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I have been waiting for several weeks for the fix for youtube product video which does not display in Firefox. Can you please advise on when or if this will be fixed?

Hi, fgrace,

We have answered to your ticket and said that this is not at issue of any additional plugin but flexslider.


Having similar issue. same as previous post by yandao. testing in chrome.. it’s seems to be an Intermittent Problems

yandao 2 days ago Flag When a product is added to the cart, the cart will show 2 quantity instead of 1 even though the user has only clicked once.


only happens in the homepage listing.. single products are working fine.

Hi, fluent,

Thanks for the report. Will fix it soon.


Just a suggestion, it would be nice to add some masonry blog with this features: http://bit.ly/1fCaLg5

It has different widths, can group gallery images, etc.

Do you know perhaps a plugin that can do this?


Hi, kiwii,

Thanks for your suggestion. Currently, we cannot advise any plugin for that.


Love using your theme Legenda.

Quick question.

How can I remove the switch on the mobile responsive version which says “disable”? I don’t want to offer this choice. It should default on responsive.

Thank you,


Hi, lfranken,

Thanks for choosing our product. Please, insert this into custom.css file: .responsive-switcher{display:none !important;}


Hi, i do manage to have a nice understanding of your amazing site, but some strange behavior are still present.

1) The quick view did not work in the french part of the site.

2) Also, the english version of the shop categories redirect me to a 404 page… Even after delete the page and rebuilt it.

3) Product code is absent too from both languages.

4) I need ACCORDION navigation and are not able to make it work,

I have a multilingual site with the last WPML and WP installation. Can you help please. Thank you


Hi, lpday,

Thanks for using our theme. Please, submit a ticket and provide admin panel access http://support.8theme.com


I’m having major problems with the checkout with this theme update. The payment and shipping box has a buffering over it that never stops. Noone can place an order!

Hi, mycustomsoftware,

As we have requested before, please, contact us in support. Thanks


I tried that, and i’m not getting a response.

Specify your ticket ID, please.


Fabulous theme and brilliant support!!!

Many thanks :)

Lost password is not function in your theme.

Registration Email is not complete too.

In the email should contain special url that direct customer to sign in. but it just show:

Your login details: Username: Teh Pei Shan Password: Your chosen password

Please help me on that. Thanks

Please, check if it works on default theme. If yes, contact us in http://support.8theme.com


I already check and sent you a ticket. Looking for your feedback and solution. Thanks.

Thanks, will review that ASAP


hi . I am having some trouble when adding items to the cart trough the quickview, it automatically adds 2pc of the chosen item to the cart, there is no settings which says that you can cange that, but I assume it should be qty- 1pc that should be standard.

best regards gabriella

Hi, gabriellahennings,

Thanks for the information. We are informed about that, as soon it will be fixed.


Hi any news about this problem ? I have the version from 1st of march, and it still adds 2pc every time I add it truogh the quickview? best regards

You may contact us in support and we will provide you the solution. The update will be also available soon.


Hi Is Legenda Multisite compatible?

Hi, fgrace,

Yes, there should not be any issues with that.


Same problem as others: when a product is added to the cart, the cart will show 2 quantity instead of 1 even though the user has only clicked once.

Is possible add price filter ajax?

So great to seeing this theme going to prefect!

Hi, fordiy,

Please, contact us in support for the solution and provide here the ticket ID, thanks :)


After below function available, will go for it. 1. Product list view in mobile browser 2. Ajax price filter and other meta filter 3. Add to cart quantity bug fix

It will be better if you contact us in support and we will help you with the solution.


Dear 8themes, I Have purchased and installed your beautiful theme. I have searched in google for a support forum but I couldn’t find it. Is this the place to ask technical questions? If not can you provide the right link? I installed all (I think) demo data and all the home pages but I cant’s see a template for the product (as it is it doesn’t look at all as it should. You can have a look at http://naturalnicheperfume.com/?post_type=product&sb=0) and for the product categories and I don’t see a shortcode to add a slide of the product categories. Thank you Mauro

Hi, profumopuntoit,

Thanks for your purchase of our theme. You may find necessary instructions here: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/documenter_cover. Make sure you have installed WooCommerce plugin. You can also contact us in support.8theme.com ( http://support.8theme.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit )


Im really glad you added the unlimited variant on the website – that is a very important feature other overlook and is very needed! thanks!.

Hi, hollysnails,

Thanks for your estimation.


Hi, I ran into a problem when using a right-column layout. The space between wrapper and content space doesn’t show up. I’m using a child-theme css to add changes but even if I disable all of them to get only the plain legenda styling the problem stays the same. I can’t switch to a right column layout at the demo site to compare css settings.

A relevant screenshot (site url is in the pic): http://tinyurl.com/ovq4nxg

Do you see where this is coming from?

Please, add this into custom.css
@media (max-width:767px){ .sidebar-position-right .content{ margin-left: 0; } }.


Thanks your the reply! Your recommendation fixed the issue.

I’m curious: Were you able to reproduce the issue on your end?


Welcome! Yes, we will try to.


Hi, On my Product Page I don’t want all the product description to be displayed, only the price (no SKU, dimensions, categories etc…). How do I do that?

Also, on Shop page, my products are displayed one by one and not in a row….how do I change that?


Hi, dumaraismichaella,

You may edit your page and leave only the information you need to display. To change the look of the Shop page you are able to do that via Theme Options>Product Page Layout.


Hello, when i instal the demo data for the home1, but it’s not same with your demo website. I need the newsletter form, but it’s not shown in my home1 data. Would you pls help on this? thanks.

Hi, deanliu,

Sure, contact us in http://support.8theme.com with the site link and we will help you.


Hi, Updated to v1.9. Visual composer is not working properly. When pressing buttons “add elements”, “add row” etc nothing happens. All access rules given to admin in the vc settings. Any idea? Regards Kim

Hi, kimrog,

Please, make sure any additionally installed plugins do not cause that.


Thank you, it was a conflict with one of my plugins.

Glad you have resolved that :)


Hi, I created a Portfolio page, set the template to Portfolio, but it displays all the projects as my blog posts with a right side panel. How to fix it like demo 3 columns styles portofolio? I saw in comments that many others had the same problem but no answer tell how to fix it.


Try this in your custom.css file: .portfolio-item .post-info{display:none;}


Thank you but I do not prefer to change my css.file

You need not worry about that. Custom.css is not style.css file and it can be easily changed by adding the necessary code. You may review the information about the usage of custom.css file: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qok2zRedRMY&index=3&list=PLMqMSqDgPNmD4uhGI1IBhr1iaEy81TMff


I would like to thank Helen Smith for best support! My problems were fixed so fast with Legenda Theme, in a blink of an eye. Thank you Helen! 8Theme support is the best!

Hi, Metcis,

Thanks for being with us :) That was a pleasure to work with such a customer!


I have tried about 6 different contact form plugins but none of them sit correctly on the theme when I’m using Chrome browser. What doesn’t sit properly is the checkbox option, the boxes (to check) are usually missing! This includes Form 7 plugin as well. I’m not a developer but what is the work around?

Hi, btaefi,

We use Contact Form 7 plugin with our theme. If you have some issues with that, contact us in support. Thanks