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I am having problems setting up the css menu to display pics inside the menu.

I have read your documentation which is far from complete and can find no way to put product catagories inside the menu and add the suggested css? The options you have on the docs simply aren’t available inside the menu panels that I have or want to use? :/ I can’t get three levels deep to add the three steps:

1, menu-full-width 2, et-col4 3 image-item

and my panels don’t have the same field options as your documentation pics? I only have the Navigation Label, Title Attribute, CSS Classes (optional) and Description fields available inside the menu items despite having the correct “Show advanced menu properties” options checked?

My site is a simple straight forward store that uses pages and woocommerce product catagories in the menu but it doesn’t seem the theme is able to display the full width menu using these pages alone. This is insanely confusing from where I am right now and really needs addressing in the docs because I have spent a very serious amount of time trying to get this working.

In the docs you have a menu item called “custom” but what is that and how do we make our own “custom” menu item? I have searched all over and can see nothing called custom or how to make such a thing?

The custom page seems to be the only menu item that allows you to use all of the four input panles url, Navigation Label, Title Attribute, CSS Classes (optional) and Description field but what is that and how do I make it?

Please help. :(

Hi, sofacritic,

Thank you for choosing our theme. In your admin panel you have all the necessary fields to create mega menu like our demo has. Main fields are Navigation Label, Title Attribute, CSS Classes (optional) and Description. You don’t need any other fields. But what problem do you have with menu set up? If you want we can create some “demo” items in your navigation to demonstrate our abilities. If you want to add custom items in your navigation you need to use item “Links” in Appearance->Menus.


Hi is your site down? I don seem to be able to go to your site.

Hello, destsyp4s,

At the moment we make an upgrade of our hosting machine. Please, wait it will be available soon.


Hi. Would you mind to take a look at your mailbox? I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding my issue.


Hello, calendula222,

Thank you for contacting us. We will review your mail as soon as possible.


Hi, It would be really nice to have number of reviews in front of rating stars, just like Superstore from Woo has: http://demo2.woothemes.com/?name=superstore Is it possible to have that?

By the way you guys know that Magento also comes “out of the box” with this. So it seems to be a must have ecommerce feature!

Hello, ricardods,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will review this feature request.


Hey 8theme, it seems as thought something is wrong with your demo page for this theme as well as link to your website from theme forest. Is there a problem with the demo link?


Hello, DreDay101,

At the moment we have some technical problems with our hosting machine. Please, wait it will be available soon.


Your support website is down aswell. I get this issue on my website when i add <a href="#"> i get this </a><a href="\"#\""></a> same with ’#’... I know its magic quotes issue but how do i turn it of on php 5.5 since magic quotes doesnt work from php 5.4 onwards.

Hello, Boris235,

Sorry, but this issue doesn’t related to our theme, and we don’t have any suggestions for you in this situation.


Hi What is the use of mega menus?

Hello, jumpnwow,

You can create a large menu that will include simple drop down lists and also full-width sections with different columns, including images.


Hello, jumpnwow,

We noticed that you have rated our Legenda theme in 1 point. It will be very appreciated if you contact us via contact for with detailed information about your issues. We do want to help you to solve all of them. Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.


Seems your site is down – please check as we cannot access documentation from themeforest or from your site directly.

Hello, slpalmer,

At the moment we make an upgrade of our hosting machine. Please, wait it will be available soon.


4 TIME REQUEST – Your theme is misleading!! – BUYERS beware we have had many problems with support from this theme so if you are not savvy with custom changes as a lot of this site is like this I would not buy this theme!

- On the demo your logo is much bigger than mine, you say you need to input a stupid code into custom.css after changing it from default.custom.css – there is no way you can do this unless you have some sort of FTP program- Please help me ASAP otherwise I will contact ENVATO and ask for a full refund as you offer no help what so ever!

Hello, waharrington,

Thank you for contacting us.

At the moment we make an upgrade of our hosting machine. Please, wait it will be available soon.

Your web-site has the same logo size as our, if you want to change this you need to add some CSS code for your web-site, it is not a problem. If you can’t make this customization we can do it for you in our support center or via contact page http://themeforest.net/user/8theme .


Hi there,

I purchased this theme and am having issues with the animation of certain sections. It was working fine if I set it bottom to top, then this morning that section of my site disappeared. It was on the go-live day too. I am kind of upset about this since I was told you guys had excellent support yet I can’t even get onto your support page. Could you please help. if this can’t be fixed I will contact envato and let them know that this theme doesn’t have all the features as described.

Also, as for the updates, your site says version 1.5 but the one I have installed reads 1.4.1. How come I didn’t download the latest version?

Hello, gliterarygirl,

At the moment we make an upgrade of our hosting machine. Please, wait it will be available soon, and we will help you with your problem. You need to download and upload the latest version of our theme to your web-site.


Whenever I post a link on Facebook to a product on my site, I get this in the description text “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Pariatur, praesentium, recusandae facere sapiente ex impedit ad laborum sunt fugiat fugit. Nesciunt, magni blanditiis excepturi atque optio officiis omnis ab quis.”

I have changed all my text to what I want it to be. Why is it doing this and where is it getting this text from? I can’t find anywhere on my site where I have not deleted the lorem ipsum text.

I would ask in support, but your support site is down.

Hello, deal2014,

Thank you for contacting us. Support will be available soon.

Please, provide your web-site link, we will review your problem.


The slider is pushed to the left after the 1.5 update. Please fix. Thanks!

Hello, zeeframe,

Thanks for your report, we will review this problem.



First off, awesome theme and very well thought out.

However, I am wanting to place a horizontally repeating background at the very top of page (above the wishlist, etc.) and at the very bottom of the page that measures roughly 81px in height. Curious where I could place this code in order to have it display properly?

Thanks in advance!

It will be much better if you provide us the site link and the screenshot. Thanks


Yes, so I am basically trying to duplicate the efforts found here: http://www.olivejuicechicago.com/ into the Legenda theme. So basically the image on the top and bottom. This site was a custom site built with bootstrap, but trying to rebuild in Wordpress using Legenda theme. Thanks!

This requires additional customization of our template. If you are interested in, please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com


Hi! I am having the same problem that foxdesignwerx had. I would like to get rid of Main Sidebar. I need to add a custom Sidebar to Blog section, I config blog page to show my new sidebar but the Main Sidebar is showing up. Are we doing something wrong?

Hi, ricardods,

Unfortunately, in our theme you may have only Main Sidebar in Blog page. It is impossible to have custom block on Blog page.



The created attribute is not displayed in front end. Please let me know why and fix it asap. Thanks.

Hi, remembersh,

Please, check if you have added them correctly: http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/user-guide/product-variations/


when i click on add to cart on product detail page, I am getting ajax error. Please do help

Hi, ganeshbehera,

Please, check if you do not have any additional plugins? If yes, try to deactivate them and retry. Try this also with default theme.


Do you have a gallery page? :)

Hi, iToH,

Our theme can be used as a Gallery if you disable Add To Cart button.



During the final checkout process, it just continues loading and doesn’t finish.

From the Woocommerce system status settings, it shows this error, wp_remote_post() failed. PayPal IPN won’t work with your server. Contact your hosting provider. Error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘www.paypal.com’

Please advice.

Hi, benjaminkwa,

Please, contact your hosting provider as it is mentioned in the error message.


Hello, how to change product image size on product page?

Thanks. Bt, Mike.

Hi, bespinchos,

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the image size in our theme settings by default.


This is what I was looking for! Great job!

nice integration with BBpress, are you planning to integrate with BudePress?

Regards, K

Hi, kiwii,

Thanks for that! Currently we are not planning to implement that.