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I’m considering purchasing this theme. Quick question: is the forum functionality included with this theme purchase? I couldnt find it in the documentation. I want to add discussion forum page on my site Thanks,

Hi, anitorosyan,

Thanks for your interest. Our theme is compatible with BBPress plugin that provides a forum system.


I love this theme. I’m using it for a non-ecommerce site. Is there a way to add info other than Woocommerce stuff to the right side of the header? Also, I can’t get the map to display properly on the contact page. The space is there without map content.

Hi, divachanel,

Thanks for using our theme. Please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide the details to your site.


I’m very disappointed about the support team! Me and my collegue have 3 tickets without any reply, one of these since 3 weeks. I’ve just tried to write through the chat system but they kick me out. This theme has a lot of functionalities not properly implemented, and they just think to implement new ones in every update without fixing the existing ones.

We had 3 customers with this template, but there will not be a 4th for sure!

Dear tukano,

We are sure that this is a very strange misunderstanding. As usual all the tickets are studied in 2-3 days and at the moment we cannot find any ticket submitted from your login. Please, provide here all your ticket IDs and we will resolve this urgently. Sorry, for invonveniences, we really do want our product bring your only profit not troubles.



Where can i change the word “Social”? http://prntscr.com/2zwo5m

Hi, hyberman,

You may change that word only by translation of the .po files.


Hello, i have changed the word in the default.po file located in /wp-content/themes/theme-name/languages and the word is not updated. I tried clearing browser cache.

Very likely you have done smth wrong. Please, contact us in support and we will help you.


I would like to use links inside toggle blocks, but they do not work. When I click on them, the toggle block just closes. I am using the following syntax:

title="Toggle title 1"] I am one of the Baby Photographers listed in this directory of the top baby photographers in the world./toggle

Can you please tell me the correct way to write this code so that the link will work?

I can’t get the code to paste without rendering the HTML!

Just trying to use an a href= tag inside the toggle block.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to use links inside toggle blocks in our theme. Perhaps we will try to implement this in the next updates.


Hi there – a few pre sales questions:

Header layout: I need one with the main logo on the left, a top bar with social icons and secondary menu (above the logo) – the main menu in a bar below the main logo an another graphic roughly the same size as the logo – but on the far right side. So main logo on the left side and second logo on the right (secondary navigation and social icons on top and main navigation below the Logos)

Is this possible? – plus how will this work with responsive views? will the second logo be shown below the main one?

Also do you have the options of adding higher resolution logos for retina devices etc?

Thanks very much

Hi, anton123,

Thanks for your interest in our template. In our theme there is no such possibility to have double logo. As for the higher resolution logos, yes, it is possible to implement.


Feel great with the support team. You managed to solve lost password problem in 1 to 2 days. Great Job.

But I got another question here: How can i add phone no section in “My Account”. I want my customer provide me their phone no.

Thank you.

Hi, tehpeishan,

Thanks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to implement, sorry.


Is there a quick bit of CSS to change header types 3 or 4 so the navigation elements are right aligned like theleader theme has? You see, we have only 5 navigation buttons but the styling pushes them left aligned while the fixed nav bar shows them right aligned.


Hi, simonfau,

You may contact us in http://support.8theme.com, provide the site link and details about the changes you want to implement. Thanks



I just purchased and installed your theme but now I have an error message on the front end and back end that says:

Warning: require_once(OAuth.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/cdpekxaq/public_html/wp-content/themes/legenda/framework/twitteroauth/twitteroauth.php on line 10

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘OAuth.php’ (include_path=’‘) in /home/cdpekxaq/public_html/wp-content/themes/legenda/framework/twitteroauth/twitteroauth.php on line 10

Can you help me with this?

Hi, melaniehelena,

Please, contact us in support with your FTP access and we will help you. Thanks


Thanks for the quick reply. I got it all straightened out now. Thanks again!

You`re welcome.


Does this version of Legenda work with the latest Woocommerce updates?

Please, leave a ticket with your accesses to the admin panel. If possible, attach the screenshots. Thanks


Hi I just did, please kindly help ASAP thank you very much

Thanks, please, provide your ticket ID.



Love this theme, it looks great!!

pre-sales question can I have the e-commerce look without having the shop??



Hi, MockyJnr,

Thanks for your interest. You may install WooCommerce, but you may not include Shop page in your menu, and not import Ecommerce demo data if you want.


Hi, I need to disable the responsive function but I want to keep the default resolution (1170px). How I can do this easily?

Thank you!

Hi, joseramonrc,

You may disable the responsiveness and the site will be as desktop one.


I know, but the desktop one resolution isn’t 1170px (like responsive), it is 1000px or less.

How can I solve this?

It is impossible. Large resolution is a part of the whole responsive layout on our theme.


Is it possible to add a rollover image to the store category images here http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/?post_type=product&sb=0

I would like an image-swap effect on rollover

Hi, m4rty5miff,

Thanks for the interest. Sorry, but it is not possible to implement in our template by default.


Theme looks great for our new online shop, so thank you for that! The only thing we would change is the size of our logo. Its quite a wide logo, so when it gets resized it looks tiny.

Would it be possible to get a header where the logo is much larger? Or can you tell us where to change the css to alter the size?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, whatalicefound,

Thanks for using our theme. Please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com together with the link to your site and we will help you.


Hi there,

Hope you can help, I’m looking for a new woo commerce theme I can use for a salon (they want to sell treatments etc).

Yours feels very robust to play with, and fast.

Can you advise or tell me if you theme can show  telephone number on header as so many do not. A clear call to action is so important these days.

Also, can I create blog posts and have the featured image show in the slider area.

Many thanks and I love your work :)

Thanks for your purchase. You may contact us in http://support.8theme.com with all your recommendations and we will help you to implement them.


Thank you. Please note my firm is not a regular user and we tend to work to best practice, so I’ll put down what we need to do, and maybe you may wish to include in a future update for everyone to enjoy :)

Thanks for your willing to help us. Your ideas will be much appreciated. Waiting for your email.


Hi, I want to change the text “recent works” after the portfolio. Where in the theme styles can i do that?

Regards Kim

Hi, kimrog,

This title can be changed only by translating pot file.


Ok, Thanks.

You are welcome :)


for last 1 week I am trying to change my theme with yours but there are lots of issues… first of all I am uploading your theme to my wp and everything fall down! when I am trying to enter products I cant see pictures… I want refund

Hi, erenozkan,

Thanks for your purchase. Please, try to upload the theme via FTP. Make sure you have installed the latest WooCommerce and all the third-party plugins are disabled.


Hi, very nice work! Very good customizable theme! One question, how can I add icon for “Add to wishlist” – i have there only text message?.. Thank you very much.

Oh, I’m sorry. I got it. I’m probably blind :). Just tick: Use buttons instead of a simple anchors.

Hi, lucaso,

You are welcome :)


Hi.When I try to upload this theme I get the error “Are you sure you want to do this? Please Try Again” All plugins have bee deactivated. How do I fix it?

Never Mind. Its Working

Hi, thegraphxbyashanti,

That`s ok :)


Hi There, how can I change the wordings on the product description the ones that appear after the product price?

Hi, niservices,

Will you be so kind to specify what do you mean by that? Send the screenshot if possible.