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I want to say, TRULY This Theme LEGENDA WP THeme is SO AMAZING (I only had one issue with a header logo, and 8Theme literally Fixed it on the Fly and was Perfect) and even INCREDIBLE on Responsive Mobile View (iphone5s here) #POW!$ I Am SO Now a BIG #8THEME FAN!! I RECOMMEND HIGHLY (all these bells and whistles AND even easy page builder/Visual Composer) #winWIN!!

THNKS 8THEME from Me and my Blown Away Client http://mediacube.co (in case any potential customers want to see some True New actual sites from new buyers… beautiful ecommerce/woocommerce friendly) -Sterling

Hi, sterlingwilliam,

Thanks for your so positive feedback, sterlingwilliam :)
Cool web-site you have! Wish you Good Luck and many many Sales. Glad you have chosen our template and you were pleasant to work with!


Awesome theme! Awesome support! Awesome features! I am truly happy and I totally recommend this theme to all! :)


Hi, how to remove blank space around the logo please ? I send you and email. Thanks

Ok. thanks


Still waiting an answer btw. Thanks. (Attachments in email)

We have answered to your email.


Hi, great theme!! How do I create the Portfolio page where all the projects are displayed as a grid? I created a Portfolio page, set the template to Portfolio, but it displays all the projects as a blog posts.


Hi, datinta,

Thanks for using our theme :)

Will you be so kind to provide us all the details to our http://support.8theme.com? Thanks


My login form in lightbox is different than in your demo website. How can i change it to your type? (i have login and password in same line, when i look at it on smartphone they jump on each other, on demo website they are under each other and everything shows up fine) Login form in desktop mode has login on one side and register on other. On my website when i pres login. it only shows login form, how can i change that?

I found another error. When i goto register page and register as new user, i get huge loading circle and that is it. (registration doesnt come through) Anyone can register is on.

Hi, Boris235,

It would be better if you provide us the site link to our support so we may review the issues better. If possible send the screenshots. Thanks


Hi, Great theme. I would like to know how to setup the popup window as you set in the demo site in this link http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/shop/comfortable-fashion-jacket/ for SIZING GUIDE I cannot find any shortcode to do that. Thanks

no, Santa window I understood. I am confused about the sizing guide, you can find this here http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/shop/comfortable-fashion-jacket/ just below the product short description. This calls SIZING GUIDE and when you click on it, it will open a lightbox window – this is what I want to link on my product, but couldn’t find a way out yet. Please help.

In fact, in my site, I am in the Edit Product page, but I cannot see any option that can add a SIZING GUIDE in my product page. What I am missing actually?

Find in Products>Edit Product>Custom Fields>size_guide_img


Hi, i’ve found your theme very beautiful, but i have some pre-sale question.

- There’s a way to show a badge (like the “new” and “sale” badges) on a specific category or attribute, for example called “Vintage”? - I’ve seen that all the thumbs shown in the product single pages are vertical. What about if there’s a mix of vertical and horizontal images of different shape without hard crops settings? - Is it possible to place the logo on the left or on the right and not in a centered position? - Is it possible to have a Zoom that opens a little square of details at the right of the main product image?

Thank you.

Hi, robypre,

Thanks for the interest in our template. You may try to upload your own image instead of Sale and New. As for the images in the gallery, the will be displayed in the way you have uploaded theme, whether they be horizontal or vertical. In our theme there are two types of zoom: slippy and window


Hi! I have this theme. How could I erase the text:

Wordpress DEMO Store. All Rights Reserved.

in the footer?

Thanks, András

Hi, andras77,

You can remove this line in Appearance>Widgets>Footer Links


Hello I purchased the theme legend, there are two things missing: 1 Look Book 2 box icon (I do not see thumbnail icons and I can not choose) thanks

Will you be so kind to provide ticket ID?


We have not received any email where it said the number of Ticket. So if you can retrive your work through our email, which is as follows: info@essenzagrafica.com

Unfortunately, we have received any ticket from this email. Check please.


Hi. How to change the name of the button “add to cart”?

Hi, ShatiloAndrei,

You may do it via translation po and mo files that are included in our theme package: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/how_to_translate


Im trying to install but it wont download. I tried on multiple computers it always stops at about half way. Whats the problem?

Need help

Hi, kahlcompany,

Thanks for purchase our theme. Please, follow our instructions. If you cannot install our theme via wp admin panel, try via your FTP: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/installation


I downloaded theme, now I can’t upload to wp. Which file should I upload??


Hi, kahlcompany,

Please, unzip on your local machine theme archive (Legenda_Ecommerce_Responsive_WordPress_Theme.zip). Find inside Legenda_WordPress_Theme.zip archive, and unzip it too. Find inside legenda folder and make the zip archive legenda.zip, so it should look like “legenda.zip/theme_files” not “legenda.zip/legenda/theme_files”. Now upload this archive to Wordpress or FTP.


Hi! I have 2 pre-sale questions: 1) I saw you added BBPress integration. Are you planning to add BuddyPress as well? If yes, when would that be? 2) I need to have user profile photo on my product reviews, just like the Theme already has on blog section. Do you know any plugin that does that? Thanks!

Hi, ricardods,

Thanks for your interest in our templateJ Currently we are not planning to add Buddy press to our theme. We do not have any plugins that we may suggest for that, sorry


Hi, You should make it on your next update that when you want to change the size of the logo you do not have to change the custom.css path or have to load a code as some of us are not very code savvy. My logo is very small no matter how big I make it, Can you please make my logo bigger?? I have asked twice now with very plain answers and no help.

Hi, waharrington,

Thanks for your suggestion. You may add this into custom.css: .header1 .logo img{max-width:100% !important;}


YES YOU HAVE TOLD ME THIS 3 TIMES!!! – Yet you offer no help!!!! – Your theme is misleading!! – On the demo your logo is much bigger than mine, you say you need to input a code into custom.css but it does not work for me! – Please help me ASAP otherwise I will contact ENVATO and ask for a full refund as you offer no help what so ever!

Very likely you have not enabled custom.ccs file in your admin panel. Check, please. You may send us you access to our emails and we will review better.



Any demo for the bbpress integreation?

ohhh – now i found it :D GLWS

Hi, chooseone,

Ok :)


Featured Product title is not displayed on website after updating version 1.5. Please help

Hi, ganeshbehera,

After the update you need to recreate the Featured product slider with the help of Visual Composer as the short code is not active anymore.


Hi I recently bought this. When trying to import the demo data it doesn`t get imported. I even tried twice by deleting wordpress of my godaddy account and starting over. I follow the documentation but mostly nothing shows up, just some things like product-categories, but no pictures, homepage, menu, slider, nothing. What to do?

Hi, thebutterflyshow,

Thanks for the purchase. Specify what issue do you have with the import? Have you checked your memory limit? Have you installed Woocommerce plugin?



From previous comments, I can see you used http://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp/ to display the subscription form on the frontpage.

But what did you do to achieve the styling you have on your subscription form?

Did you add some special CSS or did you do something else?

Thanks, Mads

Hi, madsphi,

We use Mail Chimp for Wp plugin for Newsletter section and add only the frame. You can add your own html into plugin settings.


How did you add the frame? Can you share some html/css?

Will you be so kind to contact us via contact form? Thanks


Hi, ever since I updated my Legenda theme to version 1.5 I’ve been having problems with the Revolution Slider. It’s moved to the left and it won’t move back to its original position.

Hi, taumorena,

Please, send the site link or the screenshot to our support. Thanks


I had previously asked how to make my logo bigger, because your demo is somewhat misleading it shows a bigger logo, but when we replace it with our own, it makes our logo small. Your “fix”” for this is telling us to input some code into the custom css.

Now I send in a ticket regarding my logo moving to the right when I turn off the responsiveness of your theme (disabling the mobile view) and your response is because my logo is big and that I need to make it small again.

I am not happy with that answer. The tiny default way your theme displays our logo looks terrible, I do not want to do that. How come it can display your logo normal size? Also, I do not want to have mobile view enabled, surely there is a better fix than the one your support provided!


Have you found a fix to this yet?

Still waiting to hear something one this?

We have replied to your ticket on 26 of January. Please, check.