issue. Thanks for your patience.


How do you change the page layout for product categories or catalog pages.

I saw in theme options-product page layout where you can enable the sidebar and select which side it is shown on, but I can not find where you can select which widgets are seen.

I went to appearance-widgets and tried everyone there and none of them had any effect.

Thanks in advance!

You may enable this function in WooCommerce>Settings>Catalog> Shop Page Display>Show subcategories. As for the sidebar, you need to create your custom sidebar in Appearance>Widgets and add the necessary text widgets. Then you need to enter the page where you want the sidebar to appear and choose in the right corner the Sidebar position and Widget area.


What page is a category though? If I am wanting to show a widget in the T-shirt category, how do I find what page it is?

Will you be so kind to contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide the screenshot of what you want to implement? Thanks


Hi, I have question. Is there any possibility to get resized thumbnails in blog posts? It’s because of SEO. It looks like the current thumbnails has same image size like in post. So if the website has a lot of posts, loading of blog page takes long time.

Example: If I upload as thumbnail of the post image 1000×800 px. image is not resized to 300×200 or something like that.

Thank you for help


If you want to change the display of the blog post images – you can contact us with the screenshots and we will try to help you. If you want your blog page loads faster, you need to upload the images with smaller resolutions.


Hi 8thheme,

your Legenda Theme is really great, but your customer support differs in kindness ans quality from day to day. My first questions where answered quick, userfriendly and your answers solving my problems. The last two answers for two new support questions where really customer unfriendly. :confusedsad: So, to solve my little problem, i setted up a test wordpress installation, especially for your support. I hope, you can solve my problem / question now.

Hi, mwolfert,

Thanks but we are working on your tickets. Please, be patient, we try to do our best to solve your issues.



How do i add the slider in the sidebar that is in the product page? is it also possible to configure the slider by category?


Hi, Resha,

If we have correctly understood you, the slider is with the upsell products. Here you may find the necessary information: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/related-products-up-sells-and-cross-sells/. You also need to enable this sidebar in the Product Edit Page.


Thanks for your answer, where do i enable the sidebar? in the widgets or in the product page itself?

i also have a question regarding the Social Media Icons that you have in the footer, how do i set them to look like yours, i tried it but i can`t get it done.

also in the legenda theme there is a heart as the wishlist icon, in the demo there is just a text. how do i change the text to the heart, for some reason i can`t override it.

Yes, you may enable sidebar in Widgets. You need to edit your social links in Appearance>Widgets>Prefooter, previously created Static Block with html code for social icons. Please, follow the instructions according to Wishlist: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/wishlist


Hey guys,

Love this theme, and my client loves this theme – just one quick question, is it possible to stop the forced capital letter text on the product titles, and where can i modify this?


Hi, vmerheb,

You may add this into your custom.css file: .slide-item .product .product-name, .products-grid .product .product-name {text-transform:none !important;}


Sorry guys, i forgot to check for the reply to this comment, as I figured it out the next day – dunno why i didnt originally check the CSS :) thanks for the response though!!!

You are welcome :)

Hi guys,

Awesome theme! A quick question, can we put some portfolio items (e.g. of certain category) on the homepage? Thank you muchly in advance.


Hi, melisaciputra,

Thanks for your interest in our template. :) Yes, you may implement this with the help of Visual Composer element: Teaser Post Grid


Hi all,

the Legenda theme is not bad, but also with some really weak details. Also the quality and the kindness of the support is really variable.

Sorry 8theme, but you have to improve some things.


Hi, mwolfert,

Our expert has answered to all your tickets and did as many as possible to satisfy your requirements. Anyway, thanks, we will take into account your suggestions.


HI 8theme,

i think, this depends on the point of view. Sometimes ist’s not possible, to give a link, WP and FTP access to any support team. So i had one hour of work, to build a new wordpress installation, with an Legenda installation from scratch, to show your support my problems. Finally we figured out, that the problem was on your side, because the serach icon in Legenda headers 3 & 4 works only with installed WooCommerce Plugin. So, it’s not my problem, that some parts of your theme doesn’t work out of the box. For the secod problem i got some really commons answers, without a finally solution. When this is your “many possible doing” for customers … oh my god.



Sorry, if our answers were not so helpful as you expected, but we really do want to help you. If you have any additional questions concerning our theme – please contact us in the same ticket order. Thanks


A few questions:

1: I insert my logo image under theme options, logo image – BUT My logo comes out smaller than what I have designed it no matter how big I make it, always stays the same size?? How do I make it bigger?

2: None of the Edit text blocks work for me, I am trying to edit or Add text and it never lets you edit or add text into the text boxes

Hi, waharrington,

1. You may insert this code in your custom.css file:

.header6 .logo img {

max-width: 100% !important;


2. Please, specify, what blocks do you mean? Thanks


On your demo site you have a heart in a circle for wish list – I do not have this? Where can get this to look the same?

Hi, waharrington,

Please, read all the information about Wishlist on our tutorial: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/wishlist